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Updated 4/19/2022

One of my hobbies is spying on Big Baller and his henchmen during draft season. I’m interested in where Beane and his scouts have been spending their time, and what prospects from each school should be on our BuffaloFAMBase Big Board. I’m listing the players in their 4/19/2022 order on my board; that’s what the numbers are before each name. My best guesses on players from that game are in bold. Let me know on Twitter what you know. -Dean

August 28 – UCLA 44 vs. Hawai’i 10 Bills scout confirmed, and another source places Beane there. They were here to watch Sean Rhyan, Dulcich, Philips, Ogbonnia, and Lake.
[highlights] [box score]
93 Sean Rhyan G UCLA A+ #74 6’5″ 318 5.12 —LT LG upside, played LT this season, and helped to block for Joshua Kelley (Chargers) who became the eighth running back in UCLA history to record back-to-back 1,000-yard rushing seasons, notching a streak of five straight 200-yard rushing games (first time UCLA’s done that since 1978). Rhyan is a mixed bag. You see athleticism and technique, but Kromer won’t approve of his leverage and sets so as not to be redirected or beaten inside. Slow off the ball here, but gets to 2nd level. His quicks to counter speed rush are suspect, as you see here, but he pulls quickly. Rhyan lets the DE declare first, and has a plan when he does. Rhyan’s active feet help him stay square, but Kromer will want better arm/hand use, a point he emphasizes heavily. The raw material you can’t teach is there, though.
121 Greg Dulcich TE UCLA 6’4″ 238 4.64—1 catch for 15 yards. Over his last nine games as the team’s TE1, Dulcich had recorded 649 yards and 6 touchdowns on 30 catches, which translates to 1,226 yards, 11 touchdowns, and 57 receptions on a 17-game NFL pace. Sports Illustrated is agog: “I like what I see out of him when he’s got the ball in his hands, he’s shifty”. We have a faster TE in Dawson Knox, and with Sweeney, we have two who block better than this. And this. Also this. Dulcich talks about his blocking as a point of emphasis here. For most of the season, though, Dulcich was keeping up a 60 yards-per-game average. I think the Bills are looking for bigger size and better blocking.
209 Kyle Philips WR UCLA A++ #2 5’11” 191 4.67 —2 catches for 12 yards. Excellent punt returner (546 punt return yards in his career). You see nice wiggle and juke when he’s receiving, but he relies too much on speed on punt returns to be successful out of the box, and that speed isn’t fast enough at the next level. He’ll need coaching, but RD5-6 is a nice spot for a WR / returner with his moves.
168 Otito Ogbonnia DL1T UCLA A+++ #91 6’4″ 326 5.27–One of my favorite gap-plugger NTs (along with D.J. Davidson and Neil Farrell Jr.) if the Bills address the position after Jordan Davis. Ogbonnia made Feldman’s Freaks list not only for his size, but for his strength: Otito throws the shotput and squats 683. We can see that strength here as Ogbonnia is just sucking the air out of this pocket. Don’t stats-scout him; you’re using him like Lotulelei to occupy 2 blockers and mind 2 gaps. Sports Illustrated agrees: “He’s a block eater, he opens up lanes for linebackers to come downhill or pass rush up the middle….You’re not gonna get excited to see a guy eat up blocks, but he’s fun to watch just take on double teams.”
184 Quentin Lake SS UCLA A+++ #37 6’1″ 210 4.46–2 tackles. Quentin is one of 5 tackling machines scouted by the Bills. Lake’s 5th-highest tackles per game (3.66) among all safeties in the draft is due to excellent DNA. He’s the son of Carnell Lake. Listen to him mic’d up; he sounds like a Bill. Quentin was named Defensive Player of the Week for the Bruins’ 62-33 win over USC. In that game, Lake had 7 total tackles, 2 TFLs, 1 INT for 15 yds, and a PBU. He also sounds like a Bill here too, talking about getting his lower body right for this year. One of my favorite Safeties in the draft, and one I’d take before their #184 pick.
282 Qwuantrezz Knight SS UCLA A+++ #24 6’0″ 199 4.52— 4 tackles. In 3 games before this, he’d notched 18 tackles (15 solo), and 3 forced fumbles. Knight added 4 more tackles in this game. I see Knight as a Taron-Siran type in the Bills’ scheme more than a strong safety.

Sept 2- #4 Ohio State 45 vs Minnesota 312 Bills scouts confirmed
[highlights] [box score]
By the season’s end, Beane had watched Ohio State twice and 5 games total had Bills scouts at them, then Bills met with the first three at the Combine. Loved Garrett Wilson from OSU, and Petit-Frere is climbing into the LT mix. Munford and Faalele are very-developable OTs who could start Day One at G. Scouts will see Minnesota once more this season.

5 Garrett Wilson WR Ohio State A++ #5 6’0″ 203 4.32 —- 5 for 80 (16 YPR), 1 TD in this game. Wilson has some experience playing in the slot as well as outside. He plays like he’s 6-foot-3 –good vert, speed, high-points the ball, uses the sidelines well, body control, very strong hands, fabulous route-running He’s likely gone early because he’s the most solidly-built of the fast guys. Talk about “my-ball” mentality. Wilson has super reactions; he catches a tipped ball here.
19 Chris Olave WR Ohio State A++ #2 6’0″ 187 4.39—- 4 for 117 (29.2 YPR), 2 TD. The kids aren’t even back at school and Olave’s being scouted for the first time. His performance surely helped bring Bills scouts to 4 future games.
38 Nicholas Petit-Frere OT Ohio State A+++ #78 6’5″ 300 4.92–nice work against very good EDGEs, a member of Denny’s All-Pancaker Team (look it up; it’s a small group). One of my “Dean’s Deep Dives“, Nicholas presents as an impressive and well-spoken young man in his interview. Petit-Frere was the nation’s highest-rated offensive lineman in the 2018 class and was the No. 1 OT prospect in the country, according to 247Sports. He gained 50 pounds of good weight between 2018 and 2020 . He and Thayer Munford are the top bookend tackles in the draft, imho.
135 Thayer Munford OG Ohio State 2XBeane, 5 A++ #75 6’6″ 315 5.15– —fared very, very well in debut at LT, but he’ll play inside in the pros. He’s the Kromer archetype for size, and he blocked for BillsMafia heartthrob JK Dobbins. Munford had the lowest pressure % allowed by a returning Power Five OT, and McBeane knows that control of the LOS is critical. In Munford you get one of the most experienced offensive linemen in the Big Ten – and country. I’ve seen the consensus dropping him out of Day Two. That’s insanity.
73 Daniel Faalele OT OG Minnesota, 6’8″ 384 5.18 –26 pass-rush snaps, 1 pressure, 0 sacks in the game. A man-mountain with agility. I’m beginning to fall in like with Faalele as I see the dancing bear feet of Jason Peters. Alas, he’s not the Kromer type of physique, and I think he’ll be taken (likely too early) by teams valuing the beach-ball type.
80 Jeremy Ruckert TE Ohio State A+++ #88 6’5″ 250 4.62 –1 for 15 yards, but above-average blocking from one of the best TEs available, and I’d like that downfield for the Bills. Says Senior Bowl Director Jim Nagy: “Ruckert has 9 TD on only 28 career catches and his aggressiveness & toughness set him apart from other TEs.” When you have Knox, a TE faster than virtually the entire 2022 TE class (only John FitzPatrick from Georgia could match his physique), you’re more likely looking for that complementary blocking piece with the occasional splash reception.
104 Tyreke Smith EDGE Ohio State A+++ #11 6’3″ 254 4.86—-was held twice, preventing 2 sacks. 1 tkl, 2 asst nonetheless. Deep Dive here if you want lots more. Tyreke has been through more than COVID. First a slew of injuries (groin, hand), then a COVID diagnosis before the ‘Natty. All have taken their best shot on the Buckeye DE, but he seems resilient, demonstrating my favorite trait: grit. Dust off your Ohio State-Clemson Sugar Bowl tape, and watch Tyreke keep Clemson honest (two tackles, one sack, pass breakup and forced fumble). Smith, and his sidekick Zach Harrison, get off the ball super quick. I’m sure if Tyreke focuses on the details, his ceiling is the next Chase Young. The criticism of our D-Line is that teams don’t have to worry about double-teaming our EDGEs. That spells an early EDGE pick again by FA or by draft. Start worrying.
113 Haskell Garrett DL3T Ohio State A++ #92 6’2″ 300 5.3—-back from a gunshot wound to his right leg, Garrett logged 1 tkl, 1 asst here, but you’ll be seeing better performances later as he continued to heal. Beane shops for values, and Garrett in RD3 would be akin to shoplifting prime rib.

187 Boye Mafe EDGE Minnesota — 3 tackles, but frankly, he was neutralized pretty well by the Buckeye OTs. I don’t get the buzz about RD2 for this raw 23-year-old who turns 24 near Thanksgiving. No thanks until RD4. Take Jermaine Johnson, Travon Walker, David Ojabo, or Sam Williams early, or shop for value like Jeffrey Gunter or Christopher Allen in the later rounds.
236 Master Teague III RB Ohio State A++ #33 5’11” 220 4.35—- 6 for 29 yards (4.8 ypc) behind a line this good was disappointing, but he has better games in front of the scouts later in the year.
248 DeMario McCall CB WRS RBC Ohio State 2 A++ #1 5’9″ 195 4.32 —McCall is a locker room guy who doubles as Swiss Army Knife. In addition to CB, he’s played WRS, deep-burn outside receiver, change-of-pace running back, and kick returner. Watch what he can do, then watch from another point of view. McCall is Bills-y in that he puts the team ahead of himself. He wasn’t getting the playing time he wanted, but he didn’t complain and even pumped up his brothers at halftime, trusted the process, and worked his tail off. Most Jacks-of-all-trades are masters of none. Not so with DeMario. He’s a true positionless player.

Sept 2- Boise State 31 vs UCF 36 – Scout visit confirmed
[highlights] [box score]
More is needed behind McKenzie and Marquez at kick-return: Meet Khalil Shakir. This was the only visit scouting Boise State, whereas UCF got two, likely for Cole Schneider.
86 Khalil Shakir WR KR Boise State 6’0″ 191 4.37 — was 5 for 91 yds (18.2 YPC), 2 TD and ran kickoffs. Yes, please. Shakir’s competitor level is fierce, He runs a real nice jet sweep, which is reminiscent of McKenzie. They ran it more than once. Khalil high-points the ball well, can stretch the field, is friendly and affable, and would make a good teammate who buys into the details. Shakir is an amalgamation of Isaiah McKenzie, Brandon Powell, and Marquez Stevenson types. Shakir’s 37% target share in 2020 is obscene.
216 Cole Schneider OG OC UCFWatch #65. Cole stepped in at Center and did an unbelievable job, per coach. Versatility will remind many of Ike Boettger, who you hope will be back to full strength by September. Hope is not a plan, though.
324 Kekaula Kaniho S Boise State Scout A+++ #28 5’10” 183 4.42—Top 5 in games played and career tackles by a Safety, who has CB back up experience and can run KR if your Shakir breaks down. Plus, it’s fun to say Kekaula Kaniho.

Sept 2 – Arizona State 41 vs Southern Utah 14Bills Scout confirmed
[highlights] [box score]
Herm Edwards’ #25-ranked Arizona State plays a 4-3, 4-2-5 hybrid defense like the Bills, but don’t discount their offense, which had one of the NCAA’s top RBs in 2020 in Rachaad White and a pair of very good tackles, Kellen Diesch and Braxton Jones. Center Dohnovan West is a reeeally good selection for the Bills at IOL. ASU’s defense forced 4 turnovers. This was the first of two ASU games scouted by the Bills. It’s the only Southern Utah game.
90 Rachaad White RB Arizona State –5.8 ypc vs AP Top 25, 2020’s Rush YDS Per Attempt was #1 in the NCAA. Not huge, but fast. Personality very similar to the Bills playmakers. Had a RAS score of 9.8 out of 10.
108 Kellen Diesch OT Arizona State–A wrestler. ‘Nuff said. Per Sports Illustrated: “SI: ” has started every game (at LG, RG, and now OC) through his two seasons with the Sun Devils. West’s strong on-field performance has been driven by his excellent athleticism. His short-area quickness and long speed are immediately apparent and allow him to pull, climb, and work screens.” I can’t find many better IOL choices who I’d prefer for running our pin-and-pull schemes.
155 Dohnovan West C Arizona StateWrestler with very good leverage and technique; he’s #61. West has played LG, RG, and now Center. 6’3″, 300, 5.12 gives him movement skills on pin-and-pull (which Bills do a lot), or climbing to the second level.
163 Braxton Jones OT Southern Utah –Details-focused, meticulous hand placement, nice feet. SU isn’t going anywhere this year, but Braxton is. Watch #77 on the right of your screen for 2 plays. Between the three OL in this game, I have a good feeling Kromer’s getting at least one of them. Kromer’s a stickler about hand placement, and Braxton has that part down pretty good.
185 Chase Lucas CB Arizona State–4 tackles. Does just what the Bills look for first in a corner: he tackles well. The defensive backs had 3 turnovers. Arizona State plays a similar base defense to the Bills, that 4-2-5 hybrid. Lucas is the team’s leader, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s the second CB taken by the Bills.
218 Darien Butler LB Arizona State — 2x captain, ~6’0″, 225 WILL LB led game in tackles (4), and had 2 assists and 2 INTs. Nobody’s talking about this guy. They will. Watch #20.
224 Curtis Hodges TE Arizona State –Led the pass-catchers with 56 yards on just 2 catches. Here’s one. Here’s the other. He has Metzelaars’ height at 6’8″, 240. Over his career, he’s pushed the envelope with 17+ ypc. Blocking downfield needs refinement, and his family was full of Dolphins fans, but he swears he didn’t have a favorite team. Good plan.
240 D.J. Davidson NT Arizona State — Davidson was a force at 1-tech in the middle (and occasionally on the outside; watch #98!) with 6 tackles (2 for loss) on the day. Named the PAC-12 Defensive Lineman of the Week for this game. Along with LSU’s Neil Farrell Jr., Davidson is another NT not named Jordan Davis that I’d want gumming up the middle.

Sept 3- #10 North Carolina 10 vs Virginia Tech 17Brandon Beane confirmed
[highlights] [box score]
What’s not to love about Lecitus Smith at Guard? Sam Howell is still on my Big Board, and Tre Turner is climbing it.
36 Sam Howell QB North Carolina 6’0″ 221 4.58 — 1 TD 3 INT. There were many reasons why Howell had a bad day; I’d look to the VaTech defense for most of those reasons. On the year, Howell had 24 TD, 9 INT (3 from this game) in 2021 so this was an aberration of sorts. Behind The Steel Curtain notes, “As a freshman in 2019, he threw for over 3,500 yards and set an FBS freshman record with 38 touchdown passes. ..2020, Howell once again recorded over 3,500 yards while throwing for 30 touchdowns and only 7 interceptions. He also recorded a 68.1 completion percentage.” Scouts said Howell’s arm was “more alive than expected” at the Sr. Bowl, so I think he’s still on the Bills’ Big Board as a drop-down target for Josh Allen’s understudy. Here’s one stat that makes me think so: 65 missed tackles forced in 2021, the most by a P5 QB since 2014 (Here’s one play-extender from the game; and here’s another and here’s another). The other stat? Howell is #1 in Most Big-Time Throws since 2019, and the highest passing grade by ACC QB since 2014 (92.2).
91 Amare Barno EDGE Virginia Tech 6’5″, 246, 4.36– 6 tkl, 2 asst, 1.5 sacks (watch one here), 1 FF (Watch #11 here). Okay, here’s the deal: If you use RD1 and RD2 on the offense (pass catcher, hogmolly), then take your RD3 from this game. Barno was the revelation in this contest. He made life a living hell for Howell. Injured now, so he slips, but he’s a RD1 talent.
96 Jermaine Waller CB Virginia Tech–3 tkl, 4 asst, 1 INT. This is “My Ball” tenacity on that interception; watch it. Waller had a terrible Combine (6’0″, Jermaine Waller
119 Lecitus Smith OG Virginia Tech — Some solid pass-blocking by #54 [watch this]. Maybe RD3#89. Make sure you watch at least this portion of Cover1’s film analysis with Lecitus participating.
135 Tre Turner WR Virginia Tech4 catches for 64 yards (16 YPC) & a game-sealing 12-yard runanother nice catch here. He and Nevada’s Romeo Doubs would make a pair of tall, fast WRs. His interview is one of my favorites, especially among the pass-catchers in this draft.
165 Ty Chandler RB North Carolina 5’11” 205 4.32 — 10 for 66 yds (6.6 ypc), 1 reception. He’s a Breida type, so re-up Breida, and bring in Chandler in RD6 to compete with him.
218 James Mitchell TE Virginia Tech — 3 for 36 yds (12 YPR), some size and skills. The previous year in this ACC matchup, Mitchell had 4 rec 103 yds, 2 TD. He’s known for intense focus and great balance. Since 2019, he has turned over 31% of his targets into gains of 15-plus yards, the second-highest rate among Power Five tight ends. Mitchell has also churned out 10.7 yards after the catch per reception in that span, over a yard and a half higher than anyone else at the position in the FBS. He was a crucial piece of the Virginia Tech offense. I say was, because he suffered a knee injury during the first half of the MTSU game, forcing him to miss the remainder of the 2021 season. Beane was here to see other players, but he’ll look into Mitchell Day 3 for later-round value (he’s netted a 30-visit). Mitchell’s Catch Rate in 2021: 71.43%.
292 Raheem Blackshear RB Virginia Tech –11 for 16 yds (1.5 ypc). Another Breida type, but you want Ty Chandler from this game.

Sept 4- #1 Alabama 44 vs #14 Miami 13 — Brandon Beane confirmed
[highlights] [box score]
Visits to top Safeties this year. Seems like Beane’s looking at them all. Some great talent will be there RD2.
1 Evan Neal OT Alabama – [Watch #73]. He’s large and legit. Oh, and unattainable.
20 Jameson Williams WR Alabama – 9 for 154 (17.1 YPR), 2 TD [Watch] [Watch Another].
57 John Metchie III WR Alabama – intense, tough [Watch #8]. 6 catches, 76 yds (12.7 YPR, 1 TD. Read my Deep Dive. Grew up in Mississauga.
61 Phidarian Mathis DT3T DT1T DE Alabama 6’4″ 313 5.17 – so versatile, think every DL position [Watch #48 recovery].
63 Christian Harris ILB Alabama – 2 tkl, 3 asst, 2 TFL, 1 sack. He’s the WILL LB, the Milano role, but ‘Bama plays more 3-4.

90 Josh Jobe CB Alabama [Watch] 3 tkl, 2 asst
94 Brian Robinson Jr. RB Alabama – 12 for 60 (5.0 YPC), picture a tank with contact balance. This first down caught my eye.
127 Bubba Bolden SS FS NCB Miami – Rousseau’s teammate for the Hurricanes in 2019 was ejected for targeting on this hit. I dunno…
132 Jalyn Armour-Davis CB Alabama 2Beane, 4 A++ #5 6’1″ 192 4.39
206 Charleston Rambo WR Miami – 7 rec 33 yds (4.7 YPR). He can return the ball, too.
254 Cam’Ron Harris RB Miami – 12 car 38 yds (3.2 YPC)
265 Christopher Allen OLB DE Alabama – 2 tackles, 1 asst, 1 sack [Watch #4]
286 LaBryan Ray DE Alabama – Earlier, Ray was the 3rd-string DT behind Phil Mathis and Byron Young, now the 2nd string DE behind Byron Young. Versatility? Or lack of fit? ‘Bama plays a 3-4.
317 D’Eriq King QB Miami – 23 of 30, 179 yds, 1 TD, 2 INT, fumble here, and 9 carries for only 10 yds.

Sept 4- #3 Clemson 3 vs #5 Georgia 10 — Brandon Beane plus Bills scouts
Bills likely were there for my pet-cat NT, to watch Booth against NFL-caliber competition, and several amazing Safeties and CBs.
[box score] [highlights]
14 Nakobe Dean ILB Georgia–3 tkl, 2 asst, 2 sacks including this one. Fastest LB.
17 Jordan Davis DT1T Georgia–3 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 sack. Nagurski Player of the Week after his performance in this game. That Beane was at.
18 Travon Walker EDGE Georgia A++ #44 6’5″ 272 4.51
23 Andrew Booth Jr. CB Clemson–3 tkl, 1 asst, great vs runs, screens [Watch CB #23].
34 Devonte Wyatt DT Georgia —alertly signals teammates here. 3 asst. Has the most pressures on the Georgia team.
40 George Pickens WR Georgia–no stats, ACL injury, may drop because of it, but upside is stratospheric. Below-average interview.
68 Jamaree Salyer OT OG Georgia–LT this game [Watch #69]. At worst, you’ve drafted a Pro Bowl Guard.
73 Justyn Ross WR Clemson –4 rec 26 yds. Drew a DPI. Swinney says Ross misread route on Georgia Pick6, and I blame Ross here, as well. But his route-running savvy makes him a very fast 4.4 receiver. Can Ross enhance an already-deep WR group? I’d want my RD1-2 picks to get more snaps than he will.
80 Channing Tindall LB Georgia A+++ #41 6’2″ 230 4.4
84 Quay Walker LB Georgia A+++ #25 6’4″ 241 4.64
88 James Cook RB Georgia A++ #4 5’11” 190 4.42–5 carries for 19 yds (3.8 YPC) , 4 catches for 7 yds. Cook is the younger brother of Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook. Also interestingly, Cook was Georgia’s fourth-leading receiver last season where he finished with 16 catches for 225 yards, so he’s an excellent 3rd-down back. He can run through slits between the tackles, but he’s a mismatch for linebackers. Cook ran for 303 yards on just 45 carries in 8 games in 2020, and kept a similar YPC average when used more in 2021 (113-728-6.4, 7 TD). Lots of competition for carries with Zamir White, Kenny McIntosh, Daijun Edwards, and Kendall Milton, so not much tread on those tires. But for a RD2-3, I’d want more of a difference-maker on offense.
93 Lewis Cine FS Georgia–3 tkl, 6 asst was impressive. His motivation’s a good story to read. Sports Illustrated named him “one of the best run defending safeties.…ability to get downhill in a hurry is what allows him to deliver the devastating blows that he has become famous for” (some of which will be called in the NFL). I can’t see the RD2 hype. He’s not always reading what he sees correctly, and his reckless style of play allows him to cover up for that. Upside is Tyrann Mathieu, but downside is Vosean Joseph.
107 Zamir White RB Georgia–13 carries 74 yds (5.7 YPC) plus a reception for 13. Almost a fumble here.
133 Derion Kendrick CB WR KR Clemson –no stats, Nagy loves his feet. Checkered past likely rules him out for Beane.
140 Mario Goodrich CB Clemson A #31 6’0″ 190 4.52–7 tkl, 5 asst, most tackles of Clemson DBs. Not sure about the DPI call here.
159 Justin Shaffer G Georgia A++ 6’3″ 326 5.28 –Lined up next to Jamaree Salyer at LG. Per PFN: Shaffer’s “low-cut, athletic frame allows him to utilize short, energetic strides in space to build up pace. He’s also fairly explosive off the line, and he can get to the second level with ease. He’s able to find space and surge forward as a motion blocker”. Will Kromer throw big athletic Guards out with his archetypes?
201 Adam Anderson DE OLB Georgia–3 tkl, 2 asst, 1 sack; uber-explosive pass rusher with not a lot of snaps last season. There’s baggage to carry with Anderson. He was found innocent of one of two rape charges (2020 and 2021), and, exonerated by the court for it, Adam will attend Pro Day if Georgia allows it, or have his own Pro Day. When is the “one bad apple” risk worth taking, if at all?
240 James Skalski LB Clemson –8 tkl, 6 asst, most snaps, sixth year on the team. He’s the only player to play in five ACC Championship games. Skalski’s father, John, died after after a heart attack at the age of 51 midway through James’ freshman season at Clemson in 2016. Skalski honored his father by having one of his favorite phrases tattooed on his left arm: “War like the warrior you are.” Skalski loves contact, the camaraderie, the game itself. He’s not the fastest LB, but you’ll feel him the next day. Reminds me of a young A.J. Klein, just released.
276 Matt Bockhorst C LG RG Clemson A+++ #65 6’3″ 315 5.14 –torn ACL at Pittsburgh, future might be at Center, won the annual Tim Bourret Award for professionalism in representing himself, his teammates, and Clemson in the media in 2021. Ideal Kromer archetypal size.
291 John FitzPatrick TE Georgia 6’6″ 254 4.5
297 Jake Camarda P Georgia A+++ #90 6’2″ 191 4.77
334 Will Spiers P Clemson A+++ #48 6’4″ 230 5.1–Great sized punter likely a Preferred Free Agent.

Sep 4- #13 Florida 35, vs FAU 14 — Brandon Beane present
[box score] [highlights]
Loved Kaiir Elam’s aggressive style. Maybe Delance or a Late Day 3 pick of a big receiver from Devin Singletary’s school: John Mitchell. .
12 Kaiir Elam CB Florida [Watch #5 ] 3 tackles. Aggressive. Stock up.
102 Zachary Carter EDGE Florida – The redshirt-senior defensive end Carter recorded 4 tackles, 3 tackles for loss, 3 sacks and this forced fumble. Carter was named SEC Co-Defensive Lineman of the Week after this terrific performance –and was a big reason why Bills scouts attended 3 additional Gator games this season. Here, Carter speaks of raising the bar this season.
127 Dameon Pierce RB Florida A+++ #27 5’10” 215 4.44– 6 carries for 31 yards (5.1 YPC). Richardson, Davis, and Jones all gained more yardage than he.
244 John Mitchell WR Florida Atlantic A+++ #85 6’4″ 226 4.44 — Here, watch #85 in the slot. He posts up past the first-down marker, and crisply makes the catch. The Bills need size on that WR unit, and the draft capital won’t break the bank in RD7. Don’t tell anybody about him. You swear?
250 Jean Delance OT Florida [Watch RT #56 ] – DeLance transferred to Gatorland from Texas, and between the two schools, has logged 35 games at RT. DeLance uses his hands very effectively, constantly knocks the pass rusher’s hands off of his shoulders and away from his chest to maintain leverage through the block. I like that he’s done a good job kicking the edge out of run gaps –something we’re looking for. DeLance will need medical vetting; he went down with an injury in two straight games. I think you draft developmental players in RD6-7, and he’s one. Here’s some more.

Sept 4- West Virginia 24 vs Maryland 30 – Bills Scout confirmed
[box score] [highlights]
First of three visits for Maryland, a total of two for WVU. On the card, two pair: SS Nick Cross / SS Sean Mahone, and two similar-sized RBs. A few players that I think they were interested in did not declare this year.
96 Nick Cross S Maryland 6’0″ 210 4.34 – Cross’s 6 tackles led the Terps, plus this INT. He’s my “pet cat” Safety. Just listen to this guy.
258 Sean Mahone SS West Virginia 5’11” 199 4.5 – 9 tackles, 2 asst led WVU [Watch #29, bot left]. In the 2 scouted games, Mahone had 11 tackles in this one and adds 7 in the other game. Deked bad here=> Not a tackle here=>, but there’s a raw ball of clay here.
246 Leddie Brown RB West Virginia 6’0″ 213 4.56 – 17 for 73 (4.3 ypc), 2 TD, 4 for 43 receiving including this sweet swing pass for one TD. Brown’s 2.88 YAC is 9th-worst of the RB draftables, but YAC is often caused by good downfield blocking and a good OC’s scheme. WVU had neither. Leddie Brown was ridden like a one-trick pony. However, he gained his 1,000 yards again (88 per game) and averaged 5.3 YPC against AP-ranked teams.
314 Tayon Fleet-Davis RB Maryland 5’11” 215 4.5 – career-high 123 rushing yds, (6.8 YPC), one a 54-yarder. In the other Maryland game, Tayon will notch 11 carries, 71 yards, (6.5 ypc). TF-D is a “see hole, go downhill” runner with some receiving skills. Of the nineteen 219+lb backs that the Bills have scouted, Fleet-Davis is one of a few with 30 or more receptions. I like his nimble feet and surprising agility for a bigger back. ….DS: “charged with driving a vehicle while impaired, reckless driving and other offenses. Locksley suspended Fleet-Davis, who continued practicing with the team but didn’t play in those final two games of the 2019 season. Last year he appeared only once, in the season finale.” This is his 5th year in college.

Sept 4 -South Dakota State 42 vs Colorado State 13 – Bills Scout confirmed
[highlights] [box score]
Interested in a traits-match jackrabbit on Day 3 at Quarterback? Or a Day-3 “Strong” RB? A later second visit to Colorado State and not SD State might imply neither. Look no further than TE Trey McBride or EDGE Scott Patchan, the bright spots on an otherwise-cloudy day for the Buffaloes. SD State led 35-10 and 42-16 in this upset.
60 Trey McBride TE Colorado State — 13 catches for 116 yards (8.9 ypr) – If Beane gets his OLs, NT, and CBs set in Free Agency, McBride can make a McMatch with McBeane. [Catch #1, Gets Low] [Catch #2, To The Flat] [ Watch McBride execute the Chiefs’ Inside TE-Shovel Toss, 2 Views, and a similar play later in the game] McBride’s blocking? Excellent. He has moves, and moves the chains. Excellent candidate as early as RD2.
148 Pierre Strong Jr. RB South Dakota State 5’10” 210 4.37 — 13 Carries, 138 Yards (10.6 YPC), 2 TD with an added 3 receptions for 8 yards, mainly as an outlet for Oladokun. [Watch #20]. Strong is the the best running back in the FCS, running behind arguably that subdivision’s best offensive line. Strong is an excellent downhill runner and a home-run threat. Watch the 48-yard TD, but stay for the projectile thrown at him from the Colorado State stands …and a second view. Here’s his second TD.
229 Chris Oladokun QB South Dakota State – “Oh-Luh-DOUGH-kin” put up 224 passing yards, 2 TDs, 1 rushing TD in his first start after transferring from USF. Jackrabbit-mobile QB [2 Views]. He is a grad transfer with some nice accuracy, even downfield (to soph Jadon Janke). Very smooth delivery to the sideline here, and a sweet ballet move here [2 Views]. He’s pretty comfortable running play-action for his 2nd TD here. Listen to Oladokun share what he looks at from the defenses he faces. You want that intelligence and depth having lost ours to the Giants.
245 Scott Patchan EDGE Colorado State A+++ #1 6’5″ 270 4.76 —4 tackles, 1 for loss, and 3 hurries on the day. Patchan played three seasons at Miami (Groot, Manny Diaz connection), but didn’t really come into his own until he joined the Rams, when he became No. 3 nationally in sacks per game in 2020 (1.38) and a first-team All-Mountain West performer. Instead of opting for the draft after a COVID-shortened season, he returned. His Rams were top 4 or 5 in most defensive metrics. He’d be an incredible add anytime on Day 3.
UDFA: Barry Wesley LT Colorado State A+++ 6’6″ 303 5.17 –My best bet is a traits-match Tackle for the Rams who shows to Kromer how to keep low.
UDFA: Logan Stewart SS Colorado State A+++ 6’1″ 210 4.5 — Heart, focus, determination. Adoptee with underdog mentality was a JUCO walk-on. What a story. His best game might have been their 41-31 win over Fresno State, where he piled up 7 tackles, 2 fourth-quarter interceptions, and 4 solo stops. He says to Damond Talbot: “I can play any position in the back end, CB, SAF, Nickel. Along with the cover skills to blanket WRs and ball skills to create turnovers. I also I have a competitive edge being a walk-on instilled the underdog mentality of never being satisfied.”

Sept 4 – Iowa State 16 vs Northern Iowa 10 Bills Scout confirmed
[highlights] [box score]
Will Penning, Spencer Brown’s uber-strong position-mate at Northern Iowa, be a Buffalo Bill too? One scout visited both schools this one game only.
12 Trevor Penning OT Northern Iowa – Spencer Brown’s OL mate, 6’7″ 321, 625 lb lift, just as strong if not stronger; just as nasty if not nastier.
44 Breece Hall RB Iowa State A+++ #28 6’1″ 210 4.38 –23 carries, 69 yards (3.0 YPC), 1 TD; 4 receps for 31 yards (7.75 YPR)
112 Charlie Kolar TE Iowa State – DNP; out with a lower body injury
179 Mike Rose SLB Iowa State A++ #23 6’3″ 240 4.67—11 tackles, 5 solo, 2 hurries, and 1.5 TFL. Rose led the Big 12 in tackles and was Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year. Think of him as the old-school SAM LB you bring in on run downs, another A.J. Klein with his physical nature and aggressive, attack-first scheme fit. I like how he stacks and sheds blocks. Motor and 110% effort.
194 Eyioma Uwazurike DT1T DT3T EDGE Iowa State A+++ 6’3″ 310 4.92 –3 tackles, 1 Pass Defensed, 2 Hurries. “You-Wah-Zer-REE-Kay” was my Shrine Bowl East Team defensive standout along with Maquan McCall. They had him playing NT, 5-technique, and everything in between, and he created havoc.
229 Jake Hummel OLB Iowa State 6’1″ 235 4.64 —11 tackles (9 of them solo) and a TFL in the game. Mike Rose’s sidekick. Another RD6-7 gem.
244 Greg Eisworth FS KR Iowa State — 4 tkl, 3 solo, 1 hurry.
UDFA: Isaiah Weston WR Northern Iowa A+++ #80 6’3″ 214 4.42, 40″ vertical — Weston’s YPC on the season was a fat 23.9 yard average. Might be a sneaky-good late-round pick like 6th-rounder Isaiah Hodgins.
UDFA Colin Newell C Iowa State A+ 6’3″ 304 5.06 — While I wasn’t impressed by the interview, I include him as a UDFA possibility because Newell’s a wrestler, having made the state tourney twice.

Sept 5- #9 Notre Dame 41 vs Florida State 38 — Brandon Beane & 1 scout present
[box score] [highlights]
The lazy guess is that Bills were there for Kyle Hamilton, the Top 10 Safety, and Jermaine Johnson, the Top-10 EDGE, but RB and D-Line should have garnered some looks.
9 Jermaine Johnson DE OLB FSU – [Watch RDE #11] [Another] — 2 tkl, 5 asst, 1.5 sacks. Here’s one sack. Moved way up from his #60 spot in September.
10 Kyle Hamilton FS Notre Dame –2 INT, 2 tkl, 4 asst,–but cedes edge here, and is a victim of eye manipulation here.
120 Kyren Williams RB KR Notre Dame – [Watch #23 ] —18 carries, 42 yds (2.3 ypc). Nobody lost more ground at the Combine than Kyren.
184 Jashaun Corbin RB FSU – 5’11” 220 4.42 — 15 carries, 144 yds, and shows his run North for a long TD on this play. This year, Corbin’s averaged 9.6 YPC against AP-ranked teams.
233 Kevin Austin, Jr. WR Notre Dame Beane, 2 A++ #4 6’2″ 215 4.37 — 4 catches for 91 yards (22.8 YPR) and a TD. Led all independent schools this year with 888 receiving yards.
249 Jack Coan QB Notre Dame – 26 of 35, 366 yds, 4 TD, 1 INT, great throw here; great throw here; but not long enough here . Good reader of the field, but a statue.
291Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa DT3T EDGE Notre Dame – [Watch #95 ] – 1 measly assist. Tua’s cousin, nice awareness here, though.
306 Drew White ILB Notre Dame – [Watch #40] — 3 tkl, 4 asst, Process Guy. They love to blitz him. Solid and dependable.
UDFA: Keir Thomas DL Florida State A++ 6’2″ 275 5.14 —

—————UPDATED TO HERE 3/14/22——————————————–

Sept 10 – Kansas 22 vs Coastal Carolina 49 Scout present
[box score] [highlights]
No. 17 Coastal Carolina wins its third straight over Kansas, and it’s “Likely” the Bills were interested in Chanticleers’ TE Isaiah Likely, but WR Jaivon Heiligh fits their style, too.
92 Isaiah Likely TE Coastal Carolina – 5 receptions, 40 yards
95 Jaivon Heiligh WR PR Coastal Carolina – Say “HIGH-ly”, Steele’s SBC All-Conference First Team, also PR. 21.6 YPC after 3 games. 6-122-1 TD in this game. Watch his jukes here. Could run a 4.3 forty at the Combine.
184 Jeffrey Gunter DE OLB Coastal Carolina – 2 tackles and half a sack. Long and explosive, multiple athlete.
219 Kyron Johnson LB Kansas A+++ #15 6’0″ 231 4.35 —Got some buzz at the Senior Bowl. Bills didn’t attend his Pro Day per NFLSapient.

Sept 11 – Purdue 49 vs UConn 0 – Bills Scout present
[box score] [highlights]
The EDGE position room appears full until you look at the ages of each room. Nevertheless, due diligence on Karlaftis for the Bills. David Bell was the eye-opener for me.
12 George Karlaftis DE Purdue – 4 tackles. Triple-teamed here, #5.
121 David Bell WR Purdue – 6 for 121 yds, 3 TDs. Here’s one of the TDs. Watch #3 and replace McKenzie in your mind with Bell–Daboll would love this play. Bell likely made 1 cut too many at the end, should’ve followed the left shoulder of #88 TE Garrett Miller. Check out the contact balance here.
289 Payne Durham TE Purdue – 4 for 54 yards and 1 TD, one of his 3 in 2 weeks. Watch #87.
291 Greg Long OT Purdue – RT last year, LT this year, #69.
300 Ryan Van Demark OT Connecticut – LT #74 shows decent feet, but Karlaftis takes him to the woodshed. Here’s another play where they double-team the DE to no avail.
376 Travis Jones NT Connecticut – 6’4″ 333 5.14 He’s #57. Play strength and the beginnings of a good toolkit for 1T or 3T.

Sept 11 – Notre Dame 32 vs Toledo 29Bills scout present
The #8 Irish needed 32-29 come-from-behind effort to beat the upset-minded Rockets. Beane had watched the FSU-ND game last week. Again, due diligence on Hamilton, and a long look at a pretty impressive Patterson.
[box score] [highlights]
7 Kyle Hamilton FS Notre Dame-5 tackles, 3 solo, 2 TFL – Bednarik Award P.O.W.

65 Kyren Williams RB Notre Dame-16 for 78, 1 TD. You see some speed, gear-shift, and vision here.
168 Kevin Austin, Jr. WR – 4 for 63 (15.8 YPR),
90 Jarrett Patterson OC OG Notre DameWatch #55 pancake opponent on 2 successive plays
172 Jack Coan QB Notre Dame-21 for 33, 2 TD, 1 INT, 41.2 QBR. Not much eye manipulation; stares his #1 read. Also this fumble (Watch 2 views). Kyren’s on the sidelines, so not able to block. Buchner replaces Coan and goes 3 for 3, 1 TD.
201 Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa DT3T Notre Dame – Several big plays, forced a poor throw on third-and-7 and a big stop. Watch #95 pushing the pocket here.
282 Drew White ILB Notre Dame-1 tackle, 1 solo. Donates 20% of NIL earnings.

Sept 11 – Utah 17 vs BYU 26Bills scout present to see C-G Empey and a whopping three TEs.
[box score] [highlights]
Another game, another Center who has Guard flexibility. Utah’s three TEs are the best trio this year. Late-round WRs round out the crop. Ah You see who I liked best?
92 James Empey C LG BYU – Deep Dive soon. #66 Plays LG here. And C here.
124 Brant Kuithe TE Utah – 3 catches for 36 yards, and this TD (two views).
150 Cole Fotheringham TE Utah – 1 catch, 5 yards.
220 Dalton Kincaid TE Utah – Athletic junior transfer, 8 catches like this 37-yard one, has 2 TDs in first 2 games this year
267 Nephi Sewell LB/S Utah – brother of Penei Sewell, junior
294 Gunner Romney WR BYU – The 6’3″ junior is distant relatives of Mitt Romney, and will move up with 9 catches, 2 TD in 2 games this year, including this one.
231 Britain Covey WR KR Utah – Dangerous returner when healthy. Champion of suicide prevention. Wow. Watch #18.
259 Viane Moala DT Utah – 6’6″ Samoan DT, likely 3-tech in pros.
301 Chaz Ah You SS BYU – [Watch #3 on blitz] – a changed person – read about him
408 Simi Moala OT Utah – Redshirt sophomore RT

Sept 11 – North Carolina 59 vs Georgia State 17 Bills scouts present, 2nd visit for UNC.
[box score] [highlights]
Asante, Chandler, and Sam Pinckney were my three stars here.
5 Sam Howell QB UNC – 21 for 29, 352 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT
203 Eugene Asante OLB North Carolina – 4 tackles. A+++ Interview. Deep Dive soon.
286 Don Chapman FS North Carolina – 3 tkl, 1 asst
292 Ty Chandler RB KR UNC – 15 for 58 yds, 3.9 ypc, 1 TD; 2 returns 25.5 avg
305 Darren Grainger QB Georgia St – 6’4″ dual-threat Jr. has 96.2 QBR vs Top 25
396 Sam Pinckney WR Georgia St – ~6’4″ target is 83-1,275-12 TDs in 19 games
400 Tomon Fox OLB North Carolina – consistent  pressure off the edge, but only 1 tackle
475 Cam’Ron Kelly SS UNC – bad last wk, late hit out of bounds; 4 tkl 1 asst this week

Sept 11 – Ohio State 28 vs Oregon 35Bills scouts present, Beane present (who had seen Ohio State already Sept 2, so this was his 2nd visit). Bills
[box score] [highlights]
I looked more at the Ohio State crew, because the Bills seem to be. While Olave generates separation, Garrett Wilson might be the better fit with who we have. Petit-Frere, Teradja Mitchell, and Verone McKinley impressed, but others I expected to shine were a tad dull.
1 Kayvon Thibodeaux DE Oregon– rolled ankle win vs Fresno State Wk 1, DNP
7 Chris Olave WR Ohio State — 12 for 126 yds, 0 TD, separation and hands
13 Garrett Wilson WRS PR Ohio State –8 for 117 yds, 1 TD [Watch #5]
15 Zach Harrison DE Ohio State –third-quarter sack and strip resulted in scoop ‘n’ score
21 Thayer Munford OT Ohio State –moved to LG with Petit-Frere at LT – [Watch #75]

41 Tyreke Smith DE Ohio State –1 tackle, 2 assists, 1 pressure. Likely dropping.
80 Jeremy Ruckert –3 catches for 36 yds. Looks like Kroft.
55 Nicholas Petit-Frere OT Ohio State — [Watch #78 pancake]. Moved up.
90 Haskell Garrett DT3T Ohio State–Played NT. Expected disruptive, but #92 Wasn’t. 2 tkl.
92 Mycah Pittman WR Oregon–not getting the targets expected. No stats.
96 Mykael Wright CB KR Oregon–4 tkl, 6 asst, moved up [Watch]
140 Teradja Mitchell OLB Ohio State — 4 tkl, 7 asst. Moved up.
189 Verone McKinley III FS Oregon–4 tkl, 2 asst, 1 INT. Was a revelation. Top 200 now.
192 George Moore OT Oregon– [Watch LT #77] – Run and stop the run. .
196 Dallas Gant ILB Ohio State — 2nd string behind Cody Simon. Had 1 asst.
207 Taron Vincent DT3T Ohio State — 0 tkl, 3 asst, offsides, moved down. [Watch #6]
229 Master Teague III RB Ohio State –Was worst of the 3 OSU RBs vs MIN, no stats
242 Marcus Hooker FS Ohio State –no stats
271 Tommy Eichenberg ILB Ohio State–2 tkl, 2 asst, 15-yard face-mask. Oops. 
282 Josh Proctor SS Ohio State –left game after 1 tkl, 2 asst.

Sept 18 – Florida 29 vs Alabama 31Bills scouts present
[box score] [highlights]
So many ‘Bama players were impressive (Harris, Metchie, Battle, Jobe, To’oTo’o). I am taken by how many ILBs Beane is scouting. Elam is the best Gator on the field, but Jeremiah Moon or Emil Ekiyor on Day 3? Mmmm-mmmm-mmm.
4 Evan Neal OT Alabama — [Watch LT #73] – Athletic for 6’7″ 355, loses balance
11 Kaiir Elam CB Florida– Kept it close for Gators. #5 here.
15 Christian Harris ILB Alabama–Deep Dive here, 3 tkl 3 asst
18 John Metchie III WR AlabamaDeep Dive Here, 6 catches for 45 yards
31 Jordan Battle SS AlabamaDeep Dive Here, 3 tkl, 1 asst
37 Josh Jobe CB Alabama— 3 tkl, 1 asst
40 Henry To’oTo’o ILB Alabama—3 tkl, 6 asst. Stock up.
48 Brenton Cox Jr. DE Florida–1 tkl, 3 asst, 1 sack
58 Brian Robinson Jr. RB Alabama–[Watch #8 RB; Metchie pulls STAR out] 14-75-1TD
72 Ventrell Miller ILB Florida–DNP
73 Jahleel Billingsley TE Alabama–1 catch, this TD. 2022’s Fastest TE, but has balance too
115 Darrian Dalcourt C Alabama – Played all 72 snaps at Center, allowed zero sacks (again) and gave Young the time to throw for 240 yards and 3 TDs.
53 Phidarian Mathis DT3T DT1T DE Alabama 6’4″ 313 5.17 –1 tkl, 6 asst, half a sack
130 D.J. Dale DT3T Alabama–3 tkl. Tweener body type, so not a versatile NT, [#94]
131 Byron Young DE Alabama–1 tkl, 3 asst
144 Jaylen Moody ILB Alabama–Fan-favorite senior behind Henry To’oto’o–1 tackle
168 Jeremiah Moon EDGE Florida–2 tkl, 3 asst, Watch #7 on this TFL.
181 Christopher Allen OLB DE Alabama–foot fracture, DNP
203 Emil Ekiyor Jr. OG Alabama–[RG #55]
204 Emory Jones QB Florida–17 for 27, 181 yards, 1 INT, no TDs
241 Kemore Gamble TE Florida–5 catches, 32 yds for #2.

Sept 18 – West Virginia 27 vs Virginia Tech 21Bills Scout present
It’s the 2nd scout visit for West Virginia and VaTech. Beane previously saw Virginia Tech play his alma mater North Carolina on Sept 3. In this game, West Virginia nearly blew a 20-point lead against Va Tech, but held on to come away with the 27-21 win. Love OG Lecitus Smith and CB Jermaine Waller for VaTech, plus WVU’s Sean Mahone.
[highlights] [box score]
32 Lecitus Smith OG Virginia Tech— huge, athletic, and nasty. I think Beane’s in love.
39 Tre Turner WR Virginia Tech–3 carries, 1 yard. Also 2 catches, 17 yards. He was open, though.
96 Dante Stills DT West Virginia –tipped pass and blocked FG attempt. Up, up.
109 Jermaine Waller CB VaTech –3 tkl, 1 asst, 1 INT. Doing great without Titans RD1 Caleb Farley. Still #1 in ACC in INTs with 3.
139 Raheem Blackshear RB VaTech–10 for 47 yds, 20-yard run. This TD. Also 4 receps.
188 Leddie Brown RB WVU —80-yard run, 19 for 161, 1 TD, 8.5 YPC. 3 receps. Up, up.

263 James Mitchell TE Virginia Tech–Knee surgery, likely season’s end.
362 Bryce Ford-Wheaton WR West Virginia–Nice TD catch on a free play.
374 Jordan Williams DT Virginia Tech– This pressure caused the INT.
394 Charles Woods CB PR West Virginia — Illinois State transfer will make waves.

Sept 22 – Bills at Virginia Tech Practiceconfirmed
When a scout goes to a practice after a Beane visit and 2 confirmed games, they’re looking at Day1-Day2-range players. At this point, the first four are in play.
34 Lecitus Smith OG
39 Tre Turner WR Talks mindset here:
87 Amare Barno EDGE – New name on the list. 12-game career, 19.5 TFLs. That TFLs per game ratio brought Bam Johnson and Greg Rousseau to Buffalo.
109 Jermaine Waller CB VaTech – Waller had an INT in both scouted games. Doing great without Farley. Still #1 in Beane’s favorite conference, the ACC, in INTs with 3. Mindset is right for Bills.
139 Raheem Blackshear RB VaTech – 11 for 16 yds, 1.5 ypc in Beane-scouted game vs UNC, 4.7 ypc vs Virginia
232 Brock Hoffman C Virginia Tech – reminds me of one Eric Wood. Can play all 5 spots & played some RT, now at Guard.
237 Jordan Williams DT3T Virginia Tech – Plays NT for Va Tech in a 4-2-5 scheme like Bills use, is fast and explosive, great mindset, too.

Sept 24 – Liberty 21 vs Syracuse 24 Bills scout confirmed
[highlights] [box score]
Due diligence on Malik Willis. ‘Cuse won the game, but Willis was 14 of 19, 205 yards and 3 TDs 0 INT through the air and 17 carries, 49 yds (2.9 ypc) on the ground. Cuse’s 6’5″ mobile QB, Garrett Shrader, is a de facto sophomore. His 40% passing wasn’t like his former 3 starts, but he added 2 rush TDs and nifty runs.
11 Malik Willis QB Liberty – Watch Willis Wiggle. You can’t tackle him cleanly. Another. Entering the game, Willis led the Flames in rushing with 225 yards on 34 carries to go along with a 71% completion rate, with 613 air yards and 7 TDs, 0 INTs. ‘Cuse held him to 49 yards on 17 carries, but Willis was over 73% passing.
427 Abdul Adams RB Syracuse – part of a rotation of RBs behind bell-cow freshman Sean Tucker. Good eyes and cuts for a RD7-PFA. Nice feet on screen, nice vision, balance, and cuts here.
534 Ralfs Rusins NT Liberty – This sack will remind you of Zimmmerrrifffic or Kyle Williams. 6-5, 325, 5.08 forty. Some impressive 1-techs all the way through the draft, so don’t over-focus on just Jordan Davis. Rusins looks scary. I think it’s his eyes.

Sept 25 – Florida 38 vs Tennessee 14 Bills Scout confirmed
[box score] [highlights]
This is the follow-up game to Gators EDGE Zachary Carter’s blowout performance Sept 4 vs FAU. Update: Bills Scouts have attended a total of 4 Florida games. It’s the first Tennessee game. Gators’ FS Trey Dean (returning to school) had 11 tackles (5 solo) and a sack for Florida, leading all draftables, and EDGE Jeremiah Moon chipped in 7 more (3 solo). CB Kaiir Elam (sprained knee against “Bama, declared) and Ventrell Miller (out for the rest of the 2021 season after biceps surgery) did not play. They could’ve used both on this play.
88 Velus Jones WR KR Tennessee – [Watch #1]. A 6’0″ 200 4.32 kick returner in the Isaiah McKenzie mold. Bills need to stretch the field, and Velus would do all of that.
98 Dameon Pierce RB FloridaNice jukes and great size. Has 43 games and over 2000 yards rushing and receiving over 4 years. Has 6.0 ypc average in 2021.
102 Zachary Carter EDGE Florida – 1 tackle, 1 assist, 1 sack, a comedown from his Sept 4 performance. [Watch #6 in the highlights]
109 Alontae Taylor CB Tennessee – 5 tackles, 1 assist.
160 Cade Mays G Tennessee – On last year’s draft radar, Cade Mays is a transfer from Georgia, where he knew Jake Fromm. Of his 25 starts before this year, 18 had come at RG, three at RT, two at LG, and two at LT. He’s logging lots of time at RT this year [Watch RT #68, first in run-blocking, and the next play in pass protect], and the guy he’s handling most of the time is #6, Zachary Carter… Most of the time. I think Mays handling of Carter was one big reason Bills scouts returned…besides the RD3 playmakers Velus and Dameon.
187 Jeremiah Moon EDGE Florida – 7 tackles (3 solo). [Watch #7 playing the OLB/BUCK position here; on the second play, he’s following the QB. He looks a little like Jerry Hughes here — getting caught inside. He minds his gap here, though. RD5-6 is a perfect time to grab your last EDGE player.

Sept 25 – Colorado State 14 vs Iowa 24 Bills scout confirmed
[box score] [highlights]
It was the Bills’ second visit to see Colorado State (see September 4) and the first to Iowa.
28 Tyler Linderbaum C Iowa – 6’2″ 289 5.06 is small for the Bills, but Linderbaum’s precise technique, timing, and leverage makes up for it. Watch #65 on this play. And again here.
150 Sam LaPorta TE Iowa – 4 for 45, 1 TD. Led Iowa in targets and catches in 2020. Watch #84 block here.
53 Trey McBride TE Colorado St– His 13 for 116 receiving line in the first game got noticed. He went 6 for 51 here. McBride leads all pass-catchers in FBS with 36 catches in first 4 games. Stock way up for the productive tight end.
229 Tyler Goodson RB Iowa – 18 carries, 3.2 yards per. Well-contained for the day, but I like this change of gear (He’s #15).
236 Scott Patchan EDGE Colorado St – 5 tackles, 2 asst, 1 sack
339 Jack Koerner S Iowa – 6 tackles, although he whiffed on a tackle of mobile QB Todd Centeio, resulting in a TD.
301 Manny Jones DL Colorado St – 2 tkl, 1 asst.–28 TFLs in career, tied with Joey Porter

Sept 25 – Ohio State 59 vs Akron 7 Bills scout confirmed
[box score] [highlights]
Third visit to Ohio State for the Bills (Sept 2, Sept 11 with Beane). The Buckeyes had five ballcarriers with >5.0 YPC, four of whom were freshmen. The junior, Master Teague, got more work. Wilson, Petit-Frere, Haskell Garrett, Dawand Jones, and Master Teague all impressed.
7 Chris Olave WR Ohio State — 2 for 12 yds and 1 TD. The Isaiah McKenzie play here. Olave’s interview is off-putting; how would he fit in the Bills’ WR room?
13 Garrett Wilson WRS PR Ohio State –4 for 124 yds, including elegant screen with the stiff-arm; 2 PR for -1 yards
25 Nicholas Petit-Frere OT Ohio StateNFL-ready RS Junior (Watch LT #78).

80 Jeremy Ruckert TE Ohio State –Third view for Bills, criminally underused so far. 34 receptions across four seasons, had 0 catches in this game. Some slobberknocker blocks, though.
54 Haskell Garrett DT3T Ohio State— Likely DPOW, more dominating than last game. 4 tkl, 1 asst, 3 sacks, 3 TFLs. Watch #92.
119 Tyreke Smith DE Ohio State –on Unavailable list –concussion?
140 Thayer Munford OT Ohio State –DNP (injured), wore coveted block “O” jersey
230 Master Teague III RB Ohio State –8 for 71 (8.9 YPC), 2 TDs.

Oct 1 – Iowa 51 vs Maryland 14 (Bills scout confirmed)
[box score] [highlights] — Iowa second visit (Sept 25), Maryland second visit (Sept 4).
This was the 5-INT Taulia Tagvailoa game. He went back to school because of the bad decisions he made in this game and others. Linderbaum, Petras, Okuayinonu and Goodson moved up the most. Draftniks have VanValkenburg ranked too low, or not at all. Will move him up on the BuffaloFAMBase board, which you can use on FanSpeak’s simulator!
23 Tyler Linderbaum C Iowa – [Watch C #65] [Watch another] [and goal line 1] [and goal line 2] – quick and flawless technique, not size, gets it done. I’ll just warn you that size would’ve mattered against the Titans.
73 Dylan Parham G C RT Memphis – 30-visit, *** TOP INTERVIEW.
193 Tyler Goodson RB Iowa – 19 rushes for 66 (3.5 ypc), but made 2 sensational catches for a combined 85 yds and a TD. This one from the slot was a wow.
339 Jack Koerner FS Iowa – 2 tkl and an INT …which he fumbles.
350 Tayon Fleet-Davis RB Maryland – 3 rushes for 20 (6.7 ypc). Last scouted game, TF-D posted a career-high 123 rushing yds, one of them a 54-yard TD. In a second scouted game, he notched 11 carries, 71 yards, (6.5 ypc). TF-D sees holes, he goes downhill. One of nineteen 219+lb backs the Bills scouted. Fleet-Davis is one of only a few of them with 30 or more receptions. He has nimble feet and some surprising agility for a bigger back. He had a suspension from the team in 2019 for driving a vehicle while impaired, but he’s grown from that ordeal. He’d be worth a shot (not that kind of shot) as a Preferred Free Agent.

Oct 2 – Ole Miss 21 Alabama 42 (Bills GM Brandon Beane, Nat. Scout Dennis Hickey there)
[box score] [highlights]
Both teams were undefeated heading into this matchup. No wonder BB and Hickey came. This one had nice matchups between Bama’s NT Phidarian “Phil” Mathis, 3T D.J. Dale, and DE Byron Young vs the Ole Miss draftables: Neal, Broecker (returning), Brown, and Umana. Then ‘Bama’s Neal (LT) and Emil Ekiyor (returning RT) unremarkably faced off against two transfers, DE Sam Williams and OLB Lakia Henry. But John Metchie at WR, as well as CB Jobe and SS Battle (returning), made the visit a delight. Unranked Senior Braylon Sanders made this toe-drag-swag catch for the Rebels, locking him onto the FAMBase board.
2 Evan Neal OT Alabama — [Watch LT #73] – You want to move the LOS? Sure thing. Second level? Sure thing. Pass block? Uh-huh. Block 2 guys on goal-line play? Sure. Squeeze the D-Line like an accordion? No prob. Neal, Stingley, and Leal will be the first non-QBs off the board.
35 Matt Corral QB Ole Miss–21-29-213, 1 TD. We’re not drafting him.
37 Josh Jobe CB Alabama— [Watch #28] Threw away from Jobe all night.
50 John Metchie III WR AlabamaDeep Dive [Watch #8 on offense, 2 views of TD] He’s a first-down maker whose ceiling is Sanders (2 views again).
51 Christian Harris Will LB Alabama–Deep Dive [Watch #8 on defense]
67 Phidarian Mathis DT3T DT1T DE Alabama 6’4″ 313 5.17 — [Watch #48] –The most versatile defender in this game. Call him Phil. Or Fill. Talks about “you get to get better” in his interview.
99 Brian Robinson Jr. RB Alabama–[Watch #8 RB]–Exploded for 36-171 (4.8 ypc) and 4 TDs. Contact balance on this run, sheer power on this run. My favorite? Stubbornness on this run.
105 Jalyn Armour-Davis CB Alabama *** TOP INTERVIEW about how being a Dad changed his motivation:
229 Ben Brown OG Ole Miss — Brown #55 was more help on this TD for the Rebels.
402 Orlando Umana C Ole Miss– [Watch C #51] -Former All-Pac-12 Center

Oct 2 – Michigan 38 vs Wisconsin 17 (Bills scout confirmed)
[box score] [highlights]
Both colleges are first visits for the Bills. I hope the Bills were here for Hinton, Chenal, Daxton Hill, and Ferguson. Wisconsin plays a 3-4, but Sanborn and Chenal are tackling machines.
1 Aidan Hutchinson EDGE Michigan – Watch #97’s get-off here. He’s flourishing under his new DC. He sets the edge AND makes the tackle here –two things Jerry Hughes doesn’t always do.
27 Daxton Hill FS NCB CB MichiganPBU, an INT and this sack. But…Next time, wrap him up. A ferocious blitzer, Hill did his best to keep the Badgers at bay.
55 Leo Chenal ILB Wisconsin – The junior is second in sacks on a stingy Wisconsin 3-4 defense (#1 is sophomore Nick Herbig). Chenal and Sanborn combined for a staggering 25 tackles in this game. Chenal is faster than Sanborn, but take both; they’re the Poyer and Hyde. *** TOP INTERVIEW about trust —
129 Jake Ferguson TE Wisconsin – 2 for 28 yds. His completed-catch streak just beat WR Lee Evans…Heard of him? Anyway, he sustained a chest injury and is questionable for next week.
149 Hassan Haskins RB Michigan – 17 for 42 (2.5 ypc), and 1 catch for 6. Overtaken in the season by Corum. 220 pounds.
159 Jack Sanborn ILB Wisconsin – Redshirt senior, #57 is stout at the POA. Led all Wisconsin defenders with 13 tackles (6 solo). Badger scheme allows LBs to roam free and make plays through gaps. Sound familiar? Tough, physical, smart. Stock up.
191 Christopher Hinton DL Michigan – This year’s Ed Oliver, in my opinion. Often double-teamed. Fumble recovery.
196 Andrew Stueber RT Michigan – #71 – Hair Kiper’s 10th-best OT. Stueber has graded out as the Wolverines’ top offensive lineman, according to PFF.
301 Andrew Vastardis C Michigan – #68, with his back to the wall, sits in his chair and digs in. Impressive Day 3 Center right now. Michigan had the 4th-best passing down sack rate in the country this year (Georgia, N. Illinois, Florida).

Oct 2 – Kentucky 20 -Florida 13 – (Bills scout confirmed)
[box score] [highlights]
It’s the third scout visit for Florida (Beane was at the first) and the initial look at Kentucky. Three OTs got a look, and three EDGEs. A top CB, Kaiir Elam, missed his second-straight contest after spraining his knee in Florida’s 31-29 loss to Alabama.
40 Kaiir Elam CB Florida – out, sprained knee. Bills still came to the game. PBU: 2020 11 (#1) SEC. But my concern is tackling and penalties. Just go through his highlights reel looking for wrap-up tackling; you’ll be at it awhile. However, 6 Tot – 5 Solo tackles in SEC championship. Elam shows great hand use here. He’s a big and aggressive (read: grabby) corner. Good at locating the ball and attacking it out of the air, but will need to improve his patience at the line, and wrap-up tackling to be a fit for the Bills.
68 Darian Kinnard RT Kentucky – [RT #70] – A smoother RT with those wide lateral movements reminding me of Seantrel Henderson and Ty Nsehke.
69 Wan’Dale Robinson WR Kentucky – His yards per route run is 3.46, second only to Christian Watson. There’s some Tutu Atwell or Isaiah McKenzie in him. [Watch WRS #1‘s impressive touchdown from the game, shown from 3 angles]. He caught 4 for 65 yds (16.25 YPR) to boot. ***Top Interview
124 Marcus Jones Houston CB PR – 5’8″, 185 consensus All-American punt returner led the FBS and the AAC in punt return average (19.8). Would like to see a tackle here.
99 Josh Paschal EDGE Kentucky – 7 tackles (4 solo, 3 asst) and this blocked FG on special teams. Watch #4. Stock up.
114 Luke Fortner C KentuckyWatch #79, the redshirt senior, run down to congratulate Wan’Dale. Psst…Shuttle: 4.95 seconds, 3-Cone Drill: 7.75 seconds, Broad Jump: 10-foot-2. Vertical Jump: 29 inches. 29 reps Bench. Fortner is smarter than you; he has 1 masters degree in aerospace something, getting a 2nd masters in May in mechanical engineering.
102 Zachary Carter EDGE Florida – 3 tackles and a sack.
173 Dare Rosenthal LT Kentucky – Impressive mirroring by the left tackle, #51. Stock up.
182 Yusuf Corker FS Kentucky – 8 tackles, 3 of them solo. Nice late-round value to start on special teams.
184 Jeremiah Moon EDGE Florida – 1 tkl, 2 asst. He often drops off the LOS like the Bills do. He’ll go on to have 8 tackles and 8 assists over 3 scouted games.
214 David Anenih EDGE Houston – 3 tkl, 1 asst, 1 sack. Here we go. #12 from the RDE spot. Stay for two plays in a row! “A-Knee-Knee”, if you’re wondering…
399 Ryan Wright P Tulane – Held for kickoffs and did the punts, booming ’em in this game for 233 total yards on 5 kicks (46.6 ypp). He’s 6’2″, 245.
401 Jaylen Erwin WR KR Houston – A 5’10”-170-4.57 kick returner who’s a reliable receiver. Nice slant here for the first down. His 3-Cone Drill (6.97) and wingspan (76 3/8″) will help but his forty time was slower than expected.

Oct 7 – Houston 40 vs Tulane 22 – (Bills Scout confirmed)
[box score] [highlights]
Houston was 10th in scoring defense, allowing an average of 15.0 points per game. Both teams run a 4-2-5 similar to the Bills’ base, so I suspect a defensive prospect.
55 Logan Hall DE Houston – Day 2 EDGE rusher’s versatility may be irresistible. Sack from the inside here. Logan had 2 sacks on the day.
261 Damarion Williams CB Houston – The 5-10, 183 tackling machine with ~4.5 speed had 9 tackles in this game, 8 solo. Can return kicks if needed. Vert of 34 1/2″ and Wingspan of 73″.

Oct 8 – Arizona State 28 vs Stanford 10 – (Bills Scout confirmed)
[box score] [highlights]
Herm Edwards’ Sun Devils, now #14 in the nation, were the favorite to win the PAC-12. The highlights of the game was CB Jack Jones’ INT and heads-up toss to Safety DeAndre Pierce for a pick-6 TD. Great work by the ASU OL (255 yards and three touchdowns on the ground) and the defensive back seven (3 turnovers). Arizona State plays a similar base defense to the Bills, that 4-2-5 hybrid. That’s why they got 3 scouted games and a Pro Day visit.

89 Kellen Diesch LT Arizona State#74 here at the second level, shows athleticism and tenacity. Here’s a nice pass-blocking play. He did his 1/11th on this failed 4th and 1.
105 Rachaad White RB Arizona Statestonewalled on his 4th and 1 here.
168 Dohnovan West C Arizona State – #61 here likely got a long look by the Bills scout. Another play here has him blocking second level on the failed 4th and 1. Later, he showed nastiness and power on another 4th down.
175 Thomas Booker EDGE StanfordWatch Booker, #4, blow this 3rd-and-11 play up from the LDE position. He has 132 tackles in 35 games.
201 Chase Lucas CB Arizona State – 1 tkl, 1 asst, but Stanford avoided throws to his side. ***TOP INTERVIEW
215 Jack Jones CB Arizona State – 4 tkl, 1 asst, and an INT, but his game-highlight toss to DeAndre Pierce for a pick-6 was pretty heads-up. Stock up.
299 D.J. Davidson NT Arizona StateLoved this bull-work near the end of the game.
342 Curtis Hodges TE Arizona State – The 6’8″ former WR is a mismatch, and led all ASU receivers with 4 catches for 76 yards (19 ypc). No ASU receiver caught a TD. He’s a tall ball of clay if you want a developmental TE. He needed to be 1 yard deeper here. He needed to give Daniels help here.
403 Tyler Johnson EDGE Arizona State – 4 tkl, 1 asst, 3.5 tackles for loss, one forced fumble, and two sacks led the defense in pressures. Johnson was named PAC-12 Defensive Lineman of the Week and Walter Camp National FBS Defensive Player of the Week. If you looked at this one game, you’d bring him in at least as a PFA.

Oct 9 – Alabama 38 vs Texas A&M 41Bills scout confirmed
[Box Score] [Highlights]
A&M plays a 4-2-5 while the Tide is a 3-4 on defense, so watch how A&M’s defense (2nd in the SEC in scoring defense at 13 points per game) handled Alabama (#1 in the SEC in offense) –and won at the end.
2 Evan Neal OT Alabama – LG, RT, and now LT. Likely top 3 pick.
23 Kenyon Green LG Texas A&M [Watch #55] – Green’s best trait may be his versatility. He’s played C with Luke Matthews out for the season. He played LT with aplomb against DE Justin Eboigbe and NT Tim Smith in this game. The OL didn’t allow a sack or even a hurry by Alabama.
42 DeMarvin Leal EDGE Texas A&M – The Leal-Neal matchup likely attracted scouts’ attention. Only got 1 credited one tackle, but 6 assists.
43 Christian Harris LB Alabama – A+++ interview, 3 tkl, 1 asst. A little trouble with A&M’s wheel routes.
50 John Metchie III WR AlabamaA+++ interview, 7 for 88 (12.6 YPC) but had three drops. He’s usually this guy, though (2 views of the play). He falls slightly in RD1.
57 Phidarian Mathis DT3T DT1T DE Alabama 6’4″ 313 5.17 – Is an EDGE in Tide’s 3-4, love his attitude and versatility. He had 3 assists. [Watch #48]
59 Isaiah Spiller RB Texas A&M – 17 for 46 (2.7 YPC) -Don’t stats-scout him, as Spiller is more effective here, as he added 43 yards on 4 catches. This right here is an NFL-level run. That juke in the backfield is mint, although the jukees, #18 and #10, were RS freshmen. Has Gratitude and Attitude.
92 Jalen Wydermyer TE Texas A&M – 3 catches, 73 yds (24.3 YPC), and this TD by #85, taking advantage of a 3rd-string freshman for the Tide, #2. Impressed with his hand use on an earlier play here.
99 Brian Robinson Jr. RB Alabama – 24 for 147 (6.1 YPC) plus 4 catches for 60 yds. Stock up. Here’s a runner who knows angles. Smooth, but patient. I thought this was his best run (2 views), for his jukes before and after the LOS.
122 Josh Jobe CB Alabama – 0 tkl, 1 asst [Watch #28].
153 Jayden Peevy DT3T DT1T Texas A&M – 1 tkl, 3 asst – It wouldn’t surprise me if Beane took another DT –ever. It’s what he does. I’d prefer another one-tech who can move to 3-tech than vice-versa.
185 Leon O’Neal Jr. FS Texas A&MFumble recovery here by #9 (3 views), and this sack (multiple views) which illustrates how Bills-y the A&M defense is. O’Neal’s an extremely hard worker. Not timed fast, but likely 4.5 speed, just fine for the Bills’ downhill playstyle. Leon set career highs in total tackles (48), interceptions (2) and pass deflections (5) in 2020. Stock up.
214 Tyree Johnson EDGE Texas A&M – 2 tackles, 2 assists and 2 sacks. Watch this sack, blowing by senior RT Chris Owens. He moves to LDE opposite #73 Evan Neal and Roydell Williams, and serves this sack up.

Oct 13 – Virginia Tech PracticeScout confirmed
This is the second practice attended by the scouts, in addition to attending 2 games, one vs UNC (Sept 10) and the other Sept 18 vs West Virginia. You likely are pretty serious about a RD1-RD2 target. OG Lecitus Smith, WR Tre Turner, and ED Barno could all end up in Buffalo.
138 Tre Turner WR Virginia Tech [Interview] [Scouted Game Highlight] tied with Doubs for tallest target of the fast WRs. Watch this jet sweep. He’s a fighter at the catch point and makes outside shoulder catches look easy. He has good breaks and good brakes.
95 Lecitus Smith OG Virginia Tech – [Interview] “luh-SEE-tuss” had the opportunity to turn pro alongside Christian Darrisaw following the 2020 season. Didn’t. Smith was a TE at 260 in HS…Cover1 did a wonderful interview and film study on him here.
87 Amare Barno EDGE Virginia Tech – Maintaining a Darryl Johnson-like TFL per Game average, 14-game career, 20.5 TFLs, Beane scouted Barno’s Clemson game. There’s room for one more EDGE in the barn.
236 Jermaine Waller CB Virginia Tech [Interview] – 6’1″ 180 4.44 Waller’s dropping for me, but he’s still higher on my board than consensus big boards. Plus, he’s still #1 in Beane’s favorite conference for INTs with 3.
249 Jordan Williams DT3T Virginia Tech – Plays NT in that 4-2-5 scheme like Bills use, and Bills scouts saw this pressure to force an INT.
258 Brock Hoffman OC OG Virginia Tech – reminds me of Eric Wood. Wrestler. Can play all 5 spots and played some RT and Center this year. He’s now playing Guard.
285 Raheem Blackshear RB VaTech – hasn’t done well in scouted games, but this ankle-breaking Matt Breida clone is effective in the screen game and the Wildcat.

Oct 15 – Oregon 24 vs Cal 17Bills Scout Confirmed
[Box Score] [Highlights]
Second visit to #9 Oregon by the scouts, as they watched the Ducks vs Ohio State back on Sept 11. Due diligence on a returning Thibodeaux, who didn’t play in the previous visit, but Bills are likely looking in the Ducks’ backfield. Look at both teams; Cal had the Ducks tied at 7, 14, and 21 before QB Anthony Brown’s pylon dive with 5 minutes to go.
4 Kayvon Thibodeaux DE Oregon – The return half-game for Thibodeaux. 5 tackles and a sack in the second half (unable to play in first half due to a targeting penalty). He’s still at the top of my Big Board, and has been since last May. Hurries galore despite the double-team, this one on third down. Watch #5. Here, Kayvon occupies 2-3 men enroute to a pressure. The best way to handle Thibodeaux? Run away.
139 Verone McKinley III FS Oregon–7 tackles, 4 of them solo. He moved from 178 in the first scouted game to 139 now. RD4, maybe 5. He’s not big (which would’ve helped on that play), but he’s versatile, competitive, and super smart. They’ve lined McKinley up at boundary corner, nickel corner, single-high safety, two-high safety, and in the box, Love his personality. Such an easy fit with the room and the scheme.
152 Mykael Wright CB KR Oregon–Wright again led the Ducks in tackles with 9 tackles, 7 solo. He added one 14-yard kick return. He’s a real consideration for the Bills’ RD2 pick if they don’t go corner in RD1. He’s a draft-eligible redshirt sophomore, contrary to Ourlads. He does a lot of yappin’ after the play. He’s #2, talking number 2.
245 C.J. Verdell RB Oregon —no stats; leg injury at Stanford kept him out. Dye stepped up in his stead.
328 Chase Garbers QB California–Garbers reminds me of Matt Barkley: He might be able to hold the fort for a couple games, then you’ll sign someone else.
360 Kuony Deng OLB ILB California– A lower body injury kept “Coin Dang” out of his 4th straight contest, but he’s 6’5″, 250, so Tremaine-sized, with long arms. Do keep him on your lists, as can scoot when he has to.
463 Jake Tonges TE California–Bills sure are beating the bushes for TEs. Tonges (“TAWN-jiss”), the redshirt senior, had a nice stat line in this game: 3 catches, 34 yards, and showed #85’s athleticism with a pretty lunge-at-the-pylon TD [2 views]. An over-the-middle safety valve could come in handy.
492 George Moore OT Oregon– [Watch LT #77‘s vigorous kick-slide and strength to stonewall rusher here] – The redshirt senior transfer is now in his seventh year of college football; you can almost see ivy growing on his north side. This is nice form on the 3rd and 1.

Oct 15 – Georgia Southern 14 vs South Alabama 41Bills scout confirmed
[Box Score] [Highlights]
The best bet here is South Alabama’s Tolbert. He played one of his career-bests against the last-place Georgia Southern team –Tyler Bass’s school.
89 Jalen Tolbert WR South Alabama – 11 catches, 174 yards, 1 TD. Entered this game with 34 games played. Originally reported as a 6’3″ player with 4.3 speed, he was a RD2 darling for a while. At 6’1″, 193 and 4.49 speed, he’ll last a while longer, but Bills might be looking for a productive receiver, and he didn’t disappoint in the game scouts watched.
290 Darrell Baker Jr. CB Georgia Southern – Speedy, physical, 32+” arms, and pretty good sized (6’0″, 190). The Bills are mining for a Day 3 corner or nickel in addition to an early-draft DB. Baker’s athletic and explosive: Vertical Jump: 41 1/2″, Broad Jump: 11’04”.

Oct 16 – UCF 21 vs Cincinnati 56 Bills Scout confirmed
[Box Score] [Highlights]
Clearly a visit to see Cincy’s CB, Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, likely drafted in the top ten RD1 range. Don’t sleep on Coby Bryant, or a Zach Moss-like thunder back. It’s the Bills’ second scouted game for UCF, and without Dillon Gabriel or Jaylon Robinson playing, that’s a puzzler. Jackson and Schneider aren’t bad Day-3 OLs.
6 Ahmad Gardner CB Cincinnati – 4 tkl, 2 asst
36 Desmond Ridder QB Cincinnati – 13 of 23 (56.5%) for 140 yds, 1 TD, showing savvy here, and mobility here. But…Inconsistent accuracy here and here and here and here.
60 Myjai Sanders EDGE Cincinnati [Watch #21] – 1 assist. However, he caused hurries and pressures left (3 views) and right, forcing a INT. Sanders had 15 total pressures (sacks/hits/hurries) entering this game, first among AAC players and top 20 in the country. Some similarity to Rousseau’s length and getoff. He gets a sack by his quick getoff here.
75 Alec Pierce WR Cincinnati – 1 catch for 19 yards and a fierce-at-the-catch TD (2 views; stay around for the second). Nice frame. He blocks downfield quite well, and that gets you a job on a team that already has their WR1 and WR2. Robinson and/or Pierce could be that next WR gem.
88 Coby Bryant CB Cincinnati – Cincy’s “other” CB – 1 tkl, and a pick-6 INT – There he goes! Nagy describes Coby as a “long 6’1” cover guy with 30 career PBU. He can recover & he’s physical. Springy athlete. He can also catch one-handed, evidently. Nice late-round corner with a shot to play in this league.
132 Jerome Ford RB Cincinnati – 20 for 189 yds (9.45 ypc), 4 TD – Stock way up. Moves well for 220 lbs., he shows nice patience here, especially in draws up the gut. He demonstrates his contact balance and power here, much like Zach Moss. Ford has speed, too. He uses his blockers well.
279 Cole Schneider LG UCF – [Watch #65]

Oct 16 – Texas 24 vs Oklahoma State 32Bills scout confirmed
[box score] [highlights]
My older son lives in Austin, so I should be careful how I say this: I love the resilience of the 12th-ranked, 5-0 Oklahoma State Cowboys. They rebounded from a 20-7 deficit in Boise (my younger son’s residence), lost the turnover battle at Baylor, and were down 17-3 after Spencer Sanders’ INT in this one, but “Find a Way” just found its way to victory again, despite the 3 TDs of RB sophomore Bijan Robinson. Both teams, both first visits, play a 4-2-5 defense. I’d be looking at late-draft DBs and LBs on both sides, plus LG Sills/C Godlevske handling those big Texas NTs.
168 Malcolm Rodriguez OLB Oklahoma State – 5 tackles, 1 solo. [Watch #20] – Impressive tackler in the Matt Milano mold.
180 T’Vondre Sweat NT Texas – #93, Sweat, backs up Keondre Coburn (2023) at nose tackle. The two are a comedy team.
194 Josh Thompson CB Texas – Impressed again and again with 7 tackles, 6 of them solo [Watch #9]. Bills paid his hometown a visit after the season, sometimes checking up on his HS Coach.
213 Danny Godlevske OC Oklahoma State – Grad transfer from Miami (OH), wrestler, played with with Tommy Doyle. Watch #51 handle the big Texas DTs.
231 Kolby Harvell-Peel SS Oklahoma State – 7 tackles, 5 of them solo [Watch #31].
303 Tre Sterling S FS Oklahoma State – DNP, but he’s a redshirt senior, and a RD2-3 talent who’ll fall. Remember his name. In the Cheez-It Bowl, he posted a team-high 13 tackles and 2.5 tackles for loss, and accounting for 0.5 sacks in the game. Discusses play vs Breece Hall here.
352 Tay Martin WR Oklahoma State – [Watch #1] [Another similar catch] One of a dozen big wideouts the Bills have scouted. When measured at his Pro Day, Martin wasn’t 6’3″, 186 as expected; he was 6’1″,184, 4.58. Shrinkage. He’s a good PFA though; he had 6 TDs in 7 games as of this writing.
361 Josh Sills LG Oklahoma State – Watch LG #72. Yes, he got called for it. Ojomo is the victim.
422 Devin Harper OLB Oklahoma State – 8 tackles, 6 of them solo [But watch #16 here –he recognizes what’s happening one step too late. Now watch #16 here –same thing].

Oct 16 Kentucky 13 vs Georgia 30Bills scout confirmed
[Box Score] [Highlights]
It’s the second scout visit to Kentucky and the scouts’ 3rd visit to Georgia, including Brandon Beane. Jordan Davis and Nakobe Dean are targets, but don’t forget Jamaree Salyer. Georgia is the nation’s best defense, so take at least two this year.
14 Jordan Davis DL Georgia. I adore Jordan Davis. Almost “pet cat” level for me. There are other NTs in this draft, though, who are also better than Lotulelei.
60 Darian Kinnard OT Kentucky – Kromer would like his upper body power and ferocious punch. Beane won’t like his flat affect.
188 Adam Anderson EDGE Georgia – Was trouble all day from his SAM LB spot. Just a great get-off, converting power to speed in a millisecond. I have him higher than the consensus
35 George Pickens WR Georgia – DNP but Bills still came to the game. You get Eric Moulds and AJ Green vibes –when he plays. Worst YAC at 2.8 so maybe he drops to mid-RD2, where the better teams can afford to take a boom or bust prospect.
26 Nakobe Dean ILB Georgia –6 tackles, 4 of them solo. [Watch #17]
38 Lewis Cine FS Georgia – 4 tackles, 2 assists. [Watch #16]
49 Quay Walker ILB Georgia – 3 tackles, 6 assists. [Watch #7] Moneybacker in Georgia’s 3-4.
102 Derion Kendrick CB Georgia –Has drug and weapons charges from his time at Clemson, which might be a tad off-putting for the organization. Has played DB in all 7 of Georgia’s games to date with 15 total stops. The 7 tackles against Kentucky were his season high. Two pass breakups as well.
83 Jamaree Salyer LT Georgia [Watch #69]. RT in 2019, LT in 2020, and LT this year. Handles the spin move well. You have to watch his feet to appreciate why he’s so effective. He can move up if his run blocking gets lower, and if he sustains blocks longer. Another example here.
127 Josh Paschal EDGE Kentucky – 4 tackles, 2 assists. Led Kentucky. Stock up. [Watch #4] “He’s the definition of toughness,” a teammate said. “He doesn’t do it for Josh Paschal. He does it for the ten other guys, he does it for the coaching staff, he does it for you guys, he does it for UK.” Doesn’t that sound like a Buffalo Bill? 2020 stats: 32 TACK, 6.5 TFL, 1 SACK, 1 INT. Nagy: “Alert, skilled, and deceptively quick technician is generally a step ahead of blockers. “
128 Zamir White RB Georgia – 12 carries for 46 yds (3.8 YPC) and this TD; 1 reception for 16 yds. A faster Zack Moss. His nickname’s “Zeus”. Humble and hungry.
146 Wan’Dale Robinson WR Kentucky – 12 catches, 39 yards (3.2 YPR), 1 TD; 1 rush for 6
157 Justin Shaffer LG Georgia – Watch #54 pull and spring Zamir White for a TD. Doesn’t interview well.
182 Yusuf Corker FS Kentucky – 2 tackles, 2 assists. [Watch #29] Stock up.
199 Jake Camarda P Georgia – 4 punts for 189 yards (47.3 average). One of the best punters in the nation. 44 GP.
233 Dare Rosenthal LT Kentucky – [Watch #51] A redshirt junior, character concerns for me.

Oct 21 SMU 55 vs Tulane 26Bills Scout confirmed
[Box Score] [Highlights]
Second visit at Tulane, and the first for the Bills at Emmanuel Sanders/Cole Beasley University. It would become Tulane’s fifth-straight loss. There’s a reason: SMU was first in the AAC and 9th in the nation in red-zone offense in 2020. I hear the Bills want to shore that up, and Gray, Calcaterra, and Roberson would do that.
130 Danny Gray WR SMU — Led SMU in receptions and yards, 8 catches for 140 (17.5 ypr), 0 TDs. [Watch #5] [Watch #5 again] [Watch #5 again] Moving him way up.
181 Grant Calcaterra TE SMU — 7 catches, 90 yards (13.7 ypr), 1 TD. Calcaterra, a grad transfer stepped away from football due to a series of concussions, but has new resolve. He’ll need to resolve to block better, though. [Watch #88]
203 Reggie Roberson Jr WR SMU — [Watch #21] – “Robber Son”, a favorite of mine for his speed and hands. Roberson caught 3 passes for 41 yards and this beauty for a TD. Stick around for two views.
373 Mykel Jones WR Tulane — Oklahoma transfer in his 6th season, Great focus. Injuries in 2021 will drop him. Number 1 here.

Oct 23 – Kansas 23 vs Oklahoma 35 Bills scout confirmed
[Box Score] [Highlights]
Bills scouts never go to Kansas, and almost never to Oklahoma since CodyFord-Gate, yet here they are. Look at the mid-rounds for one of them.
58 Perrion Winfrey DT3T Oklahoma – After 2 seasons at JUCO Iowa Western (academic reasons), Winfrey nabbed the starting DL1T role on OU’s defensive line. That won’t likely be his NFL spot. Google “Perrion Winfrey’s Michael Myers-themed football pads”. Could be a fun guy –or a fungi. Might be awhile before Beane selects an Oklahoma hogmolly.
59 Nik Bonitto LB Oklahoma – “buh-NEAT-oh” has optimal LB size (6’3″, 248), pretty good speed (4.54), and is a better pass rusher than many LBs. Models his game after who? Von Miller. Quick off the snap here.
92 Marquis Hayes G Oklahoma – impressive size, played LG next to Creed Humphrey, note his arm use. He is slow on the pull here. He’s better than most Guards at the 2nd level, but he just needs to stay on it consistently —like he did here.
148 Isaiah Thomas EDGE Oklahoma – one of the guys who can play inside or out, always appeals to Leslie Frasier. Has maintained over a 1 TFL per game average over the last 2 years. That ratio seems to be important in the War Room.
249 Delarrin Turner-Yell S Oklahoma – 4th-Highest tackles per game among safeties…Perfect timing to dislodge the catch, excellent tackle on TE here. He’s on the slight side, and his interview was below average.

10-30 Penn State 24 vs Ohio State 33Bills Scout Confirmed
[Box Score] [Highlights]
This was the first visit of the Bills to Penn State and the fourth to the Buckeyes’ games (Sept 2, Sept 11 with Beane present, Sept 25). Ohio State is #2 in defense to Georgia with Penn State #6, and I can’t see the Bills NOT taking at least 2-3 OSU, Penn State, and/or Georgia players. Thirteen players in this game are in my Top 100 –7 offense and 6 defense, but two will be likely long gone by the Bills’ RD1#25 pick –and they’re both wideouts.
5 Garrett Wilson WRS PR PR Ohio StateTwitchy YAC monster who’s the draft’s best route runner. Tough SOB, too. A couple plays later he reels off this beauty. He caught 7 for 82 yds (11.7 YPR) and had a 7-yard run that showed off his stop-start ability.
7 Chris Olave WR Ohio State — 6 TDs of 15+ yards this year is tops in the Big Ten. “He had 3 catches for 44 yards (14.6 YPR) and a TD against PSU (2 views). Some miscommunication here foils a sure touchdown on 4th down.
30 Jahan Dotson WR Penn State — Didn’t flash early, but ended up catching 11 for 127 yards and a direct-snap TD. Here’s his first catch with 3:00 remaining in the first half. He catches the ball while sliding, doing his best impression of Cole Beasley here…and here. Most of his catches were first downs. Great personality fit. Deep Dive=>
31 Nicholas Petit-Frere OT Ohio StateExcellent technique, stays low in his chair, steers his EDGE past pocket with ease. Bills have shown plenty interest. A member of Denny’s All-Pancaker Team. Dean’s Deep Dives=>
32 Arnold Ebiketie LB Penn StateGets home on third down here. Finished with 1 solo tackle and 2 assists. In his first game as a Nittany Lion in September, “AK” notched seven tackles, two for a loss, a blocked field goal, and a sack. Quick learner, very funny, extremely motivated to become his personal best. His roomie? Jahan Dotson.
57 Jaquan Brisker S Penn State — 3 tackles on the day, but none more important than his TD-saving tackle after winning a foot race. Brisker and Smith are fast.
64 Tyreke Smith EDGE Ohio StatePressured QB all night. Consensus has Smith at #131. No way. Tyreke had 3 tackles, 2 assists, this forced fumble (2 views), and a sack in the game.
89 Rasheed Walker OT Penn StateKeeps his man at bay with long, strong arms. I like him way more than the consensus. He’s a snowplow of a run blocker.
94 Brandon Smith LB Penn State — Moving up with 4 tackles solo, 4 assists. He saved a touchdown by winning this foot race. Jaquan Brisker and Smith are fast.
80 Jeremy Ruckert TE Ohio StateAppreciate his fight for the first down, but fumbles. Good blocker. He redeems himself here at a critical juncture.
133 Tariq Castro-Fields CB Penn State — Inconsistent so far. Missed tackles for long gains, DPI penalties, but then a nice tackle or PBU. He had 2 tackles on the evening. He’s one I’m not as enthused about as the Bills’ CB2 answer.
134 Haskell Garrett DL Ohio StateHeads-up fumble recovery cancels Nittany Lions’ initial turnover.
140 Thayer Munford OT OG Ohio State — Playing LG this year allowing Petit-Frere to stay outside. Watch #75. Lowest Pressure Rate allowed by a 2020 Power 5 OT.
168 Master Teague III RB Ohio State — Before the game, Day said, “we’re hoping to have [Master Teague] available” Saturday. Well, he wasn’t, sitting out for a second consecutive week. He’s likely the 2nd-Fastest RB in draft, and at 220 lbs., no less. Singletary-Moss ain’t that. I have him higher than consensus for runs like these.

Nov 5 Boston College 17 vs Virginia Tech 3 Bills Scout confirmed
[box score] [highlights]
“The Red Bandana Game”, a.k.a. the “Which Guard Do The Bills Take?” Game. Boston College got great news that Phil Jurkovec was cleared to return and start at QB. The BC defense held Virginia Tech to only 73 total passing yards. For the Hokies, Raheem Blackshear ran for 67 yards.
28 Zion Johnson G Boston CollegeWatch #77 on Jurkovec’s keeper. He’s going to keep his QB clean. The Kromer type.
92 Amare Barno EDGE Virginia Tech – breakout 2020 season. He led the Power Five with 16 tackles of loss and was sixth in the league with 6.5 sacks. He earned All-ACC honorable mention honors last season. The 6-foot-6, 235-pounder switched from OLB over to EDGE – a position he had never played in his career, and logged 16 TFLs in 11 games.
95 Lecitus Smith G Virginia Tech – Say “luh-SEE-tus”. Smith had the opportunity to turn pro alongside Christian Darrisaw following the 2020 season, was TE at 260 in HS =Cover1 did an interview and film study with him on the CuedUp. Played some LT in September and was moved inside to LG. Another guy I’m higher on than you. So are the Bills.
134 Tre Turner WR Virginia TechGreat interview. Didn’t play, though: undisclosed upper body injury.
185 Alec Lindstrom C Boston College – I like his brother.
197 Tyler Vrabel OT Boston College – Yes, his son.
204 Jermaine Waller CB Virginia TechHe’s #2 at the bottom of your screen on the Jurkovec TD. He’ll be the second CB the Bills take in the draft.
216 James Mitchell TE Virginia Tech – DNP, injured. Arguably, the ACC’s best TE when playing. GP has tailed off every year. Knee surgery in mid-September. One of the poorer interviews in the TE class. Bills have had him in for a visit, though.
252 Raheem Blackshear RB Virginia Tech – Blackshear ran for 67 yards on 12 carries (5.6 YPC). He’d be a Breida type. 3rd-Fastest RB in draft, with a mature skillset. I like him more than the consensus, which has him at #400.
258 Brock Hoffman C Virginia Tech – Impressed most of the time. He’s Center #76. Wrestler and leader.

Nov 6 Liberty 14 vs Ole Miss 27 Bills Scout confirmed
[box score] [highlights]
It’s the second visit to an Ole Miss game (Beane and Hickey went to Ole Miss – Alabama on Oct 2), and it’s a second visit by scouts to Liberty (scouts saw them vs Syracuse in September). Ole Miss was #15 at the time of this game. Their defense recorded a season-high 9 sacks against Liberty –seven in the first half. Liberty plays a 4-2-5, Ole Miss a multiple 4-3, so both defenses are fits for Leslie Frazier –but he’s an alumni of Ole Miss.
35 Matt Corral QB QB Ole Miss – 20 of 27, 324 yards is an insane YPA. Watch the downfield accuracy. One passing TD. 18 Malik Willis QB Liberty – Hard day for Willis, who looked human after 3 INTs, two by junior FS A.J. Finley (see 199, below) and one by senior leader, SS Jaylon Jones [All of Willis’s snaps from the game here].

144 Sam Williams EDGE OLB Ole Miss – 8 tackles (3 solo), 2 sacks. Ole Miss sack leader for 2 years. Would need serious vetting for his checkered past. He “takes plays off and goes to lunch”, as the saying goes. Worth a shot late Day 3. [Watch #7]
168 Deane Leonard CB Ole Miss – Most red zone coverage snaps played without allowing a touchdown (56), Transfer from Calgary, 1st Team All-Canada 2x, drafted 18th overall in 2021 CFL Draft, played at Ole Miss last 2 years, 2022 Hula Bowl invite, Benches 305, 4.39 speed, track guy in HS. Most interest from the bigs of all the CBs. My dark horse.
204 Jerrion Ealy RB Ole Miss – 10 carries for 115 yards (11.5 YPC, including a 70-yard run) and 2 TDs. Faster than Singletary, he’s pretty much Breida (5’9″ 190 4.32). Watch Ealy’s early TD run and tell me if it was Ealy’s skill or stunning run blocking by #64 (LT Nick Broeker) , #51 (C Orlando Umana) and #54 (RG Caleb Warrn, a RS Soph).
220 Braylon Sanders WR WRS KR Ole Miss – 2 catches for a whopping 64 yards (32 YPC). Think of a speedier, bigger Cole Beasley. He’s 6’0″ 195 4.35 in your program. Confluence of need and draft position for the Bills. Outstanding interview cued up. Watch this catch.
239 Chance Campbell ILB Ole Miss – Gets there quickly. [Watch #44]. He had 10 tackles (3 solo) and 2 sacks on the day. He duplicated that feat against LSU back on October 25, when he was named SEC DPOW. I like the toughness, the commo, the guitarist. True locker room guy. Could he be the draft pick by the Bills in RD7? There’s a good “Chance”.
402 Orlando Umana OC LG Ole Miss – dealing with injuries, didn’t play. Bills connection? Umana used to block for Moss. Then he transferred when Moss left. Here’s another play where Umana pancakes a NT; Watch #50.

Nov 6 Alabama 20 vs LSU 14 Brandon Beane and Joe Schoen confirmed (Rodak)
[box score] [highlights]
You can’t minimize the impact of LSU-Alabama. No fewer than 161 drafted players have come from the two schools in the last 9 years (2012-2021). I see 29 players in last night’s game that could be drafted. Lame duck Ed Orgeron’s LSU Tigers impressed against #2 Alabama, and GM of the Year Brandon Beane and his trusty sidekick, Joe Schoen, were there for all of it. Thanks to @RedKnightKid for alerting me on Twitter to Rodak’s tweet! LSU, an 28.5-point underdog in an away game with plenty of gambles (the early fake-punt jump pass was my favorite), a decent running game with good upfront blocking, and a stifling rush defense that limited ‘Bama to 2.2 ypc. It was the Bills’ first view of LSU, and the fourth of Alabama (Beane’s second look). Because of Orgeron’s leaving, you need to also consider juniors on the LSU roster.
2 Evan Neal OT Alabama – Still my #2. Watch #73 make it look easy. Here’s another.
3 Derek Stingley Jr. CB LSU – DNP, injury.
15 Jameson Williams WR AlabamaLike this kid’s vision. Sometimes you go east and west to get north and south. Ten catches for 160 yards (16.0 YPR) led the Tide.
43 Christian Harris LB Alabama – 6 tackles (1 solo), 0.5 sacks, & 2 pass breakups, one of which broke up a 3rd-down conversion. He tipped the ball into Jaylen Armor-Davis’ hands (2 views). That TO led to an offensive TD.
50 John Metchie III WR Alabama – Picked up 9 passes for 73 and a TD. Gets separation. Read my Deep Dive here.
57 Phidarian Mathis DT3T DT1T DE Alabama 6’4″ 313 5.17 – 9 tackles and a sack. It was Phil Mathis, not DJ Dale, that was double-teamed on the fake punt.
83 Ed Ingram G LSUWatch how seamless the hand-off of defenders is here. Ingram is #70. Here’s another view.
89 Damone Clark OLB ILB LSU – 8 tackles (3 solo), 1 sack. The ILB often leads FBS in tackles [track him here], averaging 11.3 per game….character guy. After backing up Devin White then Patrick Queen. Sub-4.5 speed will allow him to play outside or inside.
99 Brian Robinson Jr. RB Alabama – RiseNDraft’s comp for Robinson: Todd Gurley without arthritis. But is he just Moss with off-field baggage?
114 Josh Jobe CB Alabama – did not start; senior cornerback is dealing with a turf toe. Still had 2 tackles when he was forced in when Jayeln Armour-Davis suffered a hit to the ribs. Playing with turf toe requires toughness. Nagy: “one of our higher graded senior corners based on tools & versatility. Love his aggressiveness and competitiveness.”
135 Neil Farrell Jr. DL LSU – 7 tackles (2 solo), and a sack. He’s a legit NT who can 2-gap and pressure the pocket.
208 Chasen Hines G LSU – I’m concerned about that weight and that knee. That needs to be some medical vetting for him to reach Day 2. Dude can power clean 374, though.
302 Avery Atkins P LSUFake punt’s worth watching, 2 views. I think we’ll bring in a punter if we don’t draft Araiza. This guy is McProcess; just listen.
356 Tyrion Davis-Price RB LSU – 23 for 104 yds (4.5 YPC) against Alabama? Wow. He’s nice sized, 6’1″ 223 4.52, so a PFA bell-cow back.
363 Liam Shanahan C LSU – Graduated from Harvard with a degree in Economics and a minor in Celtic Language and Literature in the spring of 2020, now doing an MBA at LSU. Stock up after this game. He’s so McProcess.
378 Glen Logan DT3T LSU – 1 assist. Stock down.
388 LaBryan Ray EDGE Alabama – Back from injury. Nagy calls him a 4i/5-tech.
450 Chris Owens C G Alabama – Redshirt Senior G moved over to C, and did well. Watch #79 on the ‘Bama TD#1 .
467 Todd Harris Jr. S LSU – Ultra flexy. Could play CB, NCB, FS, ST. Not all at once…

Nov 11 Pittsburgh 30 vs North Carolina 23 Bills scout confirmed
[box score] [highlights]
This is the Bills’ 3rd visit to North Carolina, with one game including Beane (UNC is his alma mater). It’s the first visit for Pitt, who has a superb run defense against Ty Chandler who was unstoppable last week for UNC. Five GMs are here for the QB battle. We aren’t.
33 Kenny Pickett QB Pittsburgh – Pickett completed 25 of his 43 passes for 346 yards, 3 TDs and one INT. But his 65.0 QBR was actually lower than Howell’s (67.9).
51 Sam Howell QB QB North Carolina – 2 TDs and 1 INT. I liked Pickett’s management of the huddle better.
166 Ty Chandler RB KR North Carolina – 23 touches, 243 yards (10.6 YPC), 4 TDs in his last game, only 14 for 42 (3.0 YPC) against the Pitt defense. Chandler has the most games played of any of these guys. He’s 5’11”, 203, 4.38, and takes Michael Carter/Javonte Williams’ spot. Beane speed.
216 Jeremiah Gemmel North Carolina – Led UNC in tackles with 10 (8 solo), a sack, and an INT. Per Jim Nagy, Gemmel is “violent, strong, & instinctive versus the run, and easily athletic enough to play on 3rd down. UNC staff loves his leadership.”
222 Lucas Krull TE Pittsburgh – grad student, #7 has size (6’6″, 255) and skills –even a good passer. Krull caught 4 passes for 51 yards and the touchdown in overtime that would give Pitt the eventual win in this game.
250 Damarri Mathis CB Pittsburgh – Redshirt senior #21. Two tackles and an assist. As a result of his falling down, Howell was able to throw a 76-yard TD.

Oct 12 Cincinnati 45 – USF 28 Bills Scout Confirmed
[box score] [highlights]
Second visit to see Cincy’s CBs, Ahmad Gardner and Coby Bryant, and again, they weren’t disappointed. Myjai Sanders likely wouldn’t be there when the Bills draft their second rounder, and I don’t think they’d draft EDGE in RD1 again this year. TE Josh Whyle and Coby Bryant become value with the Bills’ RD4 pick. The Cincinnati Bearcats overcame back-to-back turnovers on their first two possessions, then held USF to to just 9 yards of offense in the second quarter.
9 Ahmad Gardner CB Cincinnati  — 1 tackle, 1 sack, 1 interception. Not bad, considering they threw away from him.
36 Desmond Ridder QB Cincinnati – 31 of 39, 304 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT. Not bad on the running plays. Perhaps a team still needing a 5-year QB will trade up to #25 for this guy, and give us lots of picks.
70 Myjai Sanders EDGE Cincinnati  — 2 tackles and a sack. Causes pressures that stats don’t always credit. He’d have the quickest get-off of the Bills edge rushers, except maybe Jerry Hughes 5 years ago.
88 Coby Bryant CB Cincinnati  — 6 tackles. Sauce Gardner gets all the attention, Coby gets all the tackles.
104 Darrian Beavers LB Cincinnati — Versatility, athleticism, lateral quickness and vert (40″). He’s on the best passing defense in CFB, plus 1 of the 7 best rushing defenses. He compares his skillset to Micah Parsons. 6’4″ 237 4.68.
132 Jerome Ford RB RB Cincinnati  — DNP, injured

Oct 13 – Michigan 21 at Penn State 17 Bills Scout Confirmed
[box score] [highlights]
Second visit for both Penn State and for Michigan.
1 Aidan Hutchinson EDGE Michigan  — Jerry Hughes reincarnated. Does have one flaw, and it was Jerry’s problem too: leaving the edge unsealed by heading downfield without regard for anything. Watt-like on 3rd down and long.
29 David Ojabo EDGE MichiganWatch #55, bottom of your screen. Ojabo, “The Other EDGE Guy”, recorded 2.5 sacks and led the Wolverines with seven tackles (four solo), including two for a loss. Rare talent dropping only because of injury. Patient teams are near the end of the round.
27 Daxton Hill FS NCB CB MichiganPBU, an INT and a sack in the Bills’ first visit. Now a fumble recovery. Some call him positionless.
31 Jahan Dotson WR Penn State — Watch this separation. He ties it up 14-14 here.
37 Arnold Ebiketie EDGE Penn State — “Ebb-uh-KAY-tay”. Quick learner, very funny, extremely motivated to become his personal best. He gets around that corner pretty fast. You wouldn’t think we’d take EDGE after going RD1-2 last year. This little hesitation then this much power. Woof. 7 tackles (2 solo), and 2 sacks in this one.
57 Jaquan Brisker SS Penn State — Another fast guy for the Nittany Lions. Watch for #1.
94 Brandon Smith OLB Penn State — A 6’2″ 241 WILL LB that’s faster than Milano. Keep your eye on #12.
89 Rasheed Walker OT Penn State — Keeps his man at bay with long, strong arms. I was among the first to put Rasheed at a Day 2. He’s a snowplow of a run blocker. [Watch #53]
144 Tariq Castro-Fields CB Penn State — He’s falling for me. I mean, not in a romantic way, but more of an inconsistent player way. He was out with an injury during All’s touchdown catch. RS Sophomore Joey Porter Jr., is falling off for related reasons.
149 Hassan Haskins RB Michigan — You’d think the Bills will find a complement to Singletary, and I’d either take speed and pass-catching from a P5 conference, or an inside power runner like Haskins. But not the one with the worst interview.
185 Josh Ross MLB Michigan – I told you the Bills scouts would return to watch Ross when he was fully recovered from injury, and BAM! He led the team in tackles with 11 (6 solo). He’s #12. Such a deal I have for you in RD6…
191 Christopher Hinton DT3T DT1T Michigan — This year’s Ed Oliver, in my opinion. So quick in his get-off. Often double-teamed. Fumble recovery in the first scouted game. Three tackles (2 solo) in this game. Watch #15.
196 Andrew Stueber RT Michigan — #71, Hair Kiper’s 10th-ranked OT. He does have nice success here. Those quick lateral jumps can keep you in front of your man, but not a powerful bull rusher.
222 Vincent Gray CB MichiganWatch CB #4 sniff out the fake FG try. Gray is flourishing under the new defensive scheme. He’s 6’1″ and gives you this on special teams.
322 Jordan Stout P Penn State — Tied a career high in the game with three field goals vs. No. 6 Michigan, including kicks from 52, 42 and 31 yards. Now ranks second in Penn State history with five field goals of more than 50 yards, trailing only Chris Bahr’s six…Punted four times for 204 yards (51.0 avg.), landing all four of his attempts inside the 20, including two inside the 10. Hit two 50-plus yard punts and dropped a 49-yard punt at the Michigan 1…Also completed an 18-yard pass on a fake punt.

Nov 13 – Auburn 34 vs Mississippi State 43 Bills Scout Confirmed
[Highlights] [Box Score]
I was waiting for this one. Of the top 256 players on my board not previously seen by the Bills, eight were from Auburn and four were from Mississippi State –the most by any winning teams that hadn’t had a Bills scout watching a game. Mississippi State was looking to bounce back from a 31-28 loss at Arkansas, and succeeded despite being down 28-10 at the half. The scout looked at 5 DBs, some OL, and 2 LBs in this game. Next year, you’ll hear about the QB Will Rodgers –count the number of reads on this play.
10 Charles Cross LT Mississippi State #67 – The top OT on some boards, Cross isn’t likely to win with heft, but his technique is textbook. He’s the Tyler Linderbaum of OTs.
21 Roger McCreary CB Auburn 5’11” 190 4.5, with 30+ games of experience in the SEC. 5 unassisted tackles in this game. Currently, he’s tied for #1 in PBUs in the SEC with 10. McCreary’s 89.9 PFF Grade this season was tops among all CBs. His arms are a concern –short, and he rarely played zone. McCreary is hurdled by the MState running back here.
75 Martin Emerson CB Mississippi State – 4 solo tackles. Bigger than the Auburn CBs (6’1″ 195 4.46), but sophomore Kobe Hudson takes him down to size here. He recovers the blocked FG here.
130 Zakoby McClain WLB Auburn #9. Had 13 tackles, 10 solo. The WILL linebacker in Auburn’s multiple 4-3. Love his closing ability, his tackling ability. I noted last year, “works off blocks very well, speedy, effort player, awareness #9 here. Watch #9’s feet.”
201 Smoke Monday FS Auburn #21. Good name for the first day of the school week in college in 1969. But seriously. Smoke signals here to get his backfield into the right defense, and forces Mike Leach to take a T.O. with time running out. He’s the leader of the Auburn defense, and wants to make his coach proud. He and Brahms were the best interviews. 4 tackles, 2 solo.

Nov 20 – Michigan 59 vs Maryland 18 Bills Scout Confirmed
[highlights] [box score]
Third visit to Maryland (Sept 4, Oct 1, and today) the fourth for Michigan (Oct 2, Oct 13, Nov 20, and today). But no Beane visits for either, to my knowledge. Aidan Hutchinson, who is going to be “Watt-Level Special” in the league, surely didn’t get the Bills to pay a fourth visit to Michigan games. Would he? Aidan is Top 5 talent, and we’re drafting #25, and we drafted EDGE in RD1 and RD2 last year. FS NCB CB Daxton Hill might grab that kind of attention, and LB John Ross, too. I’d be looking at midround OL in this game: RT Andrew Steuber and C Andrew Vastardis for Michigan.
5 Aidan Hutchinson EDGE Michigan – 5 solo tackles and a billion pressures. “Billion” has “Bill” in it, so there’s a chance. 0 sacks. Watch LT Jaelyn Duncan for Maryland vs Hutchinson. I think that’s what the scouts did.
27 Daxton Hill FS NCB CB Michigan – 2 tackles and an assist. Quiet game for Hill. Still a consideration for the Swiss Army DB.
67 David Ojabo EDGE Michigan – 3 tackles, 0 sacks. To be honest, a RD2 Ojabo intrigues me more than spending the draft capital to spring for RD1 Hutchinson. Ojabo is a fumble-forcer who’d complement the trio of young EDGEs we have.
96 Nick Cross S Maryland – Cross had an impressive for the Bills’ first visit (6 tackles, which led the Terps, plus an INT). Three solo tackles and a sack this time keeps him in the Day 2 convo.
147 Hassan Haskins RB Michigan – One idea for a bell cow back is the 6’0″ 220 4.42 Haskins. Nagy: “One of best inside power runners in 2022 draft class.” He’s pretty good with blockers running outside as well. My favorite RB with the worst interview.
185 Chigoziem Okonkwo TE Maryland – Athletic and affable, “chig-a-zem” takes the pitch and turns upfield quickly, showing agility and maybe some position flex (TE, H-back, Y). I love Chig’s YAC and effort here.
191 Christopher Hinton DL Michigan – Hinton’s so quick off the ball that you’re thinking he’s Ed Oliver. At 6’4″ 313 4.84, Hinton’s quickness is good anywhere on the line, particularly if you have to double-team someone else. Like Lotu. Or Oliver.
196 Andrew Stueber RT Michigan#71 liking his kick slide, keeps his defender at bay with long arms. Watch Steuber RT#71 here create the crease for Haskins on goal to go.
185 Josh Ross MLB Michigan – 8 tackles, 7 of them solo, led the Wolverines. Again. Ross led all tacklers in the last scouted game too (11 with 6 solo) . He’s fully recovered from his injury. What a steal he’s going to be –Kiper might flip his wig.
222 Vincent Gray CB Michigan – 2 tackles and a sack, plus he played on special teams. He’s 6’1″, still on the late-Day-3 radar for me.
301 Andrew Vastardis C Michigan – I like his level of nasty, but he’s neither big nor fast. I’d prefer a beefier Center-Guard hogmolly be chosen earlier than late Day 3. Gets away with a subtle hold on the 2nd TD. He provides enough push from behind Haskins to get him across the goal line.

Nov 26 – South Alabama 21 vs Coastal Carolina 27Bills Scout confirmed
[highlights] [box score]
Coastal Carolina won in OT, logging their 21st win in 2 seasons. Scouting the Jaguars vs the Chanticleers game showed us the Bills’ interest in Tolbert, the 6’3″, 190 wideout with potential 4.36 speed. Jaivon Heiligh is half a step slower but more solidly-built than Tolbert, and oozes Bills DNA. I wouldn’t be surprised to see any Chanticleers back-7 defender on Day 3.
59 Jalen Tolbert WR South Alabama – 6’3″ 190 4.3, 11 catches, 174 yards, 1 TD in the first game scouted, with a career 178-3140-17.6-22 stat line.
88 Isaiah Likely TE Coastal Carolina – 5 receptions, 40 yards in the first game scouted, a more-human 3 receptions for 21 in this one.
158 Jaivon Heiligh WR Coastal Carolina – 6’2″ 200 4.35, “Highly”, speedy, too. Career 178-2644-14.9-21 stat line as of 10/26. Steele’s SBC All-Conference First Team, also Punt Returner. First team Phil Steele. SBC All-Conference First Team. Had a productive 6-122 (20 ypc)-1 TD in the first game scouted, and led the team 6-87 (14.5 ypc)-1 TD in this one. He’s scored in 8 of his 12 games this year, including a TD vs the Buffalo Bulls.
191 Jeffrey Gunter EDGE Coastal Carolina – BANDIT in the Chanticleers’ “Black Swarm” Multiple defense has experience dropping into coverage, will likely rise on draft boards. 3 tackles, 1 unassisted.
269 Shermari Jones RB Coastal Carolina – The size (6-1, 220, 4.5) that the Bills are looking for. 23 carries for 211 yards (9.2 YPC), 1 TD, and he added 2 receptions for 25.
345 Silas Kelly WILB Coastal Carolina – Silas was the difference in this game: playing WILL linebacker, 8 tackles, 1 INT, and the game-clinching sack in overtime to clinch a bowl berth.  2020 Mayo Clinic Comeback Player of the Year.

Nov 27 – Ohio State 27 vs Michigan 42 Bills Scout confirmed
[Box Score] [Highlights]
Ohio State had a season-low 53 Buckeyes seeing the field, but the takeaway for me was Michigan’s offensive line play, which allowed Haskins to romp (I prefer the Michigan OL to the RB). The Buckeyes were limited in the use of their multi-TE formations, and hamstrung with an injury to RT Dawand Jones (which moved Munford to LT and Petit-Frere to RT). Forgive me Buckeyes for using the Michigan radio call on the highlights.
7 Aidan Hutchinson EDGE Michigan – Was a Heisman-sized force. Watch #97 prevent the Buckeyes’ first down after the Wolverines had scored. 7 tackles (5 solo), and 3 sacks.
5 Garrett Wilson WR Ohio State – #5 -10 catches for 119 yards (11.9), 1 TD. This TD catch took focus and elite sideline awareness. Most draft big boards have Olave higher than Wilson. Not me, especially for the Bills. Wilson is the most solidly-built of the fast guys, played last year in the slot, moved outside this year. He plays like he’s 6-foot-3 –good vert, strong hands, more speed than Olave, high-points the ball, uses the sidelines well, has fine body control, and fabulous route-running.
7 Chris Olave WR Ohio State #2 – Made some improbable catches like this one.
27 Daxton Hill FS NCB CB Michigan #30
46 David Ojabo EDGE Michigan #55 – It was Ojabo’s early pressure that gave Aidan Hutchinson the sack. Not always true, but speed off the edge makes a great player elite. Ojabo had 3 tackles and a sack, but this pressure isn’t in the box score; Aidan’s sack is. Raw but high ceiling will tempt McBeane.
52 Nicholas Petit-Frere OT Ohio State – Had Ojabo on his side a lot, and Ojabo’s quick get-off from the wide-9 spot was almost too much for NP-F’s technique. Here, though, NP-F sits in his chair and staves off the power rush. “Competition makes everybody better“.
80 Jeremy Ruckert TE Ohio State #88 – Tied his 2nd-highest snap count for the season and played snaps at gunner on special teams. No catches.
105 Haskell Garrett DT3T Ohio State – Garrett vs Vastardis was an impressive matchup, and Vastardis likely won today’s battle (Garrett was limited to 1 assist), but Garrett’s physicality and effort might win the war with an earlier draft pick in RD3-4. He has the requisite quickness to knife through OCs and OGs.
119 Hassan Haskins RB Michigan – Watch Haskins as he shows off leg drive for an extra 6 yards after contact. In this game, he went off for 28 rushes for 169 yards (6.0 YPC), 5 TD. That’s five. Senior Bowl’s Jim Nagy calls Haskins “One of the best inside power runners in the 2022 draft class.” He has good-enough, but not breakaway speed. My favorite RB with the worst interview. Watch him use junior TE Eric All’s blocking for this TD, staying in his right hip pocket. He’s one of twenty 215+ pound RBs that the Bills scouted at games this year.
130 Thayer Munford LG Ohio State #75
172 Christopher Hinton DL MichiganHinton vs Thayer Munford here: I always think of Hinton as quick, but you see more than quickness from Hinton #15 on this play. 2 assists doesn’t describe Hinton. What did describe him? Ohio State was 2.7 ypc on the day.
170 Tyreke Smith EDGE Ohio State #11 – I had him way too high at #128. Watch #11 at LDE; He didn’t seal the edge here and RT Stueber & Co. took advantage.
223 Josh Ross MLB Michigan #12 – Ross plays the MIKE and is the heart of the Wolverines’ defense. He foils the Buckeyes’ 3rd and 2 by squeezing through a razor-thin seam. 6 tackles (4 solo) in the game. Watch Ross #12 here. His LB Coach: ““His value off the field is he is a tremendous competitor and student in the classroom….he understands the full picture, so he understands the scheme, what we’re trying to do, and how our packages utilize him and the people around him.” Sounds like a Bills philosophy?
196 Andrew Stueber RT Michigan – Stueber and Vastardis improved their draft stock with their pile-driving O-Line play. Watch #71 Stueber here; It makes sense for Stueber to take out Cody Simon, the MIKE LB on that touchdown play. On Haskins’ second touchdown, he’s a snowplow.
222 Vincent Gray CB MichiganPass interference here.
272 Brad Hawkins SS Michigan – 9 tackles on the day, 7 solo. Hawkins played the same positions as Milano did at BC (SS OLB ST).

Editor’s babble: This is a great tool for narrowing down the list regarding who Beane is eyeballing in college football this season. Dean Kindig puts together a treasure trove of info about who we should watch on Saturdays this fall. Please follow Dean on Twitter @TCBILLS_Astro. is sponsored by 26 Shirts

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