Restructuring the View of Stefon Diggs

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I want rumors.  Kabuki isn’t histrionic enough.  This remains one of these awful non-football months, which means the only action involves players changing employers.  One promised showdown never materialized.  Allegedly omniscient outsiders offered blustery assurances about a certain switch involving the top receiver for the Bills or maybe anyone else.  

The letdown is actually reassuring.  Buffalo’s roster supposedly features a wideout who’s such a diva that he’d make Mariah Carey blush.  Yet Stefon Diggs isn’t pouting his way out of town despite the consensus on social media.  Isn’t that usually reliable?

Craving conflict is as healthy as it sounds.  Jealous haters assure us Diggs is going to start throwing tantrums one of these years.  There’s nothing more selfish than… restructuring a contract? Diggs’s base salary will be reduced to help meet payroll in what will somehow be interpreted as the embodiment of avarice.

Making it easier to hire useful co-workers can be both altruistic and personally beneficial.  Goals of others can coincide with our own if you thought marketplaces must feature zero-sum games.

The Bills made an understated move, namely keeping an addition who came aboard a few years ago.  Thank the past version of you for making wise decisions.  Leaving yourself a Texas hot means tomorrow’s breakfast is already served. 

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Tracking who a player is following on Instagram isn’t just a sign the offseason is too long.  The void begs to be filled. We can check constantly for news during a time when there’s none of it.  Slight behavioral cues substitute for tangible developments.  Who cares that they tell us as little as tea leaves?  I’m certain the future is being accurately predicted.  Those are Uno cards, not a tarot deck.

Even mild outbursts get misinterpreted.  When it comes to wide receivers, we must differentiate between honorary Kardashians who spur more tension than K-dramas and contributors who want touches because they’re dedicated to assisting.  Getting distressed on the sidelines of a playoff game that was never close is as legitimate a reaction as a player can exhibit.  It would be more concerning if an essential component were calm following going frustratingly underutilized.  Taciturn pouting prevents those who upset you from ever knowing.

Retaining talent only seems dull.  Bills fans are used to having Diggs around.  His presence is like a hot tub.  Remembering how lucky we are to get to cheer for Stefon is one of those lessons sports offers that applies to everything else.

Keeping players who have been around for a couple years is not as thrilling as learning a new name.  Free agency brings the springtime thrill of daydreaming about how a new hire will delight us in a few seasons for a few seasons.

General managers almost get as giddy as fans.  You mean there’s a transaction that allows for bringing in a new workers without having to surrender an asset?  Such signing only requires losing currency, which owners have by the billions despite protestations they can’t afford payroll or to build their own venues.  Franchises that planned ahead made impact deals a couple years ago.  True excitement comes in September, not March.

People making seven or fewer figures don’t have to call a professional athlete selfless for accepting money on a different schedule than the original agreement.  But Diggs could pull in more.  Someone making $100 million who is worth $101 million is underpaid.  His boss affording more talent will suffice as payment.

You can’t leave.  It’s not to demotivate menacingly but to note how mutual deals work.  It would be foolish not to bring him back with Jalen Ramsey joining the division.  Diggs is chairman of the welcoming committee.

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A comeback from someone who was never leaving gives him a chance to move up the ranks.  Diggs could end up as the best Bills receiver ever even after starting elsewhere.  Andre Reed serves as one of a few names which have been unchallenged as the franchise’s top option at his position.  Bills receivers have been competing for second.  Meanwhile, Diggs facilitates compete for first.  Ken Dorsey is his biggest obstacle.

As for another retained employee, Jordan Poyer doesn’t have to wait that long to seek perennial sunshine.  Double-checking that he signed a two-year deal makes it easier to cheer longer.  People who notice how time affects humans don’t have to rue getting excited about retaining his services when he’s 37 or 38 and thinking about Florida even more ardently.

Moving around currency allows for seeking welcome distractions.  Poyer’s deal may not have been directly from the savings of restructuring the deals of Diggs, his quarterback, or the all-time pass rusher who came aboard a season ago.  But pecuniary maneuvers enable football ones.  Josh Allen and Von Miller join in the superstar trend of all-pro accounting.

Repositioning sacks of cash with dollar signs on them is the first step toward doing the same with players.  Contractual legerdemain helps even when it doesn’t appear to be affecting the record.  Balanced salaries directly impact the club in a way a Twitter trend classifying Diggs’s body language doesn’t.

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