Rob Quinn’s 2015 Buffalo Bills Team Guide

For those of you that follow my work at the #BillsMafia blog or on Twitter (@RQuinn619) you know that I like to share my thoughts on the various doings of our beloved Buffalo Bills. Last year, I came up with the concept for this 2015 Buffalo Bills Team guide after realizing it took hours of scouring the internet in order to find relevant information the team’s rostered players. I looked around and didn’t see anything similar to this out there, so I decided to build on the typical “program” teams give out at games.

Over the past several months, I compiled information regarding every player on the Buffalo Bills’ roster and put it together in an easy-to-read “guide” for fans to use as reference during training camp and throughout the season.

In the guide you’ll find:

  • In-Depth breakdowns on EVERY draft pick


  • Full page breakdowns of “28 “core” players


  • 1/3 page breakdowns of the remaining 56 players


  • 2014 Advanced Stats
  • 2015 Salary Cap Info, Projected Depth Charts
  • 2015 Season Outlook for EVERY player

Essentially, you’ll have everything you need to know about your 2015 Buffalo Bills team!

Get yours for just $10

**$2 of EVERY Purchase donated to the “PUNT Foundation” via Buffalo FAMbase!

Note: The 2015 Bills Guide comes in PDF format and will be sent via email once Paypal has verified payment. If you don’t receive the guide within 3-4 hours of payment, please contact Rob Quinn by e-mail ( or on Twitter (@RQuinn619) to speed things up.

2015 Buffalo Bills Guide

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