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#BillsMafia is spreading! Below is some of the attention we’ve received in the media.

Please contact Del at for all media requests.

11/8/12: puts together a good synopsis of Ben Austen’s Grantland piece

11/7/12: Ben Austen’s piece for, “The Glorious Plight of the Buffalo Bills” features Bills Mafia prominently

10/23/12: #BillsMafia featured on YNN’s weekly “12th Man” series

9/29/12: Bills fans ‘twitten’ with favorite team – YNN

9/26/12: #BillsMafia is spotlighted over at Chicks in the Huddle. Later picked up by the Huffington Post.

9/21/12: WGRZ-TV Channel 2 features #BillsMafia and focuses on our fundraising efforts. VIDEO link: YouTube

9/8/12: Breyon joins The Green Zone with Hargz and Carter to discuss the upcoming matchup with the Jets.

8/25/12: Del joins the CANUSA Sports Desk to discuss current happenings in the NFL and, more importantly, the state of the 2012 Bills.

8/16/12: Del joins the Buffalo Rockpile podcast to discuss #BillsMafia, the 2012 Bills, and the collaboration with them on developing the “If #BillsMafia Were a Movie” Photoshop work.

8/14/12: #BillsMafia is featured on 13 WHAM in Rochester.

8/7/12: #BillsMafia is featured in the Time Warner Cable Sports “Training Camp 2012” special.

8/1/12: Goose’s Roost, a local WNY blog, speaks to the #BillsMafia movement and how it’s energized Bills fans.

7/31/12: “Chicks Dig the Football” interviews Breyon about #BillsMafia.

7/31/12: Del joins Asylum Football podcast at Blog Talk Radio to discuss #BillsMafia and the 2012 Bills.

7/26/12: #BillsMafia member Ashley Petty, aka @billsmafia_babe, is mentioned along with #BillsMafia in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

7/26/12: #BillsMafia member Ashley Petty, aka @billsmafia_babe, joins the “Speaking On Sports” podcast to discuss the 2012 Bills.

7/20/12: “Chicks Dig the Football” interviews Del about #BillsMafia.

7/19/12: #BillsMafia member Ashley Petty, aka @billsmafia_babe, joins the Texans-centric “Football4FootballHeads” podcast to discuss the 2012 Bills.

7/11/12: Congressman Brian Higgins mentions #BillsMafia on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives when speaking of Del’s efforts on behalf of the Buffalo Fan Alliance

6/24/12: Del joins Gavin Barry of Mac’s Sports Nation to co-host the Billsnation Offseason Preview show at Blog Talk Radio

5/15/12: Vince Young mentions #BillsMafia in his interview with Chris Brown (around 4:00 mark).

5/17/12: In the photo attached to the article about Fred Jackson’s contract extension, you can see he is wearing a #BillsMafia wristband while signing his new contract!

3/19/12: Marc Sessler mentions how Mario Williams’ Twitter avatar has a #BillsMafia mention in it.

3/14/12: On ESPNRadio’s “Mike and Mike in the Morning,” Marcellus Wiley and Mike Greenberg both mention #BillsMafia in their conversation about Mario Williams signing with Buffalo. References begin around the 5:50 mark.

January 2012: Del (@mrdeadlier) gets a recommended follow in Block Club, a local Buffalo complimentary magazine.

11/7/11: Heath Evans mentions how “#BillsMafia ate him alive” on Twitter for his strong comments.

11/1/11: Popular Jets blogger @e_man discovers #BillsMafia and alerts the Jets fanbase.

10/26/11: #BillsMafia gets a mention in “SmartyRants,” a blog maintained by TraversCollins, a Buffalo-based advertising agency.

10/8/11: Sal Capaccio references #BillsMafia right around the 9:50 mark in his interview with Bills LB Danny Batten

10/6/11: #BillsMafia member Nick Harrison talks about the movement on 97.7 KNBB in Northeast Louisiana

9/30/11: Shredd and Ragan interview with #BillsMafia

9/28/11: Shredd and Ragan interview Stevie Johnson, who speaks about #BillsMafia

9/26/11: #BillsMafia Shout Out on ESPN SportsCenter

9/21/11: One of Buffalo’s coolest sports media personalities, Nick Mendola, decides to “join the mafia” on his blog.

9/16/11: Scott Chandler gives a shout out to #BillsMafia (around 2:09)

9/13/11: Bre, Leslie, and Del join Sal Capaccio on his weekly Buffalo Bills Now! show on Justin.TV

9/13/11: Kirk Morrison mentions #BillsMafia during an interview with Jim Rome

9/7/11: Behind the Hashtag, #Billsmafia: How a Practical Joke Turned into a Fan Phenomenon and Vehicle for Fundraising

8/15/11: Bills Mafia? Featured on News 8 in Rochester

8/5/11: Nick Barnett breathes “#BillsMafia” for the first time ever over the airwaves

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