2024 NFL Draft

Bills Mock Two

Data Source: https://www.nflmockdraftdatabase.com/team-needs-2024

It’s that time again, draft season. At a minimum, I’d want the following from a Beane draft:


A WR 1B receiver, can play slot or move out wide, with elite separation, jukes, and very good downfield speed. Size a plus, downfield blocking a must. Smart, and quick on the uptake. I still remember Davis and Hodgins helping the vets with the new Daboll playbook.

A DT1T to take over once DaQuan Jones hangs ’em up. Nasty streak, but low penalties. I’d prefer pressures to a mere gap-clogger.

SAFETY Heir to the Poyer and Hyde duo; both are 33 by next season. Smart, quick on the uptake, Strong interpersonal skills, can chameleon themselves back there to play any position post-snap, and good at disguising that. Good blitz/PBU with wrap-up solo tackles. Headhunting safeties need not apply.

EDGE rusher with high pressures per game, from a P3 conference (BIG10/SEC/ACC). Ability to run stunts, and slide inside when need be. And pressures galore. Sacks plus TFLs per game needs to be higher than .85 if past results determine future outcomes.

THUNDER RB that brings the thunder that perfectly complements James Cook’s lightning, and replaces Latavius Murray and Leonard Fournette. Contact balance, high MTF, A proven playmaker, high explosive plays. Added plus would be a high receiving average vs AP-ranked teams.

Use other draft picks in trade for higher draft picks, to secure long-term needs below, or to trade for better picks in 2025.


CENTER to compete with Bates there when Morse is done. An A+++ interview, being a former captain, strong interpersonal skills, smarts, and versatility at Guard are all pluses.

A LT to compete with VanDemark and/or LG to compete with McGovern, with a nice balance of pass-run protection skills. Kromer Archetype size. Smart, quick on the uptake. Great personality.

CB2 or CB3 who can play zone, tackle extremely well (high solo tackles per game), and is smart. “Film rat” is a plus. This position is our most-expensive positional group, the second-priciest CB Room in the NFL.

Rangy LB who’s a wrap-up tackler, good quickness, and high solo tackles per game. Smart, quick on the uptake.

I use a different Scout Visit score this year. It weights different visitors with players based on importance. 1 Game with 1 Scout=1 pt., Beane=3 pts extra, Joe Brady=2 pts. extra, Posiiton Coach=2 pts, McDermott/Aranda or Diaz= 3 pts.,, Combine=2 pts, Pro Day =2 pts, 30-Visit=5 pts.

Let’s have a go at it.

Emeka Egbuka (2). © Clare Grant The Columbus Dispatch.

29: R1 P29 – WRS KR Emeka Egbuka – Ohio State
A+++ Interview, 6-1 205 4.42, 10 Scout Visit Score
Egbuka is your YAC Monster with sure hands, a dynamic slot with terrific route-running and separation ability. Beane speaks about YAC, and in 2022, Egbuka had 526 Yards AFTER the Catch. He shows the God-given ability to stretch the field vertically, he has natural hands, and Egbuka plays through contact. He tracks the ball well, and has a good size/frame. Egbuka will double as a kick returner (605 yards in his career). Just missed: Cooper DeJean CB Iowa.

TreVeyon Henderson (32). CREDIT: Brooke LaValley/Columbus Dispatch-USA TODAY NETWORK.

61: R2 P29 – RB KR TreVeyon Henderson – Ohio State
A+++ Interview, 5-10 214 4.39, 10 Scouting Score
Bills scouts were at Henderson’s home game vs Youngstown, where he piled up 11.2 yards per carry on 5 rushes in the scouted game. Then vs Rutgers, a scout saw more of the same: 22-128 (5.8) with 1 TD. Wisconsin? Samesies, 24-162 (6.8), 1 TD. …There’s hope for Henderson being a RD2, due to the Buyer’s Market on Running Backs. I admire Henderson’s 2022 numbers of 5.5 yards per rush vs AP-ranked teams over his career, and his James Cook-like hands (10.97 YPR). TreVeyon has the size, speed, and smarts, and he’s a playmaker. Just missed: Blake Corum RB Michigan.

Matt Goncalves (76) . CREDIT: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports.

98: R3 P34 Swing Tackle – Matt Goncalves – Pittsburgh
A++ Interview, 6-6 330 5.23, 4 Scouting Score
A native New Yorker, Goncalves made All-ACC as a junior and made the 2023 Preseason All-ACC team and the All-ACC Academic Football Team. His home is halfway out Long Island. Goncalves was an important contributor for a 2022 Pitt offense that averaged a school-record 41.4 points and 486.6 yards per game, ranking the Panthers third nationally in scoring and eighth in total offense. CBS Sports recently had Goncalves as the 84th-ranked recruit in the draft, while PFN has him the #91 player. There’s going to be a run on Tackles in this draft, as I count 16 teams that have the position as a top-3 need. Ian Cummings laud’s his “athleticism, knee bend, hand power, and tenacity”. Kromer will be drooling. I like Goncalves as the swing tackle and/or competition for VanDemark when Dion Dawkins hangs ’em up. Just missed: Nazir Stackhouse DL Georgia.

Mike Sainristil (0). Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports.

129: R4 P29 – CB/NCB Mike Sainristil – Michigan
A+++ Interview, 5-10 182 4.37, 13 Scouting Score
First, watch Sainristil’s Pick-Six 71-yarder vs Rutgers, a scouted game. You saw Sainristil impress in the Natty (INT to seal the deal), and was the MVP of the BIG 10 Championship Game (3 QB Pressures, 2 Forced Fumbles, 6 yards allowed, 1 PBU) A former receiver who was impressive in that posiiton, Sainristil’s been everywhere, reminding Jim Harbaugh of Dax Hill with the way he’s played the nickel position. Mikey, a very popular team captain, has a good understanding of defense due to his time on offense, and has been successful when it comes to executing his position. Defensive Coordinator Clinkscale said, “He’s out there anticipating the issues and doing a very good job of disguising and in understanding what they’re trying to do to attack us. And like I say all the time, he’s doing his job, which makes him a really good player. But he’s also doing things that make him great at times — when he could do his job and do someone else’s job, but making sure his job’s taken care of. You see him do that, really, with his effort.” If that doesn’t sound like a Bills DB or Taron Johnson, I don’t know what does. I first added Sainristil the Saturday after Thanksgiving when #6 showed perfect form punching through the hands of a TE much bigger than him. Ideal nickel back. Just missed: Ainias Smith WR Texas A&M.

Ashton Gillotte (9). Credit: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports.

155: R5 P19 EDGE Ashton Gillotte – Louisville
A++ Interview, 6-2 270 4.74, 2 Scouting Score
You know the Bills will add an EDGE in the draft each year, and “jill-LOT-eee”has been on my radar for several reasons. First and foremost, he plays in the ACC, Beane’s favorite conference up to now. He’s always All-ACC, and always on the ACC Academic selections. Another reason is his high pressure rate. Still another is that Gillotte is a terror in the weight room. He went to the high school state championships in weightlifting. Finally, listen to coach Jeff Brohm on Gillotte: “He’s a dominant player for us and it shows up every week.” He compares the star defender to former Purdue star George Karlaftis, who Brohm coached before Karlaftis became the Chiefs’ 1st round pick. Just Missed: Keith Randolph Jr. DL Illinois.

Drake Nugent (60). CREDIT: © Kirthmon F. Dozier.

165: R5 P29 C Drake Nugent – Michigan
A+++ Interview, 6-1 306 5.24, 13 Scouting Score
Mitch Morse, under contract through the 2024 NFL season, is a concussion away from retirement; let’s face it. I love the guy, and his teammates do, too. He turns 32 right before the draft. While “Rick” Bates might be the heir apparent, a true Center from a Joe Moore-Award-winning offensive line might be worthy competition, and Drake Nugent would relish it. That’s why you need to listen to the cued-up part of the interview, where he explains that “pressure is a privilege”. Nugent has the 2nd-highest offensive grade among all FBS Centers at 81.8 and the 4th-highest run blocking grade in 2023 according to PFF. He has allowed 0 sacks across 197 pass-blocking snaps this year, and in 2022, despite a whopping 993 pass-blocking snaps, Nugent only allowed 2 QB hits. No sacks. Just Missed: Renardo Green CB Florida State.

Trevor Keegan (77). CREDIT: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports.

197: R6 P22 G Trevor Keegan – Michigan
A++ Interview, 6-5 305 5.17, 13 Scouting Score
Why not pick up Nugent’s left-hand man while you’re at it? Keegan, the left guard and team captain, was a standout on two straight Joe Moore Award-winning OLs the past two years, but he missed several games due to a neck injury. He had slimmed down from a year ago, noting he’s felt like he’s able to move better at his newfound weight. Keegan has always had a nasty streak; I remember he wanted this year’s MSU game to be a “beat-down”. I guess 49-0 qualifies. Keegan is a chef, and I think he’ll bring the groceries to Kromer’s stalwart line. The OL depth is a recipe for success. Just Missed: DeWayne Carter DL Duke.

Tyler Harrell (9). CREDIT: © Scott Utterback/Courier Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK.

204: R6 P29 – WRS KR Tyler Harrell – Miami
A++ Interview, 6-0 194 4.24, 2 Scouting Score
Why am I doubling down at WRS KR? Well, I’m providing some more speed options at the position, I’m providing competition for the WR4 and WR5, and our coaches are constantly yakking about YAC –Yards After Catch– and Harrell will burn up the Combine with his speed. Yes, we’ve tried in the past with speedy players, but they couldn’t catch or stay healthy (Kolby Listenbee, where are you?). The underneath passes that bring you a Tyreek Hill-like burst need to be a staple in Joe Brady’s offense. All of the WRs on the practice squad are tall, slow guys. Harrell’s had a hand-timed 4.19. John Ross, now with the Giants but drafted by the Bengals, holds the Combine record at 4.22. IF Tyler Harrell beats Ross, you’re not getting him at #204. Just Missed: Jaylen Harrell EDGE Michigan.

Demani Richardson (26). Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports.

205: R6 P30 – S Demani Richardson – Texas A&M
A++ Interview. 6-1 215 4.53, 3 Scouting Score
The Bills will likely grab another safety via Free Agency as they transition from Hyde and Poyer to Rapp and [insert free agent safety here; here’s a list]. You’d like to reduce the Bills’ positional spending on the back end, where they’re #1 (that’s not good). What I like about Demani Richardson is his highest solos per game in the SEC. He’s SEC-tested. Moreover, he’s a top tackler=>https://youtu.be/8AJVvF5-yIc?t=26 , and a solid pass defender. Here Richardson knocks down the end zone pass=>https://youtu.be/8AJVvF5-yIc?t=49 . Richardson knocks the RB out of bounds here=>https://youtu.be/8AJVvF5-yIc?t=63 Plus, he does a spot-on Taron Johnson impression=> https://youtu.be/8AJVvF5-yIc?t=70 . We need to keep the Bills’ back end opportunistic, smart and secure. That’s Demani. Just Missed: Shemar Turner DL Texas A&M.

Steele Chambers (22). © Kyle Robertson, The Columbus Dispatch.

248: R7 P29 – LB Steele Chambers – Ohio State
A++ Interview, 6-1 232 4.59, 10 Scouting Score – Beane and McDermott are awesome pickers of Linebackers on Day 3, so we can try to impersonate Beane here with a LB pick of our own. Steele Chambers made my All-Name Team this year, but he’s more than a name. Chambers began his career playing RB before switching to the defensive side of the ball in 2021. Because of his size, I’d give him a try at backup ILB, and because of his wrap-up tackling, I’d play him on special teams. Two of our special team linebackers are over 30. Ohio State does lots of pre-snap movement; watch #22 ILB Chambers here. Just Missed: Zy Alexander CB LSU.

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