Merry Christmas, Bills Win Ugly Over Chargers, But Not Before Stressing ‘FAMbase’ to Extreme

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Not a single fan of the Buffalo Bills needs a stress echocardiogram (measures heart function) during this NFL season, in case your doctor tells you that you need one. Just tell them you’re a lifelong Bills fan. Cardiologists will then subtract at least 20% loss of heart function right off the top, attributed mostly to scar tissue development after decades of despair.

Yet here we are after our hearts were about to explode, happily lapping it all up and looking forward to the next week of insanity. At least our team is riding a three game win streak at just the right time.

In this crazy game, Buffalo played like they just stepped off the plane. They looked jet-lagged during the early part of the first half. Gabe Davis took it upon himself and said “hold my beer”. Gabriel then ignited the team with four receptions for 130 yards and one TD.

Davis has to be one of the most wildly inconsistent wide receivers in the league. He picked a great time to blow up though. Now teams really have to worry about how they defend against such a well diversified offense, led by ‘Unicorn QB’, Joshua Patrick Allen.

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Quick aside here about Josh Allen. I noticed something about his behavior that has significantly changed over the last several weeks. Gone is the guy who looked like he was carrying the weight of the world. Somewhere along the way, Josh appears to have squared himself from a mental perspective. Something clicked in him as evidenced by his relaxed facial expressions, direct eye contact, and engaging demeanor, especially recently with the media.

Whatever Allen did, it’s working.

Now the Bills have everything they worked for their entire lives right in front of them. Sean McDermott, like Josh, seems to have righted his ship after biting criticism from a media member. The team now understands they are already in the playoffs… because they need to win the AFCE title again so it ensures a seat at the playoff table.

One player I’ve been thinking about is Stefon Diggs. It seemed like was on the sideline more than we’ve seen in the past. Just wondering if Diggs is nursing an injury/ailment we don’t know about? I have no evidence to support this claim, just found the camera panning him several times on the sideline kind of curious.

So… ho ho ho this, Santa.

This season aged my heart at least 20 years and it’s not even close to being over.

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There’s a little voice in my head yelling at me to protect my mental health by running as fast as I can away from this godforsaken franchise. And if I’m not into punishing myself enough, I’m a lifelong fan of the NHL Buffalo Sabres as well. It’s a curse we carry as fans and our obsession with winning a championship borders on the absurd.

Just for a moment imagine the possibility this Bills team may be the one to finally win it all for a fan base as unique as any you will find in professional sports. We aren’t the players or coaches, so we do get to look ahead and think about how the rest of this NFL season might unfold.

It’s been repeatedly said by many in the national media that the Buffalo Bills are one team no one wants to face in the playoffs. Buffalo is peaking at the right time. A fully intact offensive line at this point in the season is a marvelous thing. Getting DaQuan Jones back with Ed Oliver has to be top of the Christmas list for most Bills fans this holiday season.

At this moment we can let the possibilities of a postseason dance in our heads. Why not?

Editor’s babble: Merry Christmas to anyone reading my drivel. May you and your people enjoy a happy holiday season. I can also be found yapping on Xwitter @RobynMundyWYO. is sponsored by 26 Shirts

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