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Best Bills Fits At Each Position

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NFL Draft 2023

My best Bills fits at each position.


Sep 24, 2022; Columbus, Ohio, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes offensive lineman Luke Wypler (53) blocks during the NCAA Division I football game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Wisconsin Badgers at Ohio Stadium. Credit: Doral Chenoweth/The Columbus Dispatch NCAA Football Wisconsin Badgers At Ohio State Buckeyes.

Barring future free agents that Beane brings in before April 27, expect two hogmollies on the offensive side of the ball to come from the college ranks. Luke Wypler is a polished technician who can ably man the LG or Center spot for a decade. Olusegun Oluwatimi and Joe Tippman, same deal. Two positions for the price of one. Do I see O’Cyrus Torrence as the Bills’ pick at #27? No. Do I see Braeden Daniels at RD4#129? Most definitely. Darnell Wright would make a lot of sense if the Bills want competition for Spencer Brown. The jury is split on Anton Harrison, and if you can get past the “He’s from Cody’s college”, you might take a look at him. The most sensible pick for me is Wanya Morris, as he could start at RT and has LT upside and experience (blocking TE, too). “WAN-yay” transferred to Cody’s College from Tennessee, and had the best 10-yard split on the first 40 at the Combine. He’s quicker than the Georgia OGs.


Dalton Kincaid. Credit: The Register Guard.
I think Beane gets Josh another toy to play with by the Bills’ 4th pick, and likely sooner. There are enough toys in the SEC and ACC that I don’t think Beane ventures outside those conferences. I couldn’t stick to just five WRs, and neither should you. My favorite TE is Dalton Kincaid. I don’t trust Darnell Washington’s hands, and I didn’t like his interview compared to any of the others. While I love Josh Downs and Cedric Tillman, I’m obligated to say that the RD3 WRs, maybe Tillman, maybe Mims, and Xavier Hutchinson, have the upside to grab playing time. They all block downfield very well.


Gervon Dexter Sr. Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports.
If Beane trades down (or trades Oliver) for extra picks, I’d love to see Mazi Smith or Siaki Ika in a Bills’ uniform. But Jaquelin Roy and Byron Young have more versatility, and that has meant something with Beane. I like Roy’s hand use, Mazi’s agility and strength, Ika’s sheer size, personality, and character, and Young’s athleticism and burst. At his size, Kancey is chance-y.


Jack Campbell. Credit: © Joseph Cress.

I’m still expecting Beane to get a Zach Cunningham to add another vet to the LB room, but if the Bills don’t, I take Jack Campbell in RD1, like Chris Trapasso just did in his most recent mock (it’s his 135th-rated player), or trade down a tad. Sewell (the Bills’ first scouted player way back in August), Diabate, and “sir-VOSS-ee-ay” SirVocea Dennis got a good long look this year, and might be a backup plan if Jack Campbell goes early. I secretly think he lasts until about Pick #50-52, and hopefully Beane drops into the 40s to get Campbell. I’m a big fan of Jammie Robinson and Ronnie Hickman, and would have no qualms in taking either of them earlier than their spot on my board. Riley Moss is my best guess if the Bills take a corner.

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1 thought on “Best Bills Fits At Each Position”

  1. Thank you for your articles. I look forward to them every day. My thoughts. What do you think?

    #1)Darnell Washington absolutely destroyed the blocking slide during the combine drills. All the other TE’s could barely move it. To me, the Bills need to do something different. Like everyone says, they need to help JA. Washington with his 11” hands would add another pass catching weapon and more importantly, help improve the run game by basically having a 3rd tackle. Maybe 2 TE sets is something different enough to put them over the top.
    #2)Over the past few years the Bills had trouble stopping the run. We need a Brian Urlacher, Mike Singletary type LB to stop the other teams run game and add some toughness to the front of the defense. Is that Jack Campbell?
    #3) Move back from #27 and land one of the top tier TE’s, then use the added draft capital to move up in 2nd round and get Campbell. After that is OL, DL, WR, RB depending on who’s available.

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