Moving Past the Present to the Future with the Buffalo Bills

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Aspiring to rock and roll all night and party every day might sound cool until about a 36 exhausting hours later.  Even the heartiest guests would seem to tire out at some point.  But judicious napping can enable debauchery.

The jovial Buffalo Bills could enjoy merriment tomorrow, as well.  Moving around how players get paid paired with making it appealing for them to stay means a promising season might not be their last hurrah of the 2020s.

Would you like to thrive now or the future?  The answer is yes.  It’s not bratty to expect pleasant results for more than 20 minutes.  Choices about when to have a nice time are not binary. It’s possible to afford both season tickets and a dwelling in which to reside between games.

Avoiding burning out trying to win now just takes prudent management.  That’s like saying be rich by earning a lot.  Finding someone who can balance the particulars is as obvious a goal as it is difficult.  Compensate anyone you find handsomely if you find proficiency.

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It should be impossible to be great perpetually in a league just like Josh Allen shouldn’t be able to complete those training camp throws that are getting you through the summer.  Counting on Brandon Beane to connect on insane passes is unreasonable, which naturally won’t stop us from expecting him to continue to do so.  It’s his fault for acquiring personnel properly.

Definitely presume every amazing occurrence will last eternally.  Such an accurate interpretation of reality is a sure way to be happy.  Results might fall a bit short.  But franchises can sustain success for a reasonably long period even a league dedicated to tearing down top teams.

Perpetual struggle is a sign to believe even more intently, according to false prophets.  The league’s eternal outcasts use the excuse of rebuilding to never build much of anything.  Shady general managers claim second stories made out of Amazon boxes are stable.

Wholly accurate salesmen promise to be good next year, which is why you must endure evidence that life is nothing but suffering in the present.  Life is bound to turn just as soon as the tides stop.

It’s natural to be suspicious of anyone guaranteeing revelry that doesn’t start until tomorrow.  But Beane is the rarest of executives who keeps promises. He won’t forget to pick you up when you have boxes to lug.

A single medicine dose of a season healed the roster.  Dead cap got more money than any player just for one year. Enduring 2018 also provided a convenient chance to let Allen calibrate.  It’s not that teams should schedule rough seasons so developing quarterbacks don’t have to worry about wasted snaps adjusting. But a season written off ended up being more valuable than training camp.

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I have concluded that getting Jerry Hughes for Kelvin Sheppard was worth it.  Hindsight makes theoretical risks seem totally worth it in reality.  Trading 2018 for what we have now seems as wise as buying Apple stock in 2000.

Skilled front offices can avoid regular pain sessions, too.  Teams don’t have to endure regular demolition.  Restructuring deals is easier than finding a whole new roster. Finding the whole set intact is the real challenge.

Dealing away potential is worthwhile to acquire those who’ve already realized it.  Sending away a first-round pick would seem to be shortsighted unless you get the universe’s best receiver out of it.  And it’s not like Stefon Diggs is about to put his American studies degree to use in a career.  One can study America daily while still catching footballs at a fantastic rate.

Diggs may retire before Justin Jefferson.  But that doesn’t really mean the Bills mortgaged tomorrow in order to enjoy a quick thrill.  I think they might even finish in their division’s top half again this season, so excuse me for indulging in wild optimism.

Clubs are in constant hiring mode, which is not euphemistic for employees constantly quitting.  Planning for the day when we’re remembering how incredible our favorites were is necessary in a sport where careers last as long as phone models.  Anticipating that Allen will play until he’s 62 remains fine.

Bills fans fret that wins will escape like the air conditioning upon checking for an Amazon package.  But comfort is at least semi-contained.  The Bills have developed a system that allows them to prosper presently while realistically projecting fun times aren’t over.  Like planning to live forever, it’s working out so far.

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