Uplifting Buffalo Bills Seek to Avoid Letdown

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Our ultimate fantasy never happened and it’s all downhill from here.  I’m sorry if I sound too cheery.  It’s just that the prospect of a letdown can’t be completely discounted unless the universe has updated its rules to be fair.  Buffalo Bills fans presuming the ultimate purpose of everything is to stack odds against our team is a tradition as old as training camp.  Tendencies sustaining over time provide comfort in a sick way. 

This will surely be the chance that won’t lead to emotional devastation.  An exception must be due unless that’s not how the world unfolds.  Decades of suffering were designed to prepare us for any possible calamity.  Even if life is a purposeless series of random events, we better notice how often it sucks.

Our beloved team is approaching most anticipated season this century, which is precisely why to feel suspicious of hoopla.  Bracing for careful plans to disintegrate just in case life decides to play one its hilarious practical jokes where one poor decision or bounce ruins everything we aspired to cherish.  If nothing else, lowering expectations means appreciating what follows if this roster does reach its potential.

Nothing is promised, which is ironically the only thing that’s promised.  Residents of this particular existence might be tired of being aware eternal trepidation is the reality.  But trying to pretend it’s not makes it worse.  Zenlike acceptance of turnovers is the only way to cope without developing nasty twitches.

Detectives looking to solve mysteries are always seeking patterns.  That’s why we pass the days until games guessing how they’ll go.  The fact sports books seem to be thriving indicates prophecies may be a tad inaccurate.  People want to find logical comfort in thinking that what’s happened before is bound to occur again.  But other teams have a say.  Like how superstitions may not create wins, the last outing’s particulars may not be replicable.

Getting jazzed comes naturally when fine play isn’t theoretical.  The Bills have an established act.  Unlike the Aristocrats, they’d have no problem finding an agent.

The roster enjoyed net gains if you’d like to be even more excessively hopeful.  This offseason featured more additions than subtractions thanks to continued shrewd management.  Fans are beyond eager to welcome an era where the biggest crisis is getting overhyped, especially for those of us who acutely recall countless years coping with the alternative of grasping for any reason to think doom was not forthcoming.

Everyone knows the Bills are unstoppable, which foes believe is the key to stopping them.  Having this offense on film could provide clues to defensive researchers.  Do you mean they were recording this whole time?  


Adversaries dream of being able to anticipate where Buffalo is heading.  This precocious unit strives to keep it as a nightmare.  The Bills may counter new pressures and zones by doing nothing differently.  Top clubs tend to run the same plays and dare impudent opponents to try halting them.  Confidence follows ability.

Fretting about our favorites experiencing pain may have a slight ulterior motive, in this case because it affects their availability.  We can never anticipate injuries other than knowing they will have.  That certainty unfortunately leads to the unpredictability that is inherent to sports.

Last season’s major loss makes us appreciate the world’s most charming cornerback even more.  Tre White’s injury gave us more time to plan a parade route.  An optimist could hope that a recovered top charming cornerback healthy for an entire season offers hope of improvement without adding anyone.

Feeling uneasy provides motivation.  Focusing on how nothing is guaranteed is exactly how to achieve it.  Awareness of the effort required to maintain elite status is one of those observations to recall when coasting seems appealing.

The variations that keeps antacid manufacturers in business also embody why we don’t look away from games for a moment.  That smoke detector probably just needs new batteries.

We may as well embrace the inevitable.  As nervous as they make us and as often as results let us down, sports are appealing because we don’t know what will happen.  Spoiler warnings are unnecessary for improvised drama.

If bracing for doom creates too many negative vibes, frame it as acquiring insurance.  Only mobsters expect a building to burn.  Any endeavor involving humans is going to feature chaos.  Minimizing variables is common behavior for the prosperous.

Playing a game that can be affected by soreness and breezes is bound to include unexpected agonizing outcomes.  That’s even before facing inappropriate schemes and down season.  There’s nothing negative about being aware that negativity is possible.  The Bills are working hard right now to continue their prosperous streak so we can scoff at our worst fears.  Let our imaginations be the toughest foe.

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