Astro’s “Pick Six” For September

It’s fun to look back on last September’s Pick Six as an exercise in humility, not futility. Some of my selections, like Travis Etienne, Paddy Fisher, Alaric Jackson, Curtis Weaver, and Jonathan Cooper, opted to return to school and will Continue reading Astro’s “Pick Six” For September

IOL Fits for the Buffalo Bills

Gritty Guard Feliciano‘s pectoral injury made my decision on the next “Bills Fits” position to look at quite easy. I hope the Bills have it just as easy to determine next man up. My vote is for this lineup to Continue reading IOL Fits for the Buffalo Bills

Scouting The Scouts, Part 1

I admit it; I spend far too much time on all this stuff; I’m in therapy for it. You have to admit, though, that tracking where the Bills’ scouts go –games, a scout at team practices, postseason games, Senior Bowl, Continue reading Scouting The Scouts, Part 1