WYO’s Field Notes #8: Training Camp Tickets Needed

Featured Photo Credit: Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports via Imagn.com, LLC.

During the Buffalo Bills playoff drought, tickets to training camp weren’t even needed to attend sessions at St. John Fisher University. I was able to plan trips from Wyoming to training camp without worry. Those days are long gone. Since the Josh Allen Era began in 2018, tickets to training camp are the hottest ticket in town.

Unfortunately for Buffalo Bills bloggers, the policy for assigning media credentials excludes us. Fan reporters for other teams have press credentials, but not the Bills.

I get it.

As insane as we are as a fan base, it would overwhelm Mr. Derek Boyko’s office to accommodate bloggers with press credentials. However, they could ensure well established bloggers (it can be at Mr. Boyko’s discretion) like Dean Kindig are able to secure a place in the stands as he has done for two decades.

‘Dean’s Notes’ as they have been referred to over the years provide vital insight about players activities and performance during training camp have been ‘must-read’ for fans. I’ve followed the commentary after reading his training camp notes for years and they are filled with gratitude by fans (like myself) who live in far-flung places like Wyoming. Dean’s Notes are deeply appreciated! Unfortunately, we still do not have access for Dean to attend training camp again this year.

Dean won’t do it, but I’m not beyond begging:

If anyone has an extra ticket to ANY training camp session coming up, please contact Dean Kindig on Xwitter @TCBILLS_Astro. If you don’t have tickets, please pass this around to your family and friends who may know someone who can spare a ticket.

Thank you.

Editor’s babble: Grateful to anyone who can help us out so Dean can write his amazing training camp notes. You can also find me begging on Xwitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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