WYO’s Field Notes #6: McDermott’s Self Reflection Speaks Volumes About His Character

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As well as Ty Dunne’s.

Just when you think the offseason was settling into the “dark time” of year, Ty Dunne, professional journalist from writes this in mid June. For anyone who isn’t aware, Mr. Dunne infamously challenged Sean McDermott’s coaching style with this piece published last December.

When the December article came out, I was as astounded as many fans of the Buffalo Bills were at the time. It seemed like a ‘hit piece’ that came out of nowhere. What in the he** was going on?

Let me begin by stating I met Tyler Dunne once a few years ago, oddly by invitation from Tim Graham to meet the journalists I often criticized. It was an experience I’ll never forget. Like many Bills fans I was appalled at times the way Tim covered the team. I felt he was pushy and digging for the most negative things he could find to write about to advance his career.

How stupid I felt when I met several journalists said gathering and was able to talk with them about their work and why they do and write the things they do. Mr. Graham facilitated my education about what professional journalists do, and how and why they do it.

It was like a light went on in my brain. I came to understand professional journalists have a code of ethics not unlike professional nurses and psychotherapists, of which I was both at one time. They understand the importance of their work in communicating the happenings in the world to the community at large by adhering to a specific “code of ethics” sometimes at great personal and financial expense.

What struck me about Ty Dunne is his dogged like persistence in getting to the bottom of any story, regardless of inevitable backlash that occurs when a journalist has the nerve to incite the masses. This is what Tim Graham also does with impunity. I didn’t understand it all, but I do now.

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So when I see a title of an article by Mr. Dunne talking about an interview with Brandon Beane… I was like…


I never expected to see that happen. After reading both articles I came away with several feelings I’d like to share.

This one paragraph was the first thing that made my mind explode:

Like WOW.

Who does that? Take a moment to recall the press conference when McDermott responded to questions about Dunne’s scathing article. McDermott admitted he was deeply affected by it and his posture making the comments reflected as much. He was obviously hurting because this commentary was very stinging at times.

Rightfully so.

And who would have the ‘cajones’ to put that kind of searing critique out there? I only know two, Ty Dunne and Tim Graham. It was ballsy to say the least. It really caught me out of left field in terms of timing. The article came out on December 7, 2023, just as McDermott was trying to help the team win the division and advance in the NFL playoffs.

Now I get it.

But I hope Bills fans will also think about what kind of person Sean McDermott is in terms of putting himself out there and being willing to engage with someone who basically ripped him a new a-hole. This is exactly what I’ve written about Sean McDermott in the past. He is relentless in his pursuit of self-development.

Is he the best coach in the NFL? No. At least not if you’re considering the number of NFL championships as a measure. By reaching out to arguably his worst critic, McDermott was willing to put his ego aside and learn more about how others perceive him. That takes watermelon size balls on his part.

It’s a rare thing for an NFL head coach to behave in such a manner. And Mr. Dunne is also right that it bodes well for the future helping Sean McDermott overcome his demons as a head coach. Kudos to both for a job well done. The team’s success will no doubt be greatly enhanced by this kind of chutzpah.

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