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Combine Meetings Let BillsMafia See ‘Through The Curtain’

Featured Photo Credit: Roman Wilson (1). Credit: Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

The above chart made Sunday 3/3/24 2:30pm EST has all the Bills’ meetings with players at the Combine. They are in order of their current rank on the BuffaloFAMBase Big Board, available for mock draft simulations on FanSpeak.com. The Bills’ draft picks are highlighted in orange in the first column.

What’s even more interesting is the last column in chartreuse. That’s the player’s “Visit Score” The player who has 1 Bills scout at their game gets 1 point. If Beane is there, 3 pts extra. Joe Brady at an offensive player’s game? 2 pts. extra. A Position Coach=2 pts extra, a coach from McDermott’s Inner Circle (Aranda or Diaz)= 2 pts., Meeting at Sr. Bowl=2 pts, Meeting at Combine=2 pts, 1 Scout at Pro Day =2 pts (Beane=3 pts), and a 30-Visit=5 pts.

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