2024 NFL Draft

BuffaloFAMBase Pick 6

Featured Photo Credit: Credit: Dean Kindig, www.buffalofambase.com.

NFL Draft 2024 is 73 days away, so it’s time for our first BuffaloFAMBase Pick Six, the most thorough of the draft articles I write. I pick six players at each of the Bills’ 10 draft picks and tell you why they’re on Brandon Beane’s radar. I’ve put my guesses in first-to-last order. Click “Watch This” to see them in a typical play shown on Xwitter. Be sure to listen to their YouTube interviews; I’ve cued up the best “McBeane” part for you.

T’Vondre Sweat (93) . CREDIT: © Ricardo B. Brazziel, USA TODAY NETWORK

RD1#28 – Beane will have alternative free agents in place to allow you to take the best player available here. Best person, too. Listen to interviews.

  • T’Vondre Sweat DT1T DT3T Texas Watch This | Interview–IDL Pass Rush Pressure 10.0%…DaQuan 2.0. Funny, strong, and relentless.
  • Kamren Kinchens FS SS CB Miami Watch This | Interview–2023 First Team All-ACC, Ballhawk. Versatile (box, field, deep, slot), coach is now a Bill.
  • Brian Thomas Jr. WR ‘X’ LSU Watch This | Interview–10th in FBS rec yds, top 20 EPA/target, HS b-baller leaps, hands, speed as downfield threat.
  • Bralen Trice EDGE Washington Watch This | Interview–led the nation with 70 pressures in 2022, 2023; most pressures in 1 game since 2018.
  • Jackson Powers-Johnson OC RG LG Oregon Watch This | Interview–PFF’s top OC, nasty streak, athletic, can play any IOL spot, your C for a decade.
  • Ladd McConkey WRS PR Georgia Watch This | Interview–2nd-highest run-block grade among WRs…2nd to Nabers in YPRR.
  • Just Missed: Cooper DeJean CB SS FS KR Iowa Watch This | Interview–#1 in solos per game, rarely missed a tackle; HS b-baller, long jumper, and 100m champ. Too quiet, though.
Kris Jenkins (94). Credit: © Kirthmon F. Dozier – USA TODAY NETWORK via Imagn.com, LLC.

RD2#60 – Round 1’s selection will largely determine the position you take here …or will it?? Beane and McDermott’s teams have doubled up on DL in RD1-RD2 more than once in their pasts.

  • Kris Jenkins DT3T DT5T 4-2-5 Michigan Watch This | Interview–Beane was Personnel at CAR when they drafted his father. Pass Rush Pressure of 8.8%.
  • Adisa Isaac EDGE SS 4-2-5 4-3 Penn State Watch This | Interview–LDE opposite Chop Rob but taller and faster; bendy, with explosive first step.
  • Johnny Wilson WR ‘X’ Florida State Watch This | Interview–“X” WR scouted at ASU then FSU, huge and fast (6-6 237 4.42), a scouted 5-94-18.8.
  • Roman Wilson WRS Michigan Watch This | Interview–Mariota/Tua’s HS, went there by plane daily, hence “The Flyin’ Hawaiian”. Explosive, track star.
  • Ricky Pearsall ANY WR Florida Watch This | Interview–11.7 YPC vs AP, 8-92 (11.5) in scouted game vs Utah; 10-166 (16.6)-1 TD scouted vs SCAR.
  • Braden Fiske DT3T EDGE 4-2-5 Florida State Watch This | Interview–IDL Pass Rush Pressure % at 10.6%…Tackle, sack, TFL in scouted game vs Pitt.
  • Just Missed: Calen Bullock SS USC Watch This | Interview–elite ball skills, nice build, athleticism, explosive, high-energy, deep speed and range.
Cole Bishop (8). Credit: Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports via Imagn.com, LLC.

RD3#99 – By the end of this round, you should have your WR, your IDL, and your Safety #1. Free Agency will help.

  • Cole Bishop FS SS Utah Watch This | Interview–4th in Lowest Passer Rating Allowed, SS with highest solo tkl per game. Instincts and physicality.
  • Beau Brade SS FS CB Maryland Watch This | Interview–top forty time (4.43) among the draftable safeties, instinctive, rangy, runs to the action.
  • Payton Wilson ILB <-> OLB NC State Watch This | Interview–Wrestler, leading tackler in ACC a year ago, Lowest passer rating by ACC LB since 2019.
  • Tyler Davis DT3T EDGE 4-3, 4-2-5 Clemson Watch This | Interview–Most underrated DT in class? Getoffs insane at Sr Bowl. Next to EdO?? Wow.
  • Braelon Allen RB Wisconsin Watch This | Interview–Fastest heavy guy. a literal tank –think Latavius Murray, now 34. Complements Cook.
  • Matt Goncalves LT<->RT Pittsburgh Watch This | Interview–Home is halfway out Long Island, Pitt O averaged 41.4 points, 486.6 yds per game.
  • Just Missed: Cedric Gray ILB North Carolina Watch This | Interview–led ACC and 2nd in FBS in tackles (137), 10.5 per game, First Team All-ACC.
Javon Baker (1). Credit: Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports via Imagn.com, LLC.

RD4#129 – Take another ‘X’ receiver to assure Khalil Shakir of his rightful slot spot, or a versatile OL hogmolly.

Javon Baker WR ‘X’ UCF Watch This | Interview–top 20 in EPA per target, nice start-stop, sudden, separation. Gabe Davis-y blocker downfield.

  • Luke McCaffrey WR ‘X’ Rice Watch This | Interview–5th in Career Targets/Routes Run. QB at Nebraska for 2 yrs…Dad and brother are NFL stars.
  • Javion Cohen LG -> LT OC Miami Watch This | Interview–best interview of all OL, 2022 All-SEC Guard now ACC, Top-5 forty time among Guards.
  • Jaylin Simpson FS CB Auburn Watch This | Interview–leads the SEC in interceptions; uses a deceptive “bait and break” on the ball to force INTs.
  • Delmar Glaze OL (Bates Type) Maryland Watch This | Interview–top 4 forty time among Guards, to RT this year, then to LT when Ayedze injured.
  • Ray Davis RB Kentucky Watch This | Interview–4.3 vs AP, 9.9 YPR on 16 receptions in 2023, Bills scouted game at Vandy (17 for 78, 4.6 YPC, 2 TD).
  • Just Missed: Javon Foster LT Missouri Watch This | Interview–SEC 2023 All-Conf First Team, 3rd-highest-graded SEC OT in 2021, 2022; #1 run blocker. SEC tackles faced the best EDGEs.
Keith Randolph Jr. (88). Credit: Tork Mason/USA TODAY NETWORK via Imagn.com, LLC.

RD5#159 – Time to reload a second time on the D-Line. If you’ve already done so, three options at DB got scouted here.

  • Keith Randolph Jr. DT3T EDGE 3-4 Illinois Watch This | Interview–fun, athletic, held his own vs Michigan/Corum…scouted 4 solos, TFL over MN.
  • Gabe Hall DT3T DT1T EDGE Baylor Watch This | Interview— Awesome versatility, length, production. Baylor connection. Hall vs Sweat scouted.
  • Trey Taylor SS ST Air Force Watch This | Interview–AP All-American, Jim Thorpe & Tillman winner, hard-working, film rat savvy & relentlessness.
  • Nehemiah Pritchett CB NCB KR Auburn Watch This | Interview–2021 tied (with McCreary) in PBU in the SEC with 10, to #10 with 8 in 2022.
  • James Williams SS OLB Miami Watch This | Interview–Best Solos Per Game of ACC SAF draftables, 4 solos and PBU in the scouted game vs BC.
  • Roger Rosengarten OL (Bates Type) Washington Watch This | Interview–Great movement, agile with lateral quickness, 28 starts/0 sacks, upside.
  • Just Missed: Tory Taylor P Iowa Watch This | Interview–Touchbacks=31, 45.5% inside the 20, Ret Yds=411, 0 TD… Ray Guy Award winner.
Zion Tupuola-Fetui (58). Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports via Imagn.com, LLC.

RD5#162 – The Bills’ remaining needs get filled here. EDGE who keeps Mahomes in the pocket? Complementary RB? Second safety? DB? Swing tackle?

  • Dillon Johnson RB Washington Watch This | Interview—strong blocker, yds before contact, after contact! Scouted 20- 100- 5.0- 1 TD vs Oregon.
  • Akeem Dent FS CB Florida State Watch This | Interview—fastest safety in ACC, 10 tackles and a PBU in scouted game vs Louisville.
  • Jaylon Carlies SS FS WR Missouri Watch This | Interview—“CAR-lyes” 2nd-highest solos per game in SEC; explosive, click ‘n’ close guy, former WR.
  • Zion Tupuola-Fetui EDGE OLB 4-2-5 Washington Watch This | Interview—range for days, #2 in weight (tie), super high motor, quick, has counters.
  • Dwight McGlothern CB Arkansas Watch This | Interview—-3rd in solos per game, All-SEC, xfer LSU, steady, very low 48.8 passer rating.
  • Andrew Coker LT<->RT TCU Watch This | Interviewimpressed at Shrine, nice hands, feet, and patience, developable swing tackle for PS.
  • Just Missed: J.D. Bertrand ILB Notre Dame Watch This | Interview–led defense w 9 tkl, 5 solo, 1 sack, 1.5 TFL in scouted game vs Louisville.
Demani Richardson (26). Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports via Imagn.com, LLC.

RD6#192 – Time to take your second Safety or a battle-tested SEC cornerback.

  • Kenny Logan Jr. FS KR Kansas Watch This | Interview—Most solos per game in draft class, one of the best kick returners in class as well.
  • Demani Richardson SS ST Texas A&M Watch This | Interview—highest solos per game in the SEC, top tackler and run defender, Taron type.
  • Cedric Johnson EDGE Ole Miss Watch This | Interview–9th-fastest forty (tie). Length, power, high motor, raw, but tools for days.
  • Marcellas Dial CB South Carolina Watch This | Interview—2nd-Most PBU vs AP Top 25 opponents returning in 2023 (McKinstry).
  • Ja’Quan Sheppard CB Maryland Watch This | Interview—Great size, played behind Sauce… aggression, open-field physicality, special teams star.
  • Andru Phillips CB Kentucky Watch This | Interview—strong vs McConkey in Reese’s Senior Bowl practice, will win triple jump.
  • Just Missed: Rasheen Ali RB Marshall Watch This | Interview—6-0 215 4.43 has the size and speed, Injured SrBowl week and DNP.
Jordan Whittington (13). Credit: © Aaron Martinez, USA TODAY NETWORK via Imagn.com, LLC.

RD6#198 - Amazing talent still abounds.

  • Jordan Whittington WRS KR RB Texas Watch This | Interview–Dad went to Super Bowl with Raiders, uncle played with MannySands and Beasley.
  • Walter Rouse LT<->LG Oklahoma Watch This | Interview–Kromer archetype. quick feet, vision, grip strength, picks up stunts well, great persona.
  • Jett Johnson OLB Mississippi State Watch This | Interview—led SEC in tackles last year and all season this year until the last game. #2 in TFLs, too.
  • Joshua Cephus WRS UTSA Watch This | Interview—20.3 mph in Cued Up…141 first downs over 5 years. His interview (best WR) is a must-listen.
  • Tanor Bortolini LG OC RG Wisconsin Watch This | Interview—athleticism & versatility fit at every IOL position.
  • Will Reichard K Alabama Watch This | Interview—Scouted game with Beane, was 3 for 3 with a long of 48; 8 of 11 beyond 50 yds (3 of 3 this year).
  • Just Missed: Nathaniel Watson ILB Mississippi State Watch This | Interview—Tackles Leader in SEC, 1st Miss St player to win Bednarik POW since 2018.
Elijhah Badger (2). Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports via Imagn.com, LLC.

RD6#206— How about a Center as heir to Morse, or another reliable WR who returns kicks? Or a 3-tech/EDGE who’s up and coming?

  • Marcus Harris DT3T EDGE Multi Auburn Watch This | Interview—First team SEC….sleeper added late, his PFF Run Defense Grade leads P5 IDLs.
  • Clark Barrington C LG Baylor Watch This | Interview—2nd-highest-graded Big 12 OC in pass blocking during regular season, 3 yrs at LG, fun guy.
  • Dylan McMahon OC RG LG NC State Watch This | Interview—SIS All-ACC, 2nd among ACC OGs in Blocking Total Points, 1.1% Blown Block Rate, smarts.
  • Elijhah Badger WR ‘Y’ KR Arizona State Watch This | Interview–5th in P5 drop rate (tie) with Washington, Leggette, Pearsall; #5 in KR Yards.
  • M.J. Devonshire CB Pittsburgh Watch This | Interview—best pro prospect on the 2023 Pitt squad, Dane and Damar’s school won ACC in 2023.
  • Aaron Casey ILB Indiana Watch This | Interview—so decisive and disruptive in his run fits, sure tackler, not likely a posiitonal need for Bills.
  • Just Missed: Kendall Milton RB Georgia Watch This | Interview—6.2 vs AP, 8.0 YPR on only 2 receptions, had to wait for James Cook to leave. Injuries.
Logan Lee (85). Credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports via Imagn.com, LLC.

RD7#246 –My advice here? Take a wrestler. WWMcDD?

  • Logan Lee DT3T DT1T Multi Iowa Watch This | Interview —Wrestler. Summer training with LBs, not linemen; Allstate AFCA Good Works Team.
  • Will Putnam OC <-> LG Clemson Watch This | Interview—Wrestler. Moved from RG to C, only 3 sacks on 537 pass blocking snaps.
  • Evan Anderson DT1T DT3T Multi FAU Watch This | Interview—OT in HS, shows cat-like quickness laterally, more than a gap-clogger.
  • Matt Lee C Miami Watch This | Interview—Up to Oct. 5 2023: 539 Pass Block Snaps, Zero Sacks Allowed, 0 QB Hits Allowed.
  • Jaylen Harrell EDGE OLB SS 4-2-5 Michigan Watch This | Interview—In scouted game with 29 snaps, had 2 solo tackles, 2 sacks, 2TFL, 2 run stops.
  • Anthony Gould WR ‘X’ KR Oregon St Watch This | Interview—Wrestler, 3rd-Fastest WR in draft class. strength, quickness, 4.33 forty.
  • Just Missed: Bo Richter EDGE Air Force Watch This | Interview—2nd-Highest pass rush win rate of draftable EDGEs (Latu #1). Watch interview.
Devin Culp (83). Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports via Imagn.com, LLC.

Beane’s Eighteen”: Preferred Free Agents

  • Darius Muasau ILB UCLA—2nd-most solo tackles per game in their career of all ILBs…LA Bowl Defensive MVP. Watch.
  • Ja’Qurious Conley FS CB KR North Carolina—3rd-Best Solos Per Game among ACC safety draftables…physicality, explosiveness and run defense.
  • Kyle Hergel LG Boston College—Toronto native, 3rd fastest Guard among draftables. Cam Mellor calls him “vicious… athletic…strong.”
  • Nate McCollum WRS KR North Carolina—reliable slot and kick returner; 75% is 4th-highest catch rate of top 79 WRs eligible for 2024.
  • Devin Culp TE Washington—3rd among the Top-Graded PFF TEs thru Week 12 of 2022, 65% blocking and prides himself in it (listen to interview, watch this Josh play).
  • Jaylon Hutchings DL Texas Tech—57 consecutive starts in his career–availability. Led all D1 defensive tackles in run stuffs 2 years in a row. Pocket-collapser.
  • Dylan Kelly OLB ST Albany—uncle, Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly; second in the FCS this year with 145 total tackles.
  • Shane Lee ILB <-> OLB USC—leader, extremely hard worker, thumper, physical, experienced; injuries drop him. Opportunist.
  • Jahmal Banks WR ‘X’ Wake Forest—Tied for most TD receptions, highest contested catch rate of any returning player in the ACC; lowest P5 Drop Rate.
  • Spencer Shrader K Notre Dame–53- and 54-yard FGs in scouted game vs Louisville, the second and third longest field goals in L&N Stadium history.
  • Michael Jurgens OC <-> LG Wake Forest–2023 All-ACC First-Team Offense, All-ACC Academic, 3x captain, natural leader. Watch.
  • Armani Chatman CB North Carolina—In 2022, fewest yards allowed in coverage, Sauce and McDuffie were above him; Kaiir Elam was 4th!
  • Eric Gentry ILB <-> OLB USC—Considerable size like Tremaine at 6-6 200 4.59, and a condor-like 7-foot wingspan. Watch.
  • Keeshawn Silver DT1T DT3T Kentucky—plays any IDL position, 4.60 shuttle, 35.4 inch vertical in 2019…7-foot wingspan, 6-5 315 4.94. Watch.
  • Andre Carter EDGE Indiana–xfer WMU after 5 yrs, made Co-Defensive captain very quickly, 3rd in the MAC in Pressures, 1st in Pass Rush Total Points, shows bend, speed, hand strength. Nice #250 pick, even.
  • Jowon Briggs DL Cincinnati—All AAC First Team, one of the strongest DLs in the draft; his defense was #5 nationally in yds per play allowed (4.61).
  • Mike Novitsky C Kansas—Lives 6 minutes from St. john Fisher; 4-year Rimington watchlist; His OL had the 4th-fewest sacks allowed of P5 teams.
  • Jermayne Lole DL Louisville—2nd-highest among DL in Sacks plus TFLs per Game; versatile and effective as three-year starter for the Sun Devils.

Editor’s babble: What an incredible amount of work Dean Kindig puts into his NFL Draft analysis. We are grateful for his contributions to our blog. You can also find Dean on Xwitter @TCBILLS_Astro.

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