Astro’s Draft Week “Pick Six”

I apologize, BillsMafia. I moved my War Chart to here. I added some columns, so it’s worth a look. I’ve averaged each player’s position on 7 different big boards that I trust, and I’m sticking with these 6 players at Continue reading Astro’s Draft Week “Pick Six”

Astro’s “Pick-Six” For April

The Bills have been so thorough this year, via trades and Free Agency. GM Beane’s thoroughness has extended to the draft’s available talent, too. Part of that is because he’s not likely looking for a franchise QB or even a Continue reading Astro’s “Pick-Six” For April

The Stars At Bills-Scouted Games

My goal here is to compile a list of the college players who really performed for the Bills’ scouts and front office at games in 2019. I’m adding all of these to the BillsMafia War Chart. How did they do? Continue reading The Stars At Bills-Scouted Games

Astro’s “Pick Six”, Holiday Edition

Just like I did eight weeks ago here, I’m going to give you six players to consider for each one of Brandon Beane’s nine picks in the 2020 NFL Draft. My “Pick Six”, if you will. You will often see Continue reading Astro’s “Pick Six”, Holiday Edition

Astro’s “Pick Six”

It’s just too early to look at 400 draftable college players, right?? I empathize with you. As of this writing, the fans of 8 undefeated teams –including my Bills– should care less about draft needs and “Process” guys. You’re content Continue reading Astro’s “Pick Six”

LB Fits For The Buffalo Bills

The Bills waited until RD5, Pick 9 (#147) to select a linebacker in the 2019 Draft. That’s not going to happen again in 2020. Vosean Joseph, DraftTek’s 14th-ranked LB, just won’t be the third LB on a disciplined McDermott-Frasier 4-3 Continue reading LB Fits For The Buffalo Bills