Scouting The Scouts, Part 1

I admit it; I spend far too much time on all this stuff; I’m in therapy for it. You have to admit, though, that tracking where the Bills’ scouts go –games, a scout at team practices, postseason games, Senior Bowl, Continue reading Scouting The Scouts, Part 1

Astro’s “Pick Six”

It’s just too early to look at 400 draftable college players, right?? I empathize with you. As of this writing, the fans of 8 undefeated teams –including my Bills– should care less about draft needs and “Process” guys. You’re content Continue reading Astro’s “Pick Six”

2020 EDGE Fits for the Bills

I had EDGE as a P2 (very high) priority on my DraftTek Needs last year, and it went largely unaddressed. Four Bills’ DEs have their contracts expire at the end of the upcoming season (not counting LorAx), and there’s no Continue reading 2020 EDGE Fits for the Bills