More Sincere Ways to Flatter Than Imitation for Buffalo Bills

The Kansas City Chiefs aren’t thinking about you.  It’s not that you’re anything but special.  But the AFC’s meanies are busy attempting to maintain their own standard, which doesn’t feature focusing on reacting to what others are doing.  The Buffalo Bills should learn a lesson from the silver medalists if they want to surpass them. The general tone of indifference to inferior foes is the only thing to mimic.

Trying to reproduce what we think others will find impressive won’t work any more than it’ll help develop identity.  Lisa Simpson spent an entire episode learning she didn’t have to pretend to be someone else to have friends. Not copying is the one thing to copy.

A plan for toppling the defending runner-up isn’t certain to work against everyone else. The Bills will play 16 other games this regular season against non-Chiefs foes.  Fans may be dreaming of how to beat them in the conference championship, which is like spending salary before the job interview.  Wait to see how the games unfold or if there’s a global pandemic first.  A sensible club keeps in mind how to stop threats posed by Missouri’s juggernaut while sticking to their own philosophy.

A monopoly won’t last, either by flipping the board or otherwise. Woolworth thought they’d still be selling us things for either five or 10 cents indefinitely. A reign won’t last forever despite how permanent it seems during enduring. It’s not to shrug off the achievements of a team that’s gone .500 in the last two Super Bowls. But the stupid evil Patriots dominating for a geologic cycle was an aberration.

The Chiefs would prefer you stop sharing their secret.  But apparently a few million people saw this Super Bowl game that concludes the NFL season.  The Buccaneers are to be appreciated only for precedent.  They’ve already shown the way to beat the AFC’s present standard. Harassing Patrick Mahomes isn’t just fun on its own terms: it provoked a minor meltdown. Tampa Bay defensive linemen have dragged two mediocre quarterbacks to championships.

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The Buccaneer approach just happens to be an area where the Bills are trying to improve. A better pass rush will improve franchise value overall, not just while facing a notoriously inventive passer.  Amping up the defensive line is for their own benefit. Trying to impress another party never feels authentic, especially to those who started the fad.

Attempting to get better everywhere is a healthy unrealistic goal.  Teams can’t have future gold jacket-wearers at every position. Thanks to voting by fans who recognize names more than present play, even the Pro Bowl doesn’t feature rosters comprised entirely of true all-stars.  But that shouldn’t stop crafty general managers from thinking dominating every statistical category except for one means failure.

Good teams set agendas instead of replying to them. Waiting for a foe to move means you’re reacting instead of initiating. Playing defense constantly will wear out even the sturdiest participants.

The Bills strive to dictate terms instead of making counteroffers.  Attempting to outthink is for coordinators who aren’t confident in their own plans. Announce what you’re doing while wishing good luck trying to stop it. That level of confidence is uncommon in team history.  Like a hot tub, you get used to it.

This wise and decent staff is engaged in a general process of improvement, not a specific reply to a currently dominant foe.  Strive to be the franchise others vainly attempt to copy.  Otherwise, you end up trying to convince everyone your purported Coach handbag purchased on Canal Street is authentic.

Matching a standard that’s already been set means living in the past. Don’t confuse the timeline.  Top franchises are already plotting what new schemes to inflict. They’re changing password security questions just as you determined their fifth-grade teacher’s name.

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There aren’t many copiers who top the original. Recoil while recalling how many years they tried to keep up with the aforementioned Patriots. The Bills often tried using the goon’s tactics just as they become outdated. This must be a good time to buy a fax machine, as there’s no line at the store. Sending information through phone wires seems inconceivably futuristic.

It remains a marvel how quickly Buffalo has advanced. Being near the conference’s top would’ve seemed as improbable as excitement over getting to attend events seemed in 2018. Rebuilding leveled society has happened on their terms.

Those who get better by personal standards find they’ve improved against others as a result. Disney couldn’t come up with a more obvious formula. But some ideas become classics for solid reasons. The Bills are neither trying to catch up by mimicking or matching.

The best at anything aren’t trying to respond to the work of others.  David Bowie was too busy creating the next trend to try cashing in on what was topping the charts. Create something original and let those too timid to set the pace try to respond.

Editor’s babble: This seems like good advice for most issues in life. We are grateful for Anthony’s thought provoking contributions to our blog. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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