Buffalo Bills Not Stuck Sticking with What Allegedly Works

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Not caring what others do is for more than just for artists and punks.  Successful organizations stick with what works even if we’re told defying conventional wisdom must fail.  There’s allegedly a standard path to triumph, according by observers who don’t quite seem to be able to traverse it.

The Buffalo Bills must be true to themselves like William Shakespeare and the Beastie Boys encourage.  Maintaining integrity is particularly trepidatious in a sport and world filled with timid imitators of success. Unpredictability has gotten so predictable.

It’s easy to forget to do what’s unnecessary.  The 2020 Bills didn’t bother establishing the run, which means they didn’t gain any first downs.  Yet they scored at will, which means nothing we hold true exists.  Gravity may still be real, but test from modest heights just to confirm.

We’ve been told by the football committee that offenses simply must gain four ground yards on first down in order to complete a legal pass.  What next: BlackBerry won’t be the phone of choice forever?

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Thank whoever thought up two ways to move ahead for making football what it is.  Drawing in defenders has been the plan to make tricky forward passes easier since the time when noses were face masks.  There’s only one way to change football wisdom accumulated since the time when world war didn’t have a sequel.  Namely, a team could be so dominant at one way of moving the ball that you forget the other is allowed. Handoffs only seem illegal.

Swimmers struggle to avoid 11 sharks.  Distracting them with the blood of an intern allows for safe swimming.  Established habits implore coordinators to trick their counterparts into deploying defenders in a real-time huddle near the snap.  But special offenses don’t need to bother when so many of their aquatic explorers can swim faster than the famously cranky predator of the deep.

What if a team was so dominant at one part that it only used the alternative as a courtesy to convention?  The scenario went beyond hypothetical last year while passing like their attempts were about to expire.  The Bills spent 2020 using receivers to distract from other receivers.  Emmanuel Sanders is here to make opposing secondaries forget if they turned off the oven.

Brian Daboll isn’t a head coach in some non-Buffalo city through a unique set of fortunate circumstances.  At least I classify them that way, as I prefer he stays.  Sure, he may want a promotion and a presumed pay raise.  But he’s good at his current job and doesn’t have to worry about facing the Peter principle.

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If you like your assistant, tell anyone trying to hire him away he sucks at his job when they call for references. That might not be a very nice way to reward loyalty.  For ethical and practical reasons, encourage him to keep up the showcase.  Daboll did enough to get attention for promotion yet remains in coordination precisely because he had to keep working during interview time.  The Bills advancing kept him in his current job even though his work there got the team to that point.  It’s tough to merge on a highway that’s a circle.

The willingness to defy patterns is inherent to football geniuses.  Just make sure you’re not doing something novel only to be different.  Uniqueness is a byproduct of individuality, not an affectation based on choosing what do to based on what others don’t.

Keep throwing as long as it’s fun.  Don’t let any alleged football experts tell you a multifaceted offense is a prerequisite to success.  The present Bills team is not considered such, and are utterly unlike Kevin Gilbride, insisting on passing even when it’s not working because of his alarming obsession with a quarterback’s throwing arm.

Photo of Kevin Gilbride from nfl.com.

The Bills display the opposite of Vince Lombardi while doing the same.  There was no deception in the power sweep, either in the play call or where it was supposed to head.  Here’s what we’re doing, so good luck stopping it.  The Bills deployed the Bizarro version where they pass by percentage at the same rate we choose blue cheese over ranch.

Good leaders distinguish between commitment and inflexibility.  The latter’s downside was embodied by present studio panelist and non-coach Rex Ryan insisting on installing a 3-4 defense when the roster featured the precisely incorrect personnel.  Brandon Beane could try getting Reggie Ragland back.  That seems like an unlikely addition, but he at least deserves an apology from the franchise even if it was a terminated employee who treated him poorly.

Do what makes you you until others catch on.  The scheme will hopefully changed by then.  Staying one step ahead isn’t just a good literal goal for receivers: plan to change when others anticipate the pattern.

Get your groove on with a dance step where the goal is to tackle your partner.  You could use rushers to set up passes like the playbook has suggested since football was invented by great and good Americans.  Or write your own story.

Editor’s babble: Any reminders of the Rex Ryan era are a sure-fire trigger for disgust. Thankfully, his bloviating is limited to ESPN and away from our beloved football team. Grateful to Anthony for always keeping our minds sharp. You can find him on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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