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I hate spring along with most of winter and summer.  Those stuck in the present understanding of time have hit the portion of a year when the schedule release is considered a thrill.  Even the rush of imagining specific football dates has faded.  Moving salaries around isn’t as stimulating as those receiving them doing the same. But the prospect of paying desirable players to stay will have to suffice.

At least those who enjoyed a high number of wins last year have something as close to certainty as possible to sustain them.  Winning repeatedly isn’t just merely a fantasy for the Buffalo Bills.  It’s better to count the moments toward something we have evidence will be pleasant.  Actually experiencing progress feels new.  Then again, so did magic pocket screens.

Being a fan is particularly hard when you have to overcome the most recent details.  It’s painfully easy to recall many offseasons where hope was based on preposterous optimism that bordered on lunacy.  But expecting the Bills to be good is not just for crazy people anymore, as there’s a precedent at which to gesture.

Eyewitness testimony should convince doubters.  We’ve seen them play adeptly as opposed to merely surmising it.  There’s been ample time to ponder whether an ambitious standard makes waiting easier or more agonizing.  The eagerness to party before the carriage turns back into a pumpkin sounds like Bills fans looking for a reason to feel woeful.  Habits are hard to break.  To give up reflexively feeling negative about Buffalo sports, I took up smoking.

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You may have grown to resent this stupid life and its point of not knowing what’s next.  The thing about having to do stuff is that it’s hard. And this mean world makes you keep proving.  Success is fleeting like happiness.  Cheer up!  And also remember any precious joy could disappear at any moment, which we naturally don’t like to contemplate.  Geeky nerds invested years thinking the next three Star Wars movies simply had to be planned out more adeptly than the prequels, and J.J. Abrams has still never admitted he doesn’t know what endings are.

Despite the inherent impermanence of happinss, even the professionally nervous feel cautiously optimistic about a club that smirks about confronting obstacles.  It seems like Brandon Beane has thought everything through, what with knowing which players belong where at a success rate so frequent that Ace Rothstein suspects him of cheating.

Just plan for innumerable contingencies both now and years ahead in a business that features virtual superheroes attempting to overpower each other in real time.  Being a general manager sure sounds easy.  Would you like to get yelled at for every transaction and also for those you don’t make?

The most successful hires only seem like they have peered into the future because they’ve studied the present so intently.  What could be better than getting the players you desire: convincing them to restructure their compensation for the team’s benefit?  Oh: he does that, too. Beane is meticulous enough to make Walter White jealous.  I’m not saying the Bills are a cover for some international nefarious operation, but a successful team would make the cover story more believable.

Bills fans get to enjoy the work of someone who’s made plans past today’s lunch.  A skilled general manager makes the game feel like discovering a series you missed a decade ago on Netflix.  Emmanuel Sanders always seemed like a swell contributor everywhere else, and now we get to see what other fanbases got to treasure.  We’ve already experienced Stefon Diggs bringing an established show to our attention.

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Even those most optimistic about the future might expect most of the contributions from this rookie class to be along the lines of cheering vigorously.  It’s not a knock on them as much as it is a sign of how impressive this roster has become. What once felt like semipermanent melancholy has become promising thanks to persistent efforts.  Sanders and Cole Beasley helped SMU move past the era where almost anyone on campus could walk on the football team.

Wish luck to rookies trying to capture roster spots.  It’s better for the team’s overall state to not have many chances by percentage.  There might be a reason it’s tough to fill seats while chartering a vacation to North Korea.  If you don’t wish to experience Pyongyang in person, attend a Jets game just to see how ghastly conditions can get.

The desire to splurge will remain in 2023.  Draftees who take time to develop are like buying a savings bond and waiting for wealth to arrive.  It’s more fun to buy Lego sets and cotton candy today.  But prudent investors will enjoy a cash infusion in a couple years.

New guys who’ll ideally contribute in two or three seasons are part of the foresight process.  Financial sleight of hand that changes the way players get paid constitutes the sort of paperwork that enables touchdowns later.  Shoppers might want to buy groceries for more than lunch, as experience suggests you’ll get hungry again later.  

The Bills have done everything they can to reduce guesswork.  Draft choices who don’t feel like they have to fix a franchise can feel more relaxed, which an authority as absolute as Bill Murray says makes you better at everything. They didn’t choose to join their first post-college employer.  With that in mind, Buffalo’s newest football neighbors are adjusting on schedule as they discover the team and its home city are awesome.

The idea that people can remove every possible calamity creates more of them.  Spreading resources too thinly is a common trait for those who hilariously think they have everything figured out.  The best any organization can do is minimize concerns.  This offseason has feels like fortification.  The Bills set out to remove mystery.  The Scooby-Doo gang revealed the guy wearing a Bill Belichick mask was Bill Belichick.

Editor’s babble: Thanks, as always, to Anthony Bialy for keeping us chuckling during this long offseason. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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