Football Ends as Buffalo Bills Begin Plotting How to Keep Playing

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Congratulations to back-to-back champion LeSean McCoy and whatever teams he was on.  As for a previous employer, the Buffalo Bills should compete in and score the most points during every Super Bowl, but existence doesn’t care about my happiness.  For a change of pace, it’s actually jarring to not see them compete in the season’s conclusion.

Bills fans may have found themselves not particularly enthusiastic about either final contender for different reasons.  A personal grudge against someone I’ve never met is what sports are all about.  Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees each have the same number of NFC Super Bowl wins as Tom Brady in case life seemed too fair.

An unlikable, whiny cheater finally gets his seventh break.  To cope with Hans Gruber robbing another skyscraper, focus on the Buccaneers providing the valuable lesson of how to plunder Kansas City.  Maybe you don’t have to outscore the erstwhile offensive juggernauts if you can get up in the passer’s business.  The Super Bowl MVP throws for 201 yards while Tampa’s defensive line will remain nameless.

It’s a good thing we don’t know what happens, as the shock of events would devastate our psyches.  I told 1990 Buffalo Resident that the Buccaneers have won two Super Bowls while the Bills have none.  Once the brutal shock wears off, I’ll mention Tampa getting an NHL franchise that has two Stanley Cups while the Sabres still haven’t won one.   Just when the unbelievable cruelty seems over, I’ll mention which city has Major League Baseball.

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We naturally spent the Super Bowl focused on a particular team that didn’t advance.  It’s same one that coincidentally dominates my thoughts, which at least brings consistency.  Figuring how a game not involving the Bills affects them involves the sort of warped obsession that’s grown to feel normal.  The 55th championship allows me to maintain my healthy focus on a team I don’t control winning the postseason’s final game so I can finally be content.

The franchise has moved closer to its endless goal of ending the title-free era. We’ve felt relaxed while watching the final for way too long.  Bills fans unfortunately got the chance to focus on chips.  I put plenty of shredded cheese in the dip to ensure I have strong bones for 2021.  Guess who won the Super Bread Bowl? Excessive calcium distracted from an imagination which inspires depression, as Buffalo’s absence felt acutely noticeable precisely because they got so close.  

A vacation’s end is always jarring.  The day after the Super Bowl should obviously be a holiday for melancholy fans adjusting to everyday life, which you may have noticed features a reduction of options to enjoy.  I already forgot who won out of self-preservation.

But football winter means chance to turn what could have been into what could be.  Motivation is the difference between a dream and plan.  The grit required to get there doesn’t seem as fun as envisioning how pleasant it could be.  But people can only picture a vague approximation of actual euphoria.  The parade would be much more fun than just blissfully howling on Delaware Avenue in your mind.

A belief the Bills could have been a participant goes beyond the Oscar speech in the bathroom mirror improbably vague hope variety.  Based on the rate at which they advanced downfield, further advancement seems both tangible and realistic.  A few upgrades in talent and strategy might do it. Did you know you can change defenses against the Chiefs?

But they play for a reason, and not just because there’s time that needs to be filled so our days in this wasteland of a reality don’t seem so barren.  The whole appeal is not knowing what happens.  Anything can come next, which usually feels like a curse.  But the universe occasionally tosses out a consolation victory.

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A time machine would take the fun out of everything, so I’m secretly glad mine never worked.  Those who’ve accepted reality’s limits recognize it’s impossible to account for every factor in a game based on physical performance resulting from real-time decisions.  The best clubs minimize chances for disorder.  Buffalo maintained more control last season than their typical standard.  Cole Beasley is programmed to take receptions one yard farther than required.

An optimistic preseason prediction coming true doesn’t negate our insatiable need to experience more wins.  Facebook commenters who forecasted the Bills getting to the second-last playoff stage would’ve been teased as homers.  Fifteen total wins impress even the most demanding offseason projection specialists.  Like a pouting moaner, I wanted two more.  Emo Bills fans always find something about which to feel bleak.  Having dreams crushed once they’re actually plausible is a novel twist.

Results are binary.  Thirty teams were locked out of the amusement park regardless of where they’re drafting.  The Jaguars didn’t make the championship just like the Bills.  At the same time, falling short happens in different degrees for those watching the game.  Buffalo isn’t trying to cope with their challenges by committing arson like a landlord in the ’70s Bronx.  

Players and staff better have been working Sunday. The drudgery of studying pays off in the fun of wining the February game.  The Bills should be motivated by the realization they’re on the verge of being a club others loathe.  I know it’s as tough as Jerry Seinfeld’s mother to think anyone could not like us.  Send 17 dollars to the preferred charity of haters to show kindness triumphs.

Editor’s babble: Apparently the rest of America shared Bills fans lack of enthusiasm to watch the Super Bowl as there was a 10% reduction in viewers this year. If the Bills made it, viewership would have skyrocketed. Thanks to Anthony Bialy for his mind bending contributions to our blog. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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