Godmothers of BillsMafia: Patriots at Bills

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You would think the Godmothers would have been out in full force for Halloween weekend and the all-important Bills/Patriots matchup, but @KrystleNoel1128 was nowhere to be found. So the rest of the gang decided to carry on without her (as horrible as it was to have to do so) and it’s a good thing they did.

Did they cast a spell on Cam Newton during the last couple minutes of the game?

How many of us around BillsMafia nation held our breath as the dreaded Patriots moved the ball down the field late in the fourth quarter? The Patriots offense moved like a knife through butter and were about to defeat the Bills as they have done so many times over the past decades.

Then Justin Zimmer did something we haven’t seen the Bills do in a very long time… force a fumble to secure a victory at the end of the game. It literally took about 15 seconds for my brain to register that the Bills actually won the game. Dean Marlowe snatched the ball, took the knife and stabbed Belichick right through the heart.

Is it the end of the Patriots’ ‘dienasty’? We can only hope that is the case.Time will tell, but we’ll happily take the ‘W’ and move to 4-0 in the AFCE. Mark these words down now… the Miami Dolphins are the ones to watch the rest of the way in this division. Number one defense in the league and they are putting it all together. Yikes.

However, there are no words for what this victory over the Patriots meant for BillsMafia. Slaying that dragon was one of THE most important goals the Bills had to achieve this season. And even with a less talented team and a bunch of starters opting out, you knew Belichick would take us all to the edge of a cliff before it was all over.

So here’s what our remaining Godmothers thought about the ‘history in the making’ defeat of the Patriots on Sunday at Bills Stadium in the rain and the wind.

@AshleyPetty_ brings new meaning to “looking like a witch”. Photo from smithsonianmag.com.


They finally beat the Patriots at home- it’s been awhile and it was so so sweet to feel victory over a team who’s had the Bills’ number for years. Now, without Tom Brady (and a *whole* lot of other starters), Buffalo has finally found a way.

Overall, this game had moments but was fairly uneventful (in my opinion). I was excited to see Jon Feliciano get back in the mix. His being back from injury truly made the biggest impact in the run game. Unfortunately Mitch Morse left the game early on with a concussion and Feliciano had to act as center. Hopefully Morse has a quick recovery as the Bills will definitely need all the help they can get next week against the NFC giant Seattle Seahawks. 

Speaking of the run game, WOW. Zack Moss and Devin Singletary each had 14 carries and 80+ yards on the ground. It was so nice to see this team get better on things which have been lacking all season, but the void of Jon Feliciano is now seen for what it was at the beginning of the season and he is the key to the success of the run game.

The defense allowed 349 total yards, which was 10 more yards than the Bills offense got which is slightly concerning. Last week, the defense had a great day (against the Jets, as they should have) and this week it was back to what it has been all season. Justin Zimmer luckily stepped up when it mattered, causing a forced fumble which Buffalo recovered to win the game. 

It’s nerve-wracking knowing the Bills face a stacked Seattle Seahawks team, who will likely be a Super Bowl contender. Initially had this as a loss at the beginning of the season and still believe it will end that way. But hey, any given Sunday, right?

Nobody has better hair for Halloween than @mrscelestecline. Photo from happinessisblog.com.

If the weather was nice, I probably would of ran outside in my neighborhood screaming. These tough it out games are the type that the Bills wouldn’t win in the past. Especially against the Patriots.

Nate Geary pointed out the Dolphins beating the Rams (thanks to their defense and special teams), and the Titans losing to the Bengals shows how the NFL is a week to week league. So keep stacking wins however you get them. 

Jon Feliciano is back and boy oh boy was he needed. Hope Mitch Morse is OK, since he has a concussion history. We need a solid line and not all this shuffling. But Motor and Moss looked good today. It was so nice to see. If we can keep that up it’ll open up the passing game. 

Hope we continue to get healthy. 

I really thought the defense was going to totally blow this but Justin Zimmer showed up and showed why we signed him to the active roster. He gets the game ball!!

The only other thing I really have to say is… What possesses anyone to wear a Mullet haircut?… Looking at you Steve Belichick. 

Try as she might, @Bills_Chick just can’t keep up. Give her an A for effort with the makeup but it still can’t hide her ravaged soul. This is what being a female lawyer will do to you, kiddies. Consider yourselves warned. Photo from vulture.com.

The Patriots Dynasty is dead for now — but I am terrified of Bill Belichick rebuilding it again one more time.  Let’s all hope that doesn’t happen.

Justin Zimmer is so adorable I was glad for him.  

I don’t know what is up with the Bills making games they should win so close, but at least they ended up on the winning side.  That was much too close for comfort. 

Sometimes Sean McDermott seems a little to Dick Jauron-ish.  He tries not to be Jauron but conservative is his default.

Josh Allen played above average.  When he plays his best, the Bills can beat any team.  Here’s hoping we see early-season Josh Allen more often down this stretch.

Editor’s babble: Teams are taking away the deep threat and forcing Josh Allen to be patient (not his strong suit)… but don’t expect @Bills_Chick to give him any slack. A win is a win and this one was about as big as they come for statement games. Thanks to all the Godmothers for their contributions to our blog. You can find me posting more trash on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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