Buffalo Bills Football Is Almost Really Here

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Getting ahead of ourselves is a hobby and passion.  Optimism is so addictive that Walter White may as well manufacture it.  Who stops a habit just because it’s unhealthy?

Wasted months are worth it if the hours turn fun.  Buffalo Bills fans didn’t get a choice just like everyone else.  So, cheer for the best team in the universe to ruin unparalleled buildup for others.

Josh Allen still has much to prove.  Oh, right.  My reflex to get indignant at anyone who dares suggest he actually has to display accuracy may be unprovoked.  Presuming he’ll surpass Jim Kelly is the sort of overeager mentality that has set fans up for heartbreak over this century.  As with defending family, outside criticism infuriates members even if we’re saying the same thing.

Our personal savior’s improved stats could get even better.  Allen already enjoyed the sort-of advantage of playing during his first season on a struggling team, namely the chance to show staggering improvement.  I’m only doing poorly so my grades are even more impressive after I’ve gotten used to the subject.  Professors are bound to fall for it.

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Time in line far dwarfs time spent at the attraction.  But how badly do you want to sit in the Millennium Falcon?  Most hours are spent looking forward instead of enjoying what’s in hand.  We have to cope with idling, which is the fundamental lesson about sports and life.  It’s shocking when something fun actually arrives, especially in the voodoo curse year.

I keep hearing rumors of football occurring.  We’ve even been blessed with sporadic video evidence from rehearsals.  Seeing training camp from afar was like a proof of life recording from a pet sitter.  It looks like our best pals are being good while we’re away.

Nonstop isolation got us ready for games held in a different dimension.  NFL stadiums may as well be located in a hangar on Pluto.  We’re sadly conditioned: junkie fans craving any sports fix have grown accustomed to hockey feeling like it’s happening in a vacuum.

All the additions only seem like a rumor.  I’ve used countless precious hours reviewing an enhanced roster with no examples of how they interact.  At least we can go into the movie fresh like Frank Costanza prefers instead of having the plot diminished by encountering little bits beforehand.

It’s easy to feel optimistic when new players are paired with the desirable sort of stability.  Retaining talent is a trademark of every thriving team.  Tre White will remain our favorite goalie coach.

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Concurrently, management knows who shouldn’t stay.  Keeping Rex Ryan would’ve avoided turmoil, but the risky discomfort provided by change can be justified if life sucks enough.  Like Mister Burns’s stocks, steadiness is not necessarily a virtue.

The rather unpredictable season that’s about to kick off may as well be treated as thrilling.  You woke up strapped in the roller coaster, so you can either struggle in panic or enjoy the loops.  Channel unprecedented anticipation into embracing mystery.  Everyone is amped up as if we simultaneously finished iced cappuccinos quickly enough to provoke communal brain freeze.  Fans might even try to enjoy it as it happens instead of guessing what happens next.  

A chance to finally watch a team we treasure is a cherished moment worthy of some offensively bland motivational poster.  Yet the tritest advice is also often the truest.  Any football will feel like gorging after a game fast.  Food tastes best when the eater is hungry.  Look on the bright side of starvation.

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Life’s best parts are distractions from it.  Looking forward to anything but the usual doesn’t speak well for this plane of existence.  But a return to normal stupid days will seem joyous by comparison.  We will at last appreciate what’s not there.  It’s easier to cope with teams not doing well when you’re glad they’re playing at all.  Now, cheer for them to go beyond mere survival.

Nobody knows, which means nothing has changed.  Most projections are guesses based on the equivalent of scrolling past a tweet. There are even fewer sheep organs to read than usual.  A exhibition glimpse surely confirms our wildest publicly-mentionable dreams.  But we didn’t even get to see Stefon Diggs field three preseason passes.

Looking for signs on how football will go in December is typical summer behavior, if not quite rational.  A year where we haven’t even been handed little bits to foretell means we either speculate even more wildly than usual or just see what happens this once.

Football mercifully returning means we don’t have to imagine what at least one exciting thing will be like.  We’ve practiced even more than players: it turns out all that time as a Bills fan growing accustomed to never experiencing simple achievements was preparation for 2020.  An opportunity to enjoy athletic results when almost nothing has been pleasant will only feel like an apology if the Bills gleefully continue to deprive other fanbases of happiness.

Editor’s babble: Ha… true dat. It’s about time 2020 give up it’s unabated series of crises and give us something good. Thanks to Anthony Bialy for his contributions to our blog and making sense out of the non-sensical. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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