Even Preseason Missed by Deprived Buffalo Bills Fans

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It’s a bit too easy to measure the passage of time when we can feel every second.  Why does life never move this slowly when that football team we adore is down by nine with two minutes left?

We used to do things we like.  Try to remember that there was once more to the day than attempting to scrounge enough energy for living room laps.  I’m told going outside is permitted, but it seems frightening without a ceiling.

Find merriment to make life go faster.  The best way to make the minutes tick away is to get involved in fun.  Nobody thinks to check the time on Party Island.  By contrast, clocks are presently chugging along as if geologic eras are passing between full moons.

We’re reached the depths where missing preseason spurred even more now.  Kabuki football is a recreation of something interesting.  But four simulated outings beats the alternative, namely losing televised evaluation.  If there’s no real pizza available, Little Caesars will suffice.

There’s one thing worse than preseason games, namely not having preseason games.  I guess it’s good for teams to evaluate and implement.  They seem to appreciate the opportunity.

An advantageous situation can be diminished if achieved by compulsion of circumstances.  There are better ways to determine if the real season will unfold smoothly without preseason affairs.  I’d prefer a vote to reduce the emulated contests in a world not stricken by perpetual infection.

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Maybe it’s possible to ride a bicycle safely without training wheels upon reaching legal drinking age.  We still won’t learn if there’s real value in pretend games.  It’ll be tough to prove whether or not the season proceeds well without the preseason given what are hopefully one-time scenarios.  The experiment is contaminated even with training camps concluding from respective bubbles.  The gate might have rusted shut despite ample WD-40 application.

It takes removal of something ostensibly redundant to possibly see why it was useful.  Training outings sound like a trip to the fireworks outlet compared to being robbed of yet one more football landmark.

Summer updates help melt away the hours.  Glorified practices with other teams might even seem like real football if you’re watching in the periphery.  Looking up from your tablet might be the only way to check that the production isn’t unfolding that smoothly.  But what have you done with free warm evenings: enjoy pleasantness?  Pfft, there’ll be another sunset tomorrow but not another football warmup.

Appreciating something by having it taken away is the oldest lesson that we never learn.  Let’s try to retain information again.  We may as well attempt to understand why we’re so blue.  Remembering what keeps going wrong seems like it perpetuates pain.  But true agony takes the form of being surprised something dreadful happened as if it were the first time.

Teams face a void without the drudgery of filmed auditions.  Preseason is American Idol for football.  They’re an efficient way to find out if participants have deluded themselves into thinking they can make a career out of a pursuit.

Fans even miss crummy action.  By percentage, that accounts for most of the franchise’s history.  Forlorn quarantine inmates who miss their old pal football would even accept a 1984-style season, as it means football is technically being played.  There may be about as many attendees this year as there were near the coda of Kay Stephenson’s tenure.  I’m sorry if you dig the camaraderie of in-person high-fives.

Photo of Kaye Stephenson from Twitter.com (@TalkFBCoachKay).

The Bills may actually be good, what with players who seem familiar with American football.  We’ve been telling ourselves success could be more than a fantasy every few seconds for the past couple months.  Prison tests anyone’s sanity, so do the time any way that works without letting the time do you.

Daydreaming about a future where chances at happiness aren’t canceled is crucial for poor fans who’ve been dispossessed of work, basic interactions, and most importantly watching others run around trying to gain territory.  You know we’ve been through a lot when a worthless Labor Day weekend game against Detroit sounds enticing.

Let’s promise the universe to be grateful.  However much smiling we did while looking around before the world spun off its axis apparently wasn’t enough.  Being appreciative for the few things we have to cherish is one way to cope with random beatings.  Tell anyone you miss of such instead of muttering it in your head.  Buy them gift cards and maybe they’ll take you with them to Chick-fil-A out of appreciation.

We wish circumstances weren’t ideal for testing survival skills.  Not having something is the easiest way to know its benefit.  Do not attempt this with oxygen. 

The Bills have prepared us to press forward despite setbacks.  We are better equipped than most fans to endure plagues.  Treat losing as a lesson that can be applied when everything sucks. This isn’t our first famine.

Editor’s babble: Ha… for sure we’ve been battle tested in the losing department :) Thanks, as always, to Anthony Bialy for all this thought provoking contributions to our blog. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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