Baseball Showing Up Good Sign for Buffalo

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I’m already used to calling them the Buffalo Blue Jays, and it’ll take effort to switch back.  Backing the Buffalue Jays, for short, is an unexpected delight that emerged from the ad hoc solution to a virus problem.

A fleeting affiliation will be like having to give back a puppy we’re watching.  It’s going to feel sad when the owners’ vacation ends, but we get to enjoy fetch now.

The big leagues have arrived here in South Canada.  The Blue Jays technically crossed a border.  The first sport back in Buffalo is Major League Baseball because that’s normal.  Humans have naturally stopped trying to figure out what’s happening next, which is good practice for normal eras, as well.

The year where games disappeared features their strangest comeback.  The Clippers haven’t bravely sailed back to their first port, but 2020’s not over yet.

A league without an area representative coming to town is the most unexpected way to have sports return, which under present circumstances is expected.  Nothing’s made sense for recent history, defined as how long you’re willing to scroll back.

Straining to hear whispers about how the Bills are practicing is a sign of desperation. Any sports are welcome, especially if they’re going to win dramatically enough that it could be scripted.

Buffalo sort-of finally got a major league club.  Naturally, we’re not allowed to attend.  The genie granted our wish literally as he laughed about us asking to have a team.  Getting to keep and see it weren’t technically part of the request.  Let’s work on wording and next request to get a pro hockey franchise.

Ralph Wilson wasn’t born the last time this happened.  You don’t remember how long it’s been since a baseball club whose members can’t get promoted any higher played in the City of Good Neighbors.  Locals have just waited over a century. 

Buffalo fans are professionally patient.  Why do you think our teams lose so often and crushingly?  We were in training all along.  Now, we get another team to spur depression if they don’t make the postseason.

There’s no certainty that Schrödinger’s game is being played.  We can take pride in hearing about contests taking place in the area code.  Innocent January me struggles to grasp how there’s Major League Baseball in town, much less why he wouldn’t go.

I was grateful to not only learn I get MLB Network but to watch a broadcast from Buffalo.  As with Sonic seeming a daunting trek away in Cheektowaga if you reside in the Northtowns, the satisfaction is in knowing it’s there.

Toronto’s team could use warm thoughts.  For now, baseball is going to be like Bills games where home-field advantage means projecting positive vibes in the stadium’s direction.  Believing games are happening without firsthand evidence is unfortunately practice for football.  Fans can fantasize about someday again watching live while bumping elbows.

Enterprising Buffalonians seek rooftops with a diamond view.  Don’t stand by the on-ramp unless you want to meet a cop.  This would be a good time to invest in a blimp.  Those Goodyear dudes were thinking ahead this whole time.

Did you bake the Blue Jays a pie?  Or at least buy them a box of Zingers?  It’s nice to host even if it means we have to share desserts.  Foreign exchange players allow us to feel gracious.  Give a virtual high-five to Toronto’s starting nine.

Providing a home for a transient franchise makes Buffalo seem like a prominent town.  Even being a substitute host feels thrilling.  Put Joan Rivers on the city flag.

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It’s nice getting use out of Sahlen Field.  The Bisons are taking a gap year, what with the plague.  But the sport’s highest level is trying to evade zombies.  The precedent of restarting games means a great deal psychologically to fans who’ve been denied events that bring joy on top of everything else.

Resuming competition has seemed as much of a dream as the Bills winning a wild card.  But events occasionally work out after stretches of hideous suffering.  Football’s never felt more like a need.

It was natural to cheer for this side even before their layover.  The closest Major League team and Buffalo’s affiliate creates an easy chance for international amity.  Those of us who grew up watching Jays games on CFTO are glad the city took in the TV team.  We can’t claim life inevitably features progress as long as Canadian channels are left off Buffalo’s cable packages.

There’s a large crossover in the Venn diagram intersection of Blue Jays and Bills fans.  It’s nice having a pleasant Buffalo/Toronto exchange to wash out the bad aftertaste of annually ceding a football game to Ontario.

Buffalo is the site for the supreme level of baseball for the first time since mustache wax was last in style.  Now, the area’s partisans just want the first football game since January.

Letting visitors play on an available field provides something to anticipate other than a Bills training camp that may as well be held on Tatooine.  I’m still wondering how this results in me getting Willie Upshaw’s autograph.

Buffalo appears good even if we can’t see play in person. Helping a transient franchise makes the city look even better. The Leafs still suck if anyone was feeling too neighborly.  They were one of two teams that got to play on their own ice under 2020’s bizarre conditions and still blew it? Edmonton wasting the same blessing is no excuse.

Editor’s babble: As if this year can’t get more surreal. Thanks, as always, to Anthony Bialy for bringing some perspective to our lives as sports fans in the midst of a pandemic. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.Go Buffalo Blue Jays!

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