Odd Training Camp for Buffalo Bills

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The biggest training camp concern isn’t usually whether or not it’ll exist.  We’ve taken it happening for granted, which is apparently expecting too much from our kind and orderly world.  Our hopes presently revolve around having games at all rather then dreaming about them turning out happily.  That’s one way to learn gratitude.

A location change means we’ll have to remind ourselves that it’s training camp no matter the form it takes.  The prospect of using New Era Field for primary instruction doesn’t feel special.  These simulations will almost resemble ordinary practices.  But perhaps the routine of players working from their adopted Erie County homes could inspire progress.  It better, as there’s no option.

There’s already a setback in implementing something coach wants.  Sean McDermott has mentioned he likes moving operations to an away site for a concentrated football dose.  He seems like the sort of intense executive who prefers the boot camp feel.

The immersive experience is already gone, and we’re not even at day one.  There’s a certain appeal to charges living in dorms where they have nothing to do but study playbooks.  But using the same facilities as the rest of the year creates a chance for players to prove they’re pros.

Trust teammates to learn and gel without getting out of town.  Buffalo’s football team has spent two decades holding its primary drilling abroad in the faraway land of Pittsford.  Now, players can head to practice without having their passports stuffed in their pads.  And they get to have dinner at home unlike during sleepover camp.

Regimented camp is already as much of a relic as an encyclopedia set.  It’s not like the Bills have to return to the Knox family’s polo fields.  Players are already in shape.  Or, at least they better be.  The NFL’s most prominent employees are able to afford mortgages without second jobs.  They’re not trying to build muscle mass after a couple of months at a stockbroker’s office.

It’s not to dismiss wisdom of elders, but modern people might be past the era of putting pro athletes in student housing.  Pro football outlets have fancy facilities that could get an extra couple weeks of service.  Not using New Era Field is like going to a Dunkin’ Donuts at a Thruway rest stop when there’s a full service franchise in your ZIP code.

Photo from duluthnewstribune.com.

Those who come to Orchard Park for work can spend more time living in the city where they play.  Roster members may as well reside in those houses for another month.  They just have to remember to take their places off Airbnb.

Wondering if the move home will turn permanent is nothing against John Fisher, as that dude has been a saintly host.  Summer practices on a campus in the next city over function as a live commercial for gangs looking to expand territory.  This Bills are determined to be a regional franchise from Toronto to Nick Tahou’s.  But one showcase is off the table.

Erie County’s football club is perpetrually trying to attract neighbors.  Ideally, anyone around the Buffalo bullseye would be welcome to take a trip to view the club’s permanent pro facilities.  Rochester residents can take a short jaunt to preview the stadium if any of us are allowed to be in the same venue as athletes again.

Photo of Ad Pro Sports Center from visitbuffaloniagara.com.

Camp glimpses the team releases on social media might be designed to make their players looking their best.  I’m sorry to be cynical.  Regardless, blink-length clips would be a joy right now.  Dream of poring over them like the Zapruder film.  Could they tweet some from last year just so there are snaps to watch?

It turns out regular life features far more certainty than realized.  We thought previous seasons contained ample unknowns.  But by comparison to rotten sickening 2020, other years are as predictable as a comment on a Trader Joe’s Instagram post asking if a new product is vegan.

We wish it didn’t take Godzilla ravaging to make us appreciate how nice the skyline was before.  It’s not like life was idyllic before society crumbled due to infection.  Buffalo fans have it even tougher without amazing successes to cherish during seclusion.  Please let us enjoy a 15th playoff win.

Get ready to seek rumors about how training is proceeding.  Fans fret about their favorite competitors getting through the ordeal not only uninjured but uninfected.  The one thing better than hoping young healthy people can withstand infection is not getting ill in the first place.  And you thought implementing an offense was trepidatious.  I miss the halcyon days of 2019.

Editor’s babble: Whoda thunk we’d be knee deep into July wondering if training camp will actually happen? 2020 is definitely the Year of the Suck. Crossing fingers, burning incense and breaking out the ouija board. Thanks to Anthony Bialy for his spicy contributions to our blog. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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