Presently Moving Past Woe to the Future with Buffalo Bills

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We may as well be hopeful when there’s no cause.  That’s insane by any logical standard, which means the notion fits nicely in our demented world.  Maintaining optimism is the most foolish mentality in light of experience and also the only thing that allows us to face more. Cheering sure is fun.

Following a sports team is essentially a religion, so believers may as well get zealous.  We are doomed to an eternity of suffering after choosing the wrong one.  Why did we pick Buffalo for our birth cities?  Most Bills fans were fated from their first moments to be supporters, which doesn’t speak well of fate.  But letdowns inspire devoutness in those who pass the test.

The unyielding persistence of time forbids us from hanging around to enjoy wins.  Good clubs should be fine with how clocks work as they look forward to crushing new challenges.  Nobody values fleeting triumphs like us considering how infrequently we get them.  Please let last year’s faint success not be an exception.

The Bills are unique in the same sense everyone else is.  Each fanbase wants a distraction from life, especially when the world seems doused with even more napalm than usual.  We could really use the respite from the shuttering of civilization to attempt to halt the approach of a contagious barbarian.

Of course, some of those seeking a respite through cheering follow teams that will finish with three wins.  If you think life’s going to offer relief just because it keeps kicking you, you’re not remembering clearly.  Just please let someone else feel like a bus station floor this once.

This mean universe doesn’t care about how residents are suffering.  Cruelty in indifference will lead to greater rewards, people hilariously attempt to believe.  Bills fans who’ve been telling themselves such since the second AFL championship have so often been the ones used to demonstrate life’s arbitrary meanness.  Nobody has felt sorry for us, so cheer for this to be the season where we return the favor of not caring about the woes of others.

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Our forecasts are based on a season that can’t be replicated and with new players to incorporate.  They’re bound to be accurate.  At least there are hopeful indicators.  Making sure Stefon Diggs gets enough chances to catch is the best problem to have.  How am I going to spend this stupid giant inheritance?

Those who believe in this team know to value reaching the tournament.  This club finally enjoys management acting like mere appearances are insufficient.  There’s nothing ungrateful about expecting more than a cameo.

This troublesome era of consistent disaster may be the one time wishing with all our might will actually work.  I modestly claim we’re due for a break.  Yes, all teams believe that.  But Kansas City has less of a claim on a termination of woe than us.  Those poor bastards have to return over 10 billion beer cans to pay Patrick Mahomes.  By comparison, the Bills have progressed to heartbreak during wild card games, and it’s not too bold to hope for a postseason win one of these decades.

It’s well past time for both the offense and defense to be functional during the same season.  Humanity’s especially painful present interlude makes expecting success this year even more reasonable.  One can only look ahead for so long.  While planning ahead is admirable, it’s daft to buy bonds while the pantry contains nothing but mustard and unfrosted Pop-Tarts.

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But summer still won’t end any faster.  It’ll take slightly more waiting after years of doing the same.  If nothing else, we’ve trained to be patient.  Turning over a roster took a season or two, which isn’t fun after 15 seasons or 16 of oblivion.  But at least the improvement is only a small slice of the pie chart.

Buffalo fans are trying to not let minds wander even though the pen is open.  Bracing for a downside is natural.  But it doesn’t feel like management has excessively sacrificed in order to get the sorts of players they wanted.  One of the million things to look forward to with the return to normalcy will be seeing how well new players conform to alignments that have already been shown to work.

For the Bills, hoping for sweet relief is a historical issue.  Time without sports has provided the faithful with time to reminisce about happy moments.  But most only lasted for a week or two.  Even pleasant conference championship game results offered fleeting joy, as you may recall results in the next outings.  We just want the next offseason to be euphoric with nostalgia, especially since this one feels as desolate as New England’s bandwagon.

Present progress still hasn’t included a playoff win or divisional title.  Fantasizing about success is crucial when mere existence is a challenge.  The one thing that sustains through sparse eras is envisioning outcomes not constantly resulting in crushing disappointment.

Brandon Beane set up the franchise to withstand calamity.  Justifiably believing circumstances might improve is the result of competence.  Wisdom takes the form of preparing for a disaster you don’t know is approaching.  Specifics are easy to face as long as you’re ready for anything.  The zombies might not catch us or that team we follow.

Editor’s babble: This entire year seems like a bad dream. Hopefully we can wake up to at least a modified football season, likely without fans in the stands. Big thanks to Anthony Bialy for finding humor in this mess. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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