Quinton Spain ripped, ready to roll

Photo of LG Quinton Spain from Twitter.com.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Buffalo Bills’ LG Quinton Spain posted a solid example with this recent photo from his Twitter (@quinton_spain) account. The collective thud you heard were jaws dropping around the country. This amazing man dropped 20 pounds and most of it looks like it came from around his mid-section. Holy not-so-fat cat!

Wow. What brought that on? Spain recently shared some insight with Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News about his off season conditioning program. The photo above speaks for itself about whether or not Spain was staying in shape during the pandemic.

Photo of Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Eric Ciano from buffalobills.com.

It also shows why award-winning Eric Ciano is so valuable in his role as a head strength and conditioning coach in the NFL. Creating training programs and coaching them via Zoom or FaceTime seems like it would be an astronomical undertaking.

However, if the rest of the Bills’ roster put the same dedication in as Quinton Spain has been doing this off season, watch out NFL.

Obviously the COVID-19 pandemic created numerous obstacles for coaches in terms of planning out training camp practices this season. It’s not difficult to imagine a sleepless Sean McDermott running every permutation he can think of in order to make the most out of each practice at New Era Field when training camp starts in a few weeks..

Photo of Sean McDermott from todddurkin.com.

Spain is an interesting character. When you watch interviews with Quinton, it’s easy to come away with the impression he is a quiet guy just going about his business. Don’t be fooled into thinking Spain isn’t full-throttle pumped and ready to roll with the Bills’ maturing offensive line. Sandwiched between emerging star LT Dion Dawkins and top shelf center Mitch Morse, a lighter and leaner Quinton Spain could be just the guy to open up more opportunities for an offense seeking consistent productivity.

I’ll always be partial to the big guys up front who relish doing the dirty work on offense. Same for defense, but offensive linemen are fascinating to watch. There’s so much more that offensive linemen do than just block and open holes for the “skilled” players. When I break down a play to see how the offensive line blocked on any given play, it’s pretty clear just how much precision is necessary for playing offensive line at a high level.

In fact, as far as offensive linemen go… I think they should be referred to as the Zen Masters of the offense. The synchronicity necessary for five men to function as one is something to behold… and Quinton Spain shows us why he’s so serious about playing to win an NFL championship this season.

If Spain’s attitude is emblematic of the rest of the team, the Bills are as mentally prepared for success as I’ve seen them be for many years. Who knows what variables may occur when trying to conduct an NFL season in the midst of a pandemic.

Being singularly focused as an offensive lineman will be crucial for the Bills’ success… if there is an NFL season. Instead of getting down about it, just take one look at Quinton Spain’s picture… that should make all of BillsMafia smile like our good old friend The Grinch.

You knew it was coming :) Photo from Imgflip.com.

Editor’s babble: So much more confusion as we enter what is usually the “dead period” of the NFL calendar. This year, who knows what’s going on behind the scenes. You can usually find me behind the scenes running my mouth off on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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