No fans, but BillsMafia will FIND A WAY

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On Wednesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued guidelines for professional sports competition as New York enters Phase 4 of their reopening process. Unfortunately, unless there are changes made between now and then, no Bills fans will be allowed to attend, tailgate or congregate near New Era Field on game days. Ugh. Thank you once again, COVID-19.

Many of us thought this might happen… and there’s still no certainty games will even be played at this point with the pandemic in full swing around the country. With training camp only a few weeks away (maybe), how in the world are we supposed to cope with an NFL season without fans in the stands, tailgating and all the traditions we cherish when the NFL season finally arrives?

Allegedly the NFL has put a number of contingency plans in place depending on a variety of circumstances. Now it’s time for BillsMafia to put our own plan into action. Spurred by @SandiJCampbell on Twitter, I’m putting out a call for ideas about how we can creatively approach this season with a plan to make our voices be heard by the players on game day.

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My dream would be to find a way to link BillsMafia via a Zoom-like app that is played over the speakers at the stadium that allows all of us cheering from around the world to be piped in for the players to hear, Put video clips of Bills fan messages to players that would be displayed on the Jumbotron. With zero savvy at making something like this happen, I’m clueless about logistics of getting it done.

However, BillsMafia is a creative and talented group of diehards. We know suffering like few other fan bases (ok, maybe the Browns’ dawgs). It’s bad enough thinking about watching a game without fans in the stands. Surely there should be some way we can creatively congregate with one another and share what is supposed to be our really talented football team this year?

So… I’m asking all of you to put your tin-foil hats on and come up with some ideas about how we can get our voices heard by the players on game day. Hit me up on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO and let’s start making a plan. We can’t let a pandemic stop us from celebrating the team we’ve been waiting for decades to see!

It’s time to show the rest of the NFL how to get it done on game day.

BillsMafia, what say you?

Editor’s babble: You KNOW if any fan base can FIND A WAY… it’s BillsMafia. We have to do our due diligence McBeane style and come up with a plan to rescue our players from the horror of playing games in silence. Let’s get the creative juices flowing and as McDermott said… find a way to deal with this as only BillsMafia can. Thanks for reading our blog.

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  1. Hi Robyn! I am a television producer on a popular late night lifestyle show for a major television network. Every year I produce a special NFL themed episode that airs nationally in early September, right around kickoff. For this season’s episode, I am exploring the idea of potentially producing a 5-6 min segment on tailgating amid COVID, and how notorious fans like BillsMafia plan to support their teams, in spite of the unique challenges ahead! One idea I have is hosting a “virtual tailgate-off” between two famous tailgate cities i.e. Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs, moderated by our famous show host, to see which city truly brings it (based on creativity, enthusiasm, costuming, props, etc.) I’m still in the early stages of brainstorming, but would love to pick your brain to see if this might be of interest, and what if anything, the BillsMafia have cooking up! Please send me an email and let’s get the conversation going!