Even Less to Guess About as Buffalo Bills Return to Business

Photo from syracuse.com and Joe Croom.

The Buffalo Bills are facing an unpredictable season, which makes it like all the others every team has played ever and also everything else in history.  The mystery is only more inscrutable during the time of enforced antisocial behavior.  Thanks to padlocking society, we know less than nothing, which mean we’re finally aware what it’s like to cheer for the Patriots.

Like how salt makes a food taste more like that food, the lack of information about the presumed upcoming schedule is simply more dramatic.  It’s tough to wonder how the season will go when we’re unsure if the season will go.

What changes are in store when nobody’s allowed to breathe on each other? Football enthusiasts may have to get accustomed to players trying to run in John Travolta bubbles.  Boy, tackles are tricky from a distance: defenders just have to yell that the carrier is down.  The honor system may make officiating more challenging.  But we won’t even be able to tell as we watch from personal blimps.

It figures there’s excessive uncertainty as the Bills seem to be on the verge of being a little better than okay.  A traditionally woeful franchise we worship like an omniscient deity might actually be capable of winning the division, a modestly impressive accomplishment that Buffalo has only managed to achieve 10 times.  And the odometer hasn’t moved as they’ve idled: their last title came in 1995, when people were wondering if the cast of Friends were friends in real life.

Photo of QB Josh Allen from WKBW,com.

There’s no way to ascertain whether Josh Allen is throwing more accurately.  It’s only the sole thing that’s consumed us since he was drafted.  Now, there’s even less information to measure progress.   Evidence of progress now includes vague memories and vivid dreams.

To be fair, we only know essentially nothing during non-zombie apocalypse years. Fans hope the real treasure from Allen’s unofficial practices is the friends made along the way.  Players that bond presumably work well together.

Deprived believers don’t even get to review simple practice repetitions. During a slightly more normal year, rehearsals get treated like they’re being remembered for posterity.

We’re trying to plot out the next decade here.  Meanwhile, there’s no chance to smoothly incorporate rookies into routines.  Watching rudimentary practice clips as if they’re prophecies is our typical summer internship.  We better still get credit.

Attempting to determine what will unfold is as human as hating your high school.  People have insufficient information on account of how time stubbornly passes at a steady rate.  But at least being stuck in the dumb present is always the case.  While these times seem like they’re excessively intense, people should know this time of year is always stressful in uncertainty.  Isn’t that comforting?

Photo from isonline.com.

The present lack of activity as civilization restarts has imaginations racing.  Restless inmates feel like they’re hepped up on caffeine without a phone charger.  Trying to predict what’s next is tough when what’s now is so desolate.

Anticipation is the highest while there’s the least stimuli.  It’s one of the universe’s cruelest twists since Bill Belichick figuring out how to coach after leaving Cleveland.

Those enduring burdens created by pausing interaction may as well take the lessons offered during crisis. After all, that’s what the Bills have taught us over decades of melodramatic collapse.  Knowing we know nothing is the best way to learn.

We consult the Magic 8-Ball hoping to learn about tomorrow.  But we wouldn’t really want to know.  Sports are appealing in unpredictability.  It wouldn’t be fun to watch if we knew what was coming, which makes guessing fun in context.

Humans have to find a way to enjoy the lack of information concerning what happens next.  There’s even less choice about envisioning life ahead than usual.

Attempting to influence events is the best way to affect prognostication.  Gonzo sports feature those giving the accounts participating in the story.  There’s finally the sense the Bills aren’t interested in having chapters dictated to them.  For far too much of their history, results just sort of happened.  The Brandon Beane outline seems to be creating as much control as is possible.

Trying to remember there are bigger issues than football doesn’t trivialize our fondness for it.  The postponement of sports made us remember they’re not just a distraction but also a reflection.  We watch games hoping to glimpse qualities featured in everyday life.  Backers just want to see skill put to good use.

June is dedicated to hoping football will unfold happily under the best circumstances.  Now, those enduring ruin have to rebuild a bit more literally than usual.  Fortitude should be used to inspire, as woeful times are otherwise wasted.

The Bills try to do better one more dang time if it doesn’t work, which is a helpful example in its way.  At a time when people are recovering from being ordered to produce nothing, the prospect of Buffalo achieving something has never been more welcome.

Editor’s babble: Thanks to Anthony Bialy for his thought provoking contributions to our blog. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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