Going Fromm a Good Risk to Controversy with the Buffalo Bills

Photo of QB Jake Fromm from baltimoresun.com.

Jake Fromm will compete with Josh Allen to back up Matt Barkley.  Maybe the depth chart will stack up slightly differently in practice.  Name recognition may not be sufficient to win a second-string role.  The Buffalo Bills hope they added more than attention from the rest of the league on the draft’s third day.

I pray he’s more protective of the playbook than his texts.  Sending something unpleasantly racial would have been troubling under normal circumstances and is particularly unfortunate at a time of tense strife.

An improbable chance to continue as a pro is now hindered by an unforeseen disturbing turn.  The Bills claim to have accepted his apology, but those forgiven can remain on probation.

Fromm’s best case is that his remark was some twisted inside joke that looks bad out of context.  Friends may say deliberately preposterous things to each other that sound awful to outsiders.  The thing is those judging may be coworkers.

Poor judgment is not a good quality for a pro quarterback.  Fromm’s regrettable exchange distracts from what a fascinating rookie case.  A famous fifth-rounder is as rare as a Tom Brady Buccaneers jersey at Buffalo RiverWorks.  This is not a slight against, say, Quintez Cephas, the player selected before Fromm whose career I learned about on Wikipedia. But it remains unusual to recognize the 167th pick.

In Fromm’s case, anyone who knows college football exists proves there’s occasionally an exception.  Now, his anti-social socializing complicates his story further.

Photo of QB Jake Fromm from clutchpoints.com.

Fromm’s best attribute is how thinks like a quarterback, which is probably a good skill for someone with his job to possess.  He might not be able to play like an NFL one, which makes it tricky.  Good sense and keen instincts allow for fun on campus that might not translate into a career.  All students can do is pursue passions and hope jobs follow.

Blame the NFL’s shortsighted prohibition on cybernetic implants.  Fromm’s dang physical limitations kept him from learning which team acquired him a few rounds earlier.  He lacks massive arm strength that NFL general managers search for in private tabs.  The inability to execute concepts also kept me from getting my number retired by multiple Pegula franchises.

Arm strength isn’t the only questionable aspect.  Someone as bright as Fromm’s been portrayed has to know anything he types may be exposed.  A public figure must be aware of what can happen with private conversations even if narcing isn’t okay.

A lottery ticket’s appeal is the low investment.  If you lose a buck, so what?  The state rejected my slogan.  Regardless, some gambles involve little enough wagered to make them worth the cost.  Liabilities get low enough if you wait for a bargain like an educated consumer.

At some point, discounts mean value is so strong that it’s foolish to turn down the option to purchase even if your inventory is already ample.  You might already have a television whose image can’t be seen all at once on account of how it stretches past the horizon.  But Target might be selling them at a slashed price where you simply must toss one in your cart.  It just has to turn on when you press the power button.

Everyone connected to the Bills has had bouts with sleeplessness while consumed with worries about the physical health of the present starter.  Allen’s tendency to dive off the cliff headfirst without checking water depth could lead to the need for a substitute.  More ideally, Fromm’s ability to show what he can do as a pro might discourage reckless collisions with rocks in the first place.

Fromm has a better chance of getting cut than winning the starter’s job.  Envisioning a competition is almost as fanciful as imagining the newest option winning it.  No fans are suddenly cheering against the franchise quarterback.  But not knowing what happens next is the point of everything.  If life worked according to plan, Conan O’Brien would still be hosting The Tonight Show. Those surprised by events not unfolding according to plan get thrown off by having options.

Photo of QB Jake Fromm from clutchpoints.com.

Fromm thrived at a premier SEC program, which is as close as the college game gets to the NFL.  A viewer could have turned on football randomly on a Saturday and had a decent chance of seeing him.  And he usually won.  The Bulldogs racked up a 35-7 record with him behind center, and five to one would be a good touchdown ratio, too.

Those of us whose greatest freshman year accomplishment was finding the library feel great shame reflecting on what Fromm did between classes.  The Bills have a Rose Bowl winner and national championship runner-up against an Alabama team which has taken as much fun out of the college game as the Patriots have from the paid version.

A new AFC East quarterback won three SEC East titles.  That’s as impressive as it is silly that a conference has one grouping named the Southeastern Conference East.

Fromm’s previous most questionable move was skipping his final season.  Aspiring pros usually move out of the dorms in anticipation of joining a team on the draft’s opening night, not Saturday afternoon.  But he might have peaked.  His statistics declined his final season to the point where he might have concluded it was time to get to work before he lost any more potential income.

He’s putting his education to work in case anyone thought the first part of student-athlete is necessarily a farce.  A finance major is trying to make money without staying in college for another year, and that’s worth more than a diploma.  But he first must stick on a team filled with skeptics.

The Bills hoped they drafted a quarterbacks coach.  Fromm might not have a career featuring many attempts.  Still, someone who understands the game could be invaluable to a franchise even if he’s not throwing.  He’d work fewer hours while wearing a jersey as he’s getting paid more than he would wearing a team polo shirt, too.  

Fromm seems like he grasps the game and is quietly motivated by doubters.  But his play isn’t in the news.  He has to convince the roster he’s the community service-focused team captain he was presented as pre-draft.  A prominent late choice seemed like it presented minimal hazard.  So, here’s an avoidable complication he created along with divisiveness. Things not working out is how they work out.

Editor’s babble: Just what we don’t need right now are more racially insensitive social media posts or texts from NFL players. I hope he spoke with Josh Allen about his experience with ill-advised tweets when he was 15 years old. Thanks to Anthony Bialy for his terrific contributions to our blog. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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2 Replies to “Going Fromm a Good Risk to Controversy with the Buffalo Bills”

  1. My father used to say, “Some people grow up when they are seven, some grow up when they’re 17, some when they’re 47, others not until they’re 70, and some never grow up.”

    My mother often said to me, “You’re so smart, you’re stupid!”

    It’s not going to be easy for Jake Fromm to win the trust of his teammates now. Let’s hope that he has grown up quickly these last few days and that he is smart enough not to continue being stupid. The former can really help with accomplishing the latter.

  2. not sure where the writer of this article lives but its definitly not buffalo anybody here would know that josh allen is the starter and fromme would be competing with barkley for the backup job just an fyi to all