BillsMafia ‘repped’ by special words from Bishop Curry

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Everything is upside down. 

In our little world, the world of the Buffalo Bills, we’ve suffered through decades that sometimes gave us heart-breaking disappointment, sometimes gave us seeming endless futility, sometimes gave us false hopes.  It’s been a soul-crushing journey, and yet the souls of Bills fans survived.  

And now, when the Buffalo Bills and their fans finally seemed to be leaving all of that behind, seemed to be finding true success and having genuine cause for optimism, now when the football world finally was coming to recognize that the Bills’ time actually was coming, the real world has stepped in and said “not so fast.”

First the COVID-19 pandemic struck, taking human life world-wide, threatening us with death and economic disruption, if not desolation. The pandemic threatens our little world, too. It threatens to derail the 2020 NFL season or at a minimum to take from us the joy of being with our team as it continues its ascent to the NFL’s higher echelons. 

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Now our cities are burning, again, as white America is reminded, again, what black America never forgot: that we have not yet cleansed ourselves of the 400-year-old curse of slavery and racism. It’s easy for us white folk to ignore the trail of bondage, brutality, and murder of black people that is as much a part of our history as freedom and prosperity has been for white people. Both are part of who we are.

Still, in our little world, Bills fans persevere.  We are in this for the long term, and we will have our day, if not this season, then soon.  The Bills will prevail.

And the United States perseveres. We are in this for the long term, and we will continue to build a world that honors, respects and dignifies our common humanity.  We too will prevail. 

Listen for a minute to a man who understands these truths better than I, and notice the souvenir lovingly displayed on his bookshelf: 

We all can be proud that one of us, a Bills fan and an American, speaks with such wisdom.

Editor’s babble: This is not about any particular belief system. This message is about doing whatever we have to do to promote LOVE. We need to stop getting messed up about whether we believe this or that… this is not about religion or any particular belief, it’s about human decency. Bishop Curry is right when he said the opposite of love is not hate, it’s selfishness. Thanks to Mark Korber for this important message. You can’t find Mark on Twitter, but you can find him posting on’s Stadium Wall message board.