Cracks in Brady’s game can only mean good things lie ahead for Bills this season

Photo of Tom Brady splitting his pants from H/T @MattSugam via Twitter. Tommy obviously needs to be re-measured to fit his over-40 bottom.

OK… he who shall remain nameless isn’t playing in the AFC East now, or even on the Buffalo Bills schedule during this upcoming regular (irregular) NFL season. Still, after 20 years tormenting the Bills we are understandably triggered by anything that happens to the man who still looms over our pigskin nightmares.

When HE splits HIS pants on national TV, you know BillsMafia is closer to reaching peak 2020.

However, it really was a toss up in terms of what was the most intriguing watch on television Sunday because Josh Allen also teased us with a big shout out to BillsMafia during an interview on CBS’s Inside The Huddle with Tony Romo. When asked by Romo about our insane fan base, Josh lit up a sly grin and said he was saving “something special for BillsMafia” this season.

It’s interesting to observe the difference how BillsMafia is perceived by the national media today compared to how Bills fans were treated by the press back in the day. During the Bills’ glory years of the 90s, Bills fans were portrayed as crazy but in what I would term a bad way… the ‘hillbillies’ of the NFL if you will.

Shockingly, 2020 not only brings us a pandemic, but also growing respect for BillsMafia by national media outlets. Good Morning Football folks regularly praise us for our passion and knowledge about the game. We’ve been featured in media coverage for our famous tailgating traditions and our unique antics bonding before games at New Era Field.

We don’t need a reason to celebrate. Photo courtesy of

It’s as if we’ve suddenly become the NFL’s latest darling.

Of course the Bills fan inside each of us becomes immediately suspicious the minute we get any recognition outside our own little piece of the cosmos. We’ve grown comfortable with the moniker of being lovable losers. We all have honorary PhDs in sports misery and continue to be looked upon by other fan bases as if we are some sort of alien curiosity. Maybe we are.

All this attention is fine. I’ve been admittedly way too comfortable with the Bills as loser-underdogs because it helped form all the scar tissue that covers my football soul. Pretty sure I’m not alone in that regard.

Nothing ushers in a ‘New Era’ like the grand opening of Tom Brady’s golf pants on national television. It was like the rip heard round the world.

Sometimes we miss the significance of little things like this until we do a retrospective analyses looking for indicators that the end of a dynasty is near.

If we’ve learned anything from this COVID-19 pandemic, let it be that we learn to appreciate the little things leading up to a spate of good fortune. ‘BILLieve’ it or not, the Bills just might be really good this season.

However, every time I feel the urge to take it all in I think about Browns fans last season and what happened when they believed the hype about their team. This season will have a different set of challenges like no other.

How teams capitalize on the changed variables of preparing for an NFL season during a pandemic makes this season unique in many ways. We will all be challenged to adapt in ways we never thought about before the ramifications of the COVID-19 virus entered our lives.

The bottom line?

Nothing grabs my attention quite like Tom Brady flashing his bottom line, except maybe Madonna in a bath tub. Not.

Control what you can and keep looking for reasons to smile… they’re out there in abundance, if you know where to look ;)

Editor’s babble: Seems like many of us are off the deep end at this point. We haven’t even made it to 2020’s ‘halftime’ and just think about what this year has been like so far. We might as well take the bandwagon for a ride and see who wants in on the Bills this year. I remain steadfast in my one-day-at-a time-approach. It’s all I can handle at the moment. You can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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  1. I would never doubt the opinion of this amazing BILL’s football fan! I sat beside her at two Bill’s games and learned so much.