Right on Schedule with the Buffalo Bills

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You wouldn’t think announcing just when a team will play who could bring happiness.  That’s because you’re opposed to fun.  Well, maybe not you personally, but you know the type.  Picture someone who notes wrestling is fake after being invited over for pay-per-view.

There’s actually precedent for getting wound up.  Doing well during 2019’s slate has partisans grinning while looking at the next one.  The Buffalo Bills already knew their opponents.  The little matter of putting them in the proper order is complete.  Looking forward to losing one’s mind running around lugging tokens on a rather full stomach at ShowBiz Pizza Place makes a faraway birthday exciting in the meantime.

Getting pumped for a schedule release embodies showing how much you care.  There has been little football news after spending three days hearing which teams added which college kids.  Learning dates and times is the second-biggest football event between the Super Bowl and training camp.  We could use some fantasies that won’t get us fired if we blurt them out during Zoom meetings.

During these desolate times, thrills take the form of imagining them.  Get through a particularly woeful offseason using any method that comes to mind.   Anyone baffled by anticipation for foes on specific fall days doesn’t know football fans in general, Buffalo Bills fans in particular, and while barricaded against the coughing horde specifically.

I wish I could care about anything as much as I do the placement of a week off for a team I follow.  Bills scientists examine if the bye was placed in an appropriate place.  I guess deep into November is a good time to rest.  All those consecutive games might make players tired.

The timing feels suspiciously normal. There must be a nefarious conspiracy because the league despises my team.  I’ll keep searching in truth’s name despite efforts to silence me.

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The lineup seems relatively normal even though I feel an innate urge to moan.  Not having much to kvetch about is a novel sensation for Bills fans.  The home and away dates seem relatively balanced, while the divisional matchups occurring in spaced-out pairs is a novel way of heightening competitiveness.

We have all the information we need to predict results based on vague memories of how this year’s foes performed last year.  Rosters don’t change much, right?

Humans like spending much of now pondering how life will unfold later.  The most important part of existence is wondering if a squad of athletes will perform admirably in a couple months.  Will we be blissful or devastated?  There’s no point in waiting to learn.  

It’s particularly crucial to envision pleasant times when life has been more about withstanding isolated devastation.  Staying dedicated to optimism is often unwarranted under the best of times.  Now, we’re also waiting for the new leprosy to pass.

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Football is the most prominent of countless normal activities we dream of returning.  Western New Yorkers now know which days wedding venues will be packed thanks to rare weekends when the home team isn’t competing.  Couples comprised of Bills fans raced to slap down deposits.  The most important factor in a successful relationship is shared values.  Slots on game days are available for the same reason nobody takes the vegan burgers even during a pandemic’s meat shortage.

We now know when we’ll have free Sunday afternoons to go to a cider mill or whatever poor souls who don’t spend lives obsessing about sports do with all that outside time.  We get free daylight hours thanks to the Bills getting to play one-quarter of games in the dark, including some on the first weekday.

I don’t want to stress out those who fear creatures of the night, but the Bills are going to start late a few times.  Don’t be surprised when it’s 1 p.m. Week 6 and they’re not playing the Super Bowl champions yet.  And the Bills are going to Massachusetts for a post-Christmas Monday Night Football outing against whatever pro team they have there.

Placing games when people who aren’t fans of participating teams watch is a sign of trust from the league.  Schedule-makers think this isn’t the same irrelevant franchise that loses spectacularly enough to make you fear they angered Zeus.  Fans may as well believe the same.  The disrupted ritual of late lunchtime outings is worth it.

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It’s crucial to overcome the sense Buffalo is doomed.  The determined notion applies not just overall but when the nation gets to see this club play after sunset.  Backers still reflexively picture their favorite squad losing in the most devastating manner possible when the most is at stake.  But last year’s edition didn’t crush hopes until their playoff game, which is measurable progress.

The Bills already passed two ominous tests before they obtained Stefon Diggs.  Dallas on Thanksgiving is a home field advantage unlike any other, which didn’t deter Buffalo.

And a Sunday night in Pittsburgh when they had every opportunity to falter ended with the bizarre sense of accomplishment.  It still feels like they could fall apart, but I checked and the game has been certified as completed.  The Bills get another chance to prove they can finish under stress when the home-and-home with the Steelers concludes Sunday night December 13.

A franchise which ideally starts play in September received a sign of progress in May.  All it took to receive confidence was making the playoffs once or twice every century.  For once, Bills fans aren’t alone in maintaining this could be a good season.

Editor’s babble: Kind of like it when the Bills fly under the radar. All this fawning over them on paper is making me cringe. Hopefully this team won’t get suckered in by the attention and headlines. Thanks, as always, to Anthony Bialy for his contributions to our blog. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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  1. Oh my God that article is so funny and so true! Great job! LET”S GO BUFFALO! GO BILLS!