Primetime Bills Now a Reality

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On Thursday night, the schedule for the 2020-21 NFL season was released. The schedule for the Buffalo Bills this upcoming season has fans excited. The slogan that’s being used to describe it is “Primetime Bills”, which is what Bills’ fans have been wanting for years. It’s now officially a reality and it’s wonderful to see.

For the Bills this season, they’ll have four primetime games on the schedule, which is significantly better than it was last season. Outside of the showdown last season in Pittsburgh against the Steelers, which was flexed to 8:20 PM, there wasn’t a primetime game on the schedule. The hard work and culture change of the Bills franchise is being rewarded and recognized around the league. Let’s break down the team’s four primetime matchups for the upcoming season.

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The Bills first primetime matchup this season will be at home on October 15th at 8:20 ET against the defending Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs. This matchup is destined to be a very good one. The Chiefs are known for their explosive offense, led by reigning Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes. The Bills are known for their physicality and grit and now being explosive with newly acquired Stefon Diggs being Josh Allen’s number one target. And the defense will definitely look to slow down Mahomes and the Chiefs, which they’re more than capable of doing.

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The second primetime matchup for the Bills this season will be on the road against the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers. It’s scheduled to happen on Monday, December 7th at 8:15 PM ET. If you love old school football, this is the matchup you definitely want to see. Both teams love to rely on their defense to win games and the rushing attack. And in doing so, generate just enough big plays down the field to put pressure on opposing defenses. It should be a battle of which defensive line will reign supreme and which quarterback makes the least number of mistakes.

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Now the third primetime matchup for the Bills this season should be a wild one. The Steelers will be coming to town on December 13th at 8:20 PM ET. Last season’s matchup in Pittsburgh was a very good one, with the Bills coming out on top 17-10. With a returning Ben Roethlisberger on deck for the Steelers, it should be an entertaining matchup. Just like the 49ers matchup, it should also be a matchup that the Bills will be eager to prove on the national stage that they’re here to stay.

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The stage is now set for the fourth and final primetime matchup of the season. The Bills will go to Foxboro to battle the now “Tom Brady-less” Patriots. The matchup is scheduled to happen on December 28th at 8:15 ET and despite with Brady departing, it’s still a personal matchup. And it’s not just because it’s a rivalry matchup. It’s a matchup Bills’ fans always are amped up for, especially now with the franchise trending upward and New England going the other way.

When this matchup happens, it could be a matchup that the Bills need to win to seal the AFC East crown, a crown the franchise hasn’t secured since 1995. It’s also the perfect stage to defeat a team that’s been a pain for the Bills for over a decade. In doing so, an official changing of the guard in the AFC East will become a reality. Being able to stick it to Bill Belichick in the process will give the Bills even more motivation to get the job done.

Editor’s babble: So what if the Bills haven’t hosted FOUR primetime games since the year Josh Allen was born. It’s time for us to dust off our egos and feel good about who we are as BillsMafia and break into the national spotlight again with pride. We can only hope at this point we actually get to see live game with at least some fans in the stands. Thanks to Allan Wright for contributing to our blog. You can find Allan on Twitter @almwrg.

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  1. A group of guys get together every few years and go to a out of town game. We are planning to go to Las Vegas to watch the Bills play the Raiders. We would like to team up with the bills mafia. How do we go about this? Please let me know. Thanks.

    • With the pandemic changing everything, I’m not really sure right now. If games are happening, we’ll get the word out on Twitter and round up BillsMafia for some serious tailgating, etc. Thanks for stopping by and checking out our blog!