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Yes, it is Christmas in April for BillsMafia. The time has come for watching a live sporting event (well, sort of) on the telly from our various perches across the country.

It’s NFL Draft Day… a day like no other, especially in the midst of a pandemic. What should have been an over-the-top party Vegas style suddenly morphed into something none of us expected to see in our lifetime.

A ‘virtual’ draft held in various basements and offices around the the NFL with General Managers left in seclusion with various numbers of screens and in an assortment of set-ups… all praying there isn’t a snafu. You gotta love it.

We all know Brandon Beane is saying BRING IT ON. No one does Draft Day like the Beane man. The Bills have never been in better hands running an off-the-cuff draft by a snake-man who moves up and down the draft board like a side-winder.

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No one knows what to expect when the Commish gets his first virtual boos to open the draft. The world is a strange place right now, but given the resiliency of the human spirit and a love for all things NFL, we’ll all soldier on this weird adventure.

In order to keep up with the draft from a BillsMafia perspective, let us offer you the full-meal ‘Dean Package’ of resources to keep on hand as we all experience this glorious experiment together. Click on each heading for the link to Dean’s great work.

Dean Kindig’s BillsMafia War Chart

This is handy for watching the entire draft and should be placed on a tab for your viewing pleasure. This is a labor of love Dean kept up to date throughout the year. We cannot thank Dean enough for this incredible resource.

Astro’s BillsMafia’s Mock Draft – Final Addition

This is Dean’s final masterpiece and it’s a doozy. If the Bills select any of these players, they will have improved the team. It will be interesting to watch the first round even without a pick by the Bills to see who may be dropping to their first pick at #54.

Astro’s Draft Week “Pick-Six”

This is a terrific write up by Dean Kindig of six players (with a couple extra thrown in for good measure) in each round of the draft he thinks would be a great fit for the Bills. It will be interesting to see which players might end up on the Bills roster or perhaps an AFCE rival.

Editor’s babble: Thanks to the great Dean Kindig for his tireless and year-round coverage of college players as they transition to the NFL Draft. You can expect his first mock draft for 2021 within the next couple weeks. This man never stops and we’re all the grateful beneficiaries of his hard work. Thanks again for another year of incredible coverage, Dean. You can also find Dean on Twitter @TCBILLS_Astro.

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