Buffalo Bills Hope Choosing to Watch Makes First Round Thrilling

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The draft is ideally boring.  Teams should have already made necessary improvements without relying on rookies.  Like waiting to learn if you got into your first-choice college, tension means grades aren’t quite good enough.  For those who didn’t do enough smart work already, it’s off to the University of American Samoa Law School.

Adding collegians now shouldn’t serve as a substitute for thrills during games.  The Buffalo Bills presently don’t even get a turn on opening night, and that just means they acquired someone who’s already demonstrated he’s a pro.

The name of a new guy to cheer for would be a nice thrill for a few seconds.  Then again, so would buying apps until your phone’s out of memory.  This is the sort of year where it’d be nice to have a first-rounder to praise even just to kill time. Still, Mafia members already have players to look forward to competing.  A front office executing a transaction intended to be spectacular would only compensate for a lack of competence.

New players who’ll be confined next to us in Erie County homes soon can feel relaxed in a stressful era for all.  They don’t need to make a crazy impact in order to have a fun season.  A deep talent pool of veterans offers comfort to rookies while studying the playbook and DoorDash menus.

Suddenly cocky fans believe the Bills are already set up for success.  Yes, that involves getting ahead of ourselves, which is an annual April tradition like waiting for the snow to end.

But this front office has actually created valid reasons for anticipation.  Now, they aim to merely enhance the roster with rookies who don’t have a choice of where to go.

Teams pumped for the draft are trying to distract by how they get their choice of most or all players.  Hope is never bad except for when it doesn’t work out and you end up even more crushed because you thought existence would finally stop being horrendous.  The difference between how it sounds and how it turns out is like hearing there’s a way to connect all humans while sharing what excites us before finding out it’s Facebook.

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It’s not to presume success will finally arrive, which has been unofficial team policy since the time when televisions were a luxury.  Yet excessive enthusiasm might finally be reasonable.

This roster has already been fortified after displaying precocious growth last year.  While nobody should be satisfied, the pace feels sufficient. That’s not even to mention they may be facing the right direction.

The Bills don’t need to pull off a spectacular heist.  Avoiding criminality offers a nice change of pace.  They’ve often made Powerball their retirement plan.  But present management doesn’t seem like they must futilely assure us they’ve noticed a ping pong ball pattern.

Anticipation masks nervousness for clubs needing to believe they know just which quarterback will never have to buy a drink in his adopted town again.  Too often, the intended redeemer instead becomes the reason fans start drinking malt whiskey with their first Pop-Tarts of the day.

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Clubs should already have their answers.  The draft is like an open book test: if you have to learn while you’re doing it, you’ve already failed.  Anyone who’s prepared won’t be frantically searching.

It’s better to be uninterested on the draft’s opening night.  Hearing a new guy’s name called through Skype dilutes the initial excitement.  More importantly, the Bills have already built a foundation.  Adding draftees is more of a curb appeal situation than a need to replace a condemned dwelling.

Addressing requirements at the selection process means work’s not already done.  By contrast, a franchise choosing its highest-graded player regardless of position is in good shape for now and setting itself up for more of the same in upcoming seasons.

Too often, the draft ends up being a team’s most exciting day of the year. It should ideally happen during a game after the calendar change.  Life is based in how good it’s supposed to be to distract from how dumb it is now.

There’s no way to check how it’ll go.  Teams don’t get to check the results of wagers based on our current inability to control time.  Some general managers want warp speed, but they wouldn’t like the results of jumping ahead.

The Bills don’t get a turn during the first go-around of the biggest event in an endless offseason.  Fans naturally want adding new players to be a high like beating Dallas on Thanksgiving.

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Daydreaming about a Hall of Fame jacket for a first-rounder would be sweet, especially when we’ve been sent to the hole.  But all these years of looking forward to distract from how today sucks are paying off during quarantine time.  New England fans are not prepared for the low quality of replacement components if there isn’t enough to enjoy ahead.

It’s natural to want a first-rounder to daydream about becoming BFFs.  But the Bills have already made good buddies with qualified veterans.

Buffalo’s roster is not Goodfellas, which means it can be improved.  They could certainly upgrade both lines.  In a broader sense, any team that thinks it can’t boost its stock will be surprised when the line doesn’t keep climbing.  At the same time, the most promising teams added their best players before this week.

Trying to justify not possessing a first-round choice can feel like a bigger reach than Aaron Maybin.  Still, getting a proven talent beats hoping to draft the next Stefon Diggs.  Many teams try to be millionaires by presuming they’ll have a million dollars.  Those in the best shape have already invested.

Editor’s babble: This post is an example of why we love sarcasm and especially the way Anthony delivers it on Wednesdays about our Buffalo Bills. Takes the bump out of the Hump Day. We can all use a little irony these days. Thanks to Anthony for the giggles and his continued contributions to our blog. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy. Enjoy the virtual draft!

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