Bills fans should rejoice because ‘McBeane’ will be more than ready for 2020 NFL Draft

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What occupies the minds of many members of BillsMafia in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic? The Bills’ upcoming draft at the end of the month, of course. At the moment we have no idea how, where or who will be ‘on-site’ for the event. Seems like the best way to get it done would be to let each team draft out of their own war-room. But that might make too much sense.

Thankfully, one of the things we don’t have to concern ourselves with in the midst of this crazy world is how the changing the draft process will effect the Bills’ readiness to knock another draft out of the park. If you missed any of this interview with Brandon Beane last week, be sure to check it out.

First of all, it was very considerate of Mr. Beane to take time and help out the local media with a lengthy interview that will provide quotes for the weeks leading up to the draft. Classy move, but also smart to maintain a good working relationship with the media.

Rolling into this third season for Beane you can tell he’s found a comfort level in how to share just enough information to technically answer a question but he also will balk at reporters asking for details about negotiations with players. He draws that line and you best not cross it.

Imagine a scenario where the Bills were still being run by Russ Brandon, Doug Whaley and Rex Ryan… in the middle of this type of pandemic. Yeah. With all due respect, their collective incompetence would only add to the burden of stress we all carry right now. It would feel bleak and hopeless to be a Bills fan if a pandemic was going on during that era.

Now take a look at the face of leadership at the helm of the Buffalo Bills these days. Aside from still looking like Opie (Ron Howard’s character on the Andy Griffith Show)… Sean McDermott also exudes a special shine so genuine you can’t help but be moved by his authenticity.

So who would you rather have determining the fate of our beloved Bills at this time than this guy?

This is also where you see leadership that transcends the spectrum of professions. Being a calm, strong role model in a time when we need it most comes from a variety of sources. Being an NFL head coach just happens to be how Sean McDermott represents his beliefs to the world and makes a living. His leadership would shine regardless of whatever profession he was practicing.

You can feel a positive energy when McDermott steps up the podium on any given day. Some may not like his open discussions about love but I think he’s giving us all a lot of hope. He definitely gets how much BillsMafia has suffered over the decades.

In his own way, Brandon Beane communicates the same kind of positivity with his engaging personality and openness during interviews. However, the amount of baloney he also spews right before a draft is downright hilarious at times. Most of the time we only realize long afterward what his intentions were in the first place when it comes to the draft.

The trade for Stefon Diggs is a great example how Beane means what he says when it comes to being open-minded about trading first round draft picks. Most of BillsMafia probably got a chuckle out of Beane saying he plans to play Diggs highlights when they announce the 22nd pick in the draft.

So when your brain is stressing, BillsMafia, just think about how McBeane are going to slaughter this upcoming NFL draft. They’ve already shown they what they can do with early, mid and late round picks. Once the world gets back in business, the Bills will hit the ground running toward a season of high expectations.

For once, joy replaces dread when it comes to the Buffalo Bills, thanks to McBeane. Let’s kick some COVID-19 a$$ and get back in the business of hating on the Patriots*. It’s what we do.

Editor’s babble: Hang in there, BillsMafia. You can find me blabbering on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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  1. Love your post as always. Keep up the humorous side to your posts! Hope this finds you and your loved ones well and staying safe. Just as I was planning a game trip this season to either Denver or Vegas…

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words, Sharla. We are hanging in there. Hope the same for you and yours. I hope we can meet in person sometime… maybe that game in Denver! Be well dear friend :)

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