Buffalo Bills Might Not Be Done Catching Wideouts

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There’s not enough powdered sugar on the ice cream topping our waffle.  Buffalo Bills fans are spoiled with sweetness, which is way better than all those years of broccoli for dessert.  Our favorite team has three impressive receiving options, which naturally means we hope they add a fourth.  The best clubs appeal to different tastes.

The Magic 8-Ball already knows if the Bills had a good opening draft pick.  It is decidedly so. They selected really early.  Management moved even faster than John Brown.  If Stefon Diggs were available at their erstwhile first-round slot, they’d take him so quickly that it’d make Richard Sherman’s head spin.

The Bills are not going to take a wide receiver as soon as they choose a collegian.  Right?  That sort of presumption will leave anyone surprised.  The option remains if you weren’t thrilled enough by a receiving supergroup that’s bigger than Cream. 

This front office could fortify an impressive platoon even more by virtue of having addressed many of their other needs.  It’s not like the starting lineup will be the same for the Bills and the AFC Pro Bowl squad.  But there aren’t any glaring staffing deficiencies.

It’s possible to go too crazy. Adding another receiver is like buying Lego sets when you only have string cheese and Taco Bell fire sauce packets for dinner.  But how dedicated are you to this hobby?  

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The first step in assembling a superhero team is obtaining a diverse range of skills.  The newest group member runs routes like they’re painted on the field.  He joins Brown, who could only be speedier if he jumped from a helicopter.  And Cole Beasley exploits the space created by the other pair taxing the secondary downfield.  It’s a good sign if open underneath routes are the least glamorous role.  They should all get chances to move so quickly that each will be tough to defend even if defenses notice them.

Yet there’s a particular type of weapon still missing from the arsenal.  This offense could use a tall wideout who’s able to mock opposing cornerbacks from the clouds.  Management still seeks a literally noticeable upgrade for the back row of the team photo.  Buffalo needs a stretched-out tight end who can snag two-yard touchdown receptions by jumping high enough to frighten blimp pilots.

The Bills hope they have their fourth target already if social media is good at scouting.  They already have a secondary option to beat the secondary if Duke Williams can be as good as projected on Twitter.  We’re still waiting for potential to be realized from a player with a dozen NFL receptions, half of which came in a finale where the ending didn’t affect the story.  But his struggles emerged from poor decisions made in his personal life a few years ago instead of on the field now, so the continued hope for redemption could benefit Buffalo, too.

The Bills might try to make throwing passes easier instead of adding a rookie catcher.  A drafted offensive tackle could help without touching the ball.  An indirect method for assisting the pass game might work if they’re focused on need.  It’s easier to throw without fearing a defensive end will try to smash your rib cage like he’s trying to pack a carry-on to avoid checking a bag.

We won’t know for awhile just how audacious management will be.  The franchise has to presently wait until the 54th slot to hand out a neon-themed draft cap.  The Bills opened presents on Christmas Eve.  Fans should not feel disappointed since they got to know what Santa brought early.

There would be less pressure on yet another wide receiver, which is a relief considering how hard it is to find one who’ll prosper right away.  Eluding cornerbacks is a particularly taxing challenge for a new pro.  A gifted receiver can rely on physical gifts while facing a political science major.  Meanwhile, even a good one might take a few seasons to emerge against paid players.  But it might be easier to fulfill a supporting role from day one.

LOS ANGELES, CA – SEPTEMBER 17: Larry David attends the 70th Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 17, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images).

A positional group can never be too good.  Josh Allen has fewer worthwhile excuses than Larry David does for social misunderstandings.  He now gets to target a receiver drawing not just coverage but national attention.

Diggs coming aboard is a big move reminiscent of adding LeSean McCoy.  The Bills added the kind of player other teams know without looking up the roster the week before a matchup. It’s less surprising only five years later.

Fans don’t want to hear about practical concerns regarding just how many exceptional players management can add.  Sure, they only have so much to invest at each spot and limited resources in many ways.

Adding talent at one position is a zero-sum game where management has less to invest elsewhere.  It might be too costly for Brandon Beane to decide a fourth receiver is worth his first pick.  But spectacular moves seem more feasible now.

Editor’s babble: Being able to have flexibility in the draft is a rare luxury for the Bills. A solid draft ahead and this team will be loaded with talent for the season. Hopefully, there is a season. Thanks, as always, to Anthony Bialy for consistently finding a way to providing giggles about our Buffalo Bills. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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