Wyoming’s Logan Wilson could ‘replace’ Lorenzo Alexander’s multiple roles for Bills

Photo of ILB Logan Wilson from kowb1290.com.

We all know what Lorenzo Alexander meant to the Buffalo Bills. After losing Kyle Williams the previous year, the Bills took another huge hit in the leadership department on defense when Alexander retired. Thankfully, Lorenzo made sure the torch was properly passed and the younger guys are now ready to assume the leadership role.

However, with Alexander stepping into the next phase of his life after retiring at the end of the 2019-20 season there’s more than a just a leadership void created by his absence. Lorenzo Alexander was one of football’s wonderful stories as he morphed from defensive tackle to playing whatever position at linebacker needed filling at any given time in countless defensive schemes.

Alexander wasn’t even drafted! That he played such a vital role at the end of his career is a testimony to his dedication and adaptability. His contributions on Special Teams were also a significant part of his story as one of the NFL’s more interesting players.

So, if the leadership role is being smoothly transitioned to the trio of Tremaine Edmunds, Matt Milano and Tre’Davious White… who is going to be that ‘chameleon’ defensive player for the Bills? The guy who can play multiple positions, contribute to special teams and eventually become a respected leader in the locker room?

Look no further than Wyoming’s Logan Wilson as a potential ‘jack of all trades’ who would fit like a glove in Sean McDermott’s defense, albeit his skill set is more back end of the defense than front end like Alexander’s.

This 6-foot-2, 250-pound native of Casper, Wyoming originally thought he would be playing defensive back for the University of Wyoming at Laramie, but the coaching staff had other ideas. After four outstanding years as a three-time Captain, he’s primed and ready for the NFL Combine and what lies ahead.

Is Wilson the fastest, biggest, strongest at every parameter? Nope. But what he does have that makes up for it is a relentless passion for the game. When the Cowboys needed a player to come up big, Wilson shined like a star.

He reminds me of a young and hungry Lorenzo Alexander. Logan Wilson is a humble, thoughtful, religious young man who embodies that same alpha personality Lorenzo showed us, but in such an understated way you didn’t realize how effective he really was as a leader in the locker room and the community.

Like ‘LoZo’, Logan Wilson preferred to lead the Wyoming Cowboys defense by example. We know Alexander was not a fire and brimstone kind of guy like Kyle Williams… and we all saw how Lorenzo evolved into the undisputed leader on defense last season despite his quiet mannerism.

Wilson had to be encouraged to be more vocal as a leader for the ‘Pokes’ and he stepped up big time. His performance on and off the field at the Senior Bowl this year created a lot of buzz. Mel Kiper must love Wyoming because he was the “Oracle of Josh Allen’ and now projects Logan Wilson to the third round of the draft and rising.

I’ll leave all the particulars about how Wilson could be utilized as a hybrid inside linebacker/third safety to our resident expert Erik Turner and terrific analysts at https://www.cover1.net/. They can figure out exactly how Wilson might project and play a unique role as a ‘tweener’.

All I’m suggesting is Logan Wilson ticks a lot of the same boxes in terms of potential value for his services. If he performs well at the NFL Combine next week, he might end up overvalued, but if he falls into the more average numbers he might be had for a bargain. That’s how important the NFL Combine is for these young players.

Logan Wilson’s physical attributes are there in terms of fitting Sean McDermott’s desire to acquire players with unique and multiple skill sets. Wilson is smart, a relentless perfectionist and played all four years at Laramie. If he isn’t overvalued by the time of the NFL Draft in April, he would go a long way in filling the huge hole left when Lorenzo Alexander retired.

Editor’s babble: You KNOW I’m going to be loud and proud for Wyoming players entering the NFL. Logan Wilson is the real deal. You can find me on Twitter (although I’m interacting less because of all the rudeness these days) @RobynMundyWYO.

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3 Replies to “Wyoming’s Logan Wilson could ‘replace’ Lorenzo Alexander’s multiple roles for Bills”

  1. Love reading your articles especially those that pertain to our Wyoming Pokes. Also I have had to block some fans and even a whole site because they were so negative. Don’t need that in my life. Things have been much better since I did. We all felt bad after their wildcard loss. I finally rewatched the game and realized how great they did for most of the game. Can’t wait to go again.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Sharia. Here’s to our Wyoming Pokes!!! Indeed, I’ve taken a break from interacting much on Twitter and reviewed the people I follow to improve the quality of my timeline and it’s helped tremendously. There’s enough negativity we have to face on a daily basis and choosing to read more seems counterproductive. Have a great day, and thanks for reading our blog!

  2. My wife is from Casper and I lived there for a year with her, so we are super pumped to see a player from Wyoming as a strong prospect in this draft. She brought Wilson to my attention and I’m thrilled with the way the guy tackles – we had a real problem with that last season and it’d be nice to have a guy come in who understands and masters the fundamentals. He fits in well with the culture, too. Thanks for writing this up – it was a pleasure to read and see someone is thinking he’d be a great fit for us as well.