Buffalo Bills Look Even Better Compared to Flailing Skaters

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I wish the Sabres had an owner like the Bills.  Hold on, as I just checked and they’re actually the same people. Oh: One Buffalo. I get it now.

Measuring progress versus the hockey team is obvious. But as with going to both Ted’s and Anderson’s if you happen to be on Sheridan, it’s crucial. Holding up each team’s performance next to each other indicates how much football results have improved.  The non-Jack Eichel roster portion doesn’t have to slack that dramatically to help their pals.

Comparing the Pegulas’ teams should motivate the slacker Sabres.  If the hockey side doesn’t care for being measured against their portfolio companion, they can make the playoffs this decade.

Brandon Beane could be Sabres general manager if Terry and Kim are reluctant to pay a salary to another failed fired hockey executive.  Sure, his background might not involve too many skating athletes.  But maybe he can recognize talent no matter the sport, and the acquisition process can’t go any worse.

It’s harder to flip a football team, which makes the Bills’ recent rise to semi-prominence even more impressive.  The only way they could improve their status is relative to their slacker sibling who pursued hockey.  Football features bigger roster with more complex dynamics, as those who have dedicated their lives to observing both games may have noticed.  

At the same time, the lack of guaranteed contracts makes them easier to discard. NFL money isn’t all there, which you’d think would be an issue players would take up with their union.

Photo of Kim Pegula, Brandon Beane and Terry Pegula from lockportjournal.com.

Nonetheless, deals are structured so they can be terminated by cold managers who’ve decided employees are no longer valuable. At it takes is absorbing a hit. The Bills did it by sticking to a plan and taking a beating in 2018.  Tough times formed today’s sturdy personality. For once, struggling had a purpose.

Importantly, there was never the sense the Bills were losing on purpose. Sure, there may have been games where it seemed like players were auditioning for the XFL. But unfortunate performances were not the result of angling for draft position.

Meanwhile, the Sabres forgot to stop tanking. Dismissing culture’s importance is tough while observing a franchise that skipped the opera to watch The Masked Singer.  “You know what’s good for culture? Winning” smirk those who seem a little confused about where cause and effect begins.

What one enjoys may not make for a good career. Take how the team the Pegulas actually care about blunders like it is club policy. The failure of something beloved is a depressing sign about life. Sports offer a sobering reminder about the chasm between dreams and outcomes.

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Pursuing a passion is unwise if you’re not trained in it.  Don’t anticipate earning a living in music without having talent unless you’re Taylor Swift.

Meanwhile, the entrepreneurs picked up that football team of theirs because it came on the market and made it respectable.  The fixer-upper has curb appeal because they called contractors instead of trying to enact improvements themselves.

Removing enthusiasm may be necessary to achieve a goal.  On the other hand, the Pegulas have seemed to try not caring without effect. Buffalo’s first family seems shockingly disinterested in the plight of their delinquent hockey business.  If they’re disappointed by play so inept that it indicates unfamiliarity with the sport’s rules, imagine being a fan who isn’t in position to fire everyone responsible watching those with the power shrug.

The Sabres playoff drought is actually more depressing than the notorious absence the Bills endured even though it’s shorter, as hockey’s quick turnarounds aren’t limited to blowing 2-0 leads. Get a coach capable of scheming and find a capable second center, and suddenly ice hockey’s still going on when it’s warm.  Is Ryan O’Reilly on the market?

Buffalo’s clubs have been plagued with inattention for different reasons. Frustrated Sabres enthusiasts criticize owners who don’t seem to realize they can do something about the chronic heartache inflicted by a club that spurs more depression than the Sun setting before dinner.

How have you blessed me recently aside from assuring existence?  Fans rightfully expect more than mere survival for their beloved sides. You can be grateful a team didn’t flee to set up shop in Seattle while also noting they don’t deserve a banner for that.

The Pegulas have straightened out half their portfolio so far.  Winning at least 50 percent of the time is an improvement for 50 percent of the teams. You’ll never guess which brat has become the delinquent.  It’d be nice if both kids could be simultaneously good.

Making the postseason two out of every three tries isn’t an unreasonable goal if the Pegulas’ ice division wants to catch up.  You’d think the shame of the Bills making progress would mortify them into better efforts.

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