Another Super Bowl Watched, and the Buffalo Bills Can Dream

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I wish we weren’t used to others enjoying participation in the championship.  The season finale has often resembled Kyle being forced to watch Cartman play with the Tonka radio-controlled bulldozer for Buffalo Bills fans.  But we might at last be able to acquire our own toys.

This feels like first time in the wireless internet era that the Bills have seemed capable of advancing. The Super Bowl isn’t just a rumored event for luckier clubs to enjoy.

Relevance wouldn’t be new even if it’s only a vague memory. Tell whippersnappers you used to need a physical phone line to call in for online access, and they’ll be as confused as they are about this team once winning two or three playoff games in row.

Dial my landline if you remember the number so we can discuss football.  If there’s no answer, it means the internet has been invented and I’m owning Dolphins fans in an AOL chatroom.  Cheering for this team is a study of obsolete technology.  Feeling tied to wires is a form of technology as ancient as the Bills being a regular participant in meaningful games.  We only aspire to return to the one without free hours.

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As for another eternity, anyone alive for the last Chiefs Super Bowl is eligible to join AARP.  It’s odd for a club thought of as functional to have not made an appearance since Hank Stram’s jubilation over a successful call in the fourth edition.  65 toss power trap may have been the same play that Kansas City used for the clinching touchdown.

Didn’t they appear in the meantime?  Fans may have presumed Kansas City made a Super Bowl during the ensuing half-century, as they are not one of the league’s Detroits.  What seems obvious may not have actually happened.  Harrison Ford hasn’t won an Oscar, either.  

Of course, we’re familiar with not even being considered a possibility to participate.  A fifth Bills Super Bowl appearance has long seemed to be as remote a chance as Tom Brady being genuine.

The Mafia’s elders are astounded while pondering how many fans didn’t exist during the annual run for second.  Whippersnappers experience the confused joy of discovering the Super Bowl was an event in which Buffalo participated.  

The biggest obstacle to driverless cars is the psychological barrier of not seeing anyone at the wheel. Sports teams have to believe something that seems unlikely is possible if there’s any chance of it happening.  The Bills are overcoming the sense they don’t belong by plotting out the destination.

Two out of three playoff appearances makes it feel like we’re being spoiled.  Even one of those is rare in these parts, as it’s only happened 19 times in the franchise’s existence. But nothing has to stay the same just because life seems to form patterns.

This team’s present version hasn’t peaked, at least unless our nightmares come true.  This is Buffalo fandom, so the worst possible outcome our minds can conjure while we’re too tired to sleep may feel likely.

But why not spend an offseason dreaming of competence?  The time in between games feels like a sentence for committing a felony, so our task is to make ourselves think positively.  A lottery hopeful may buy a Powerball ticket just to fantasize about digging a moat around a personal fortress.  Thinking the Bills could thrive is two dollars cheaper with slightly better odds.

A Buffalo fan on social media could mention them as a playoff hopeful without getting ratioed.  At least, dismissive replies might be equal to retweets.  The case is easier to make, if not presently entirely convincing.  The season to bicker about mock drafts began days ago.

To be a millionaire, start by getting a million dollars.  Picturing the roster moves Buffalo’s personnel elves will make is fun as long as we remember they haven’t actually performed their magical rituals yet.

Free agents remain the objects of dreams.  Life could finally go according to plan.  But getting ahead of ourselves is like presuming it’ll be easy to attend a reunion without embarrassment once you’re an astronaut.  Actually walking in space is the tricky bit.

Yet improvement at last seams obtainable.  Enjoying the thought of the Bills working to add helpful players was the best use of commercial breaks.  Anything was more interesting than wondering if Mister Peanut was still alive.

Buffalo suddenly has precedent for confidence.  The club needed wide receivers last season and management found two of them, which still feels shocking.  It’s not taking proficiency for granted to think Brandon Beane is still pretty good at his job.

Buffalo could make a Super Bowl contribution aside from wing dip. Participating in the season’s coda would be wild in part because it no longer seems unfeasible.  The offseason is as interminable as the interval between seasons of Better Call Saul.  Like Sammy Watkins, it’s good when it finally shows up.

Time passes more swiftly when it’s not plagued with dread.  Not fearing the future is a nice adjustment to make.

Editor’s babble: If only we could say the same about the Sabres. Here’s hoping they figure it out as well as the Bills have done since McBeane arrived. Thanks to Anthony for always keeping it real. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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