Stop whining about Mahomes

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If we are to consider ourselves one of the best fan bases in the NFL, it’s time to let go of negative, non-productive behavior from the past. You could literally hear the whining about “missing out by not drafting Patrick Mahomes” all the way to Wyoming after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

Twitter was rife with the “coulda, shoulda, woulda” to the point where it was time to shut off the computer and find a better use of my time. Every time Patrick Mahomes farts in the right direction BillsMafia goes into a collective spasm.

It’s time to stop wallowing in self pity over bad choices from the past. It’s not healthy to engage in such behavior beyond noting its significance and then letting go of any emotional attachment to it. Exactly what good comes from obsessing about regret?

Regret definitely serves a purpose if it is used to reflect on what went wrong and acquiring the wisdom to not repeat the same mistake. However, when it becomes obsessive to the point of actually causing a Twitter meltdown, that’s way over the line.

Y’all better listen to your Uncle Tre.

What this type of negative reaction about Patrick Mahomes not being drafted by the Bills shows me is that way too much of the BillsMafia family lacks gratitude as a base emotion.

Why is it some people choose to look at the glass of water as half-empty and have to be reminded (gently, nice job by Uncle Tre) to be grateful for what we have today? What benefit comes from obsessing about something so out of our own personal control?

If we expect the Bills to improve the culture at One Bills Drive, is it unreasonable to expect BillsMafia to get rid of some of our bad habits from the past as well? If we want the team to have a new attitude, shouldn’t we look in the mirror and clean up our own act?

How about we start by letting go of all the “coulda, shoulda, woulda” crap?

The future for the Bills hasn’t been this bright for 30 years. Why on earth would BillsMafia Twitter be full of people arguing about something so ultimately meaningless in the grand scheme of things?

If we expect our team to pull their stuff together, then maybe it’s time we look in the mirror and do the same for ourselves.

Editor’s babble: Holy heartburn folks. Take a moment and breathe. Let Twitter be filled with joy for our rising team and not full of sad/angry obsessions with the past. Holla at me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO all you want.

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6 Replies to “Stop whining about Mahomes”

  1. Awesome post! You stated what 98% of us are feeling. Changing the culture to having a winning mindset also extends to the fans! Billieve in the Process.

  2. Couldn’t have said it better. We have All Pro talent with more to come from more players like Malano, Edmunds, Allen, Dawkins, Singletary and maybe more. The Bills haven’t started to look this good since the assembling of the early 90’s teams. This is of all the times the best to be proud of being a fan of this great team and organization. Be grateful and thankful we have a fantastic front office and coaching staff. If you don’t like the decisions of the team find a new team. Some say it’s being a fan, I call it not being a fan long enough to experience the lowest time, and the best of times. Great article GO BILLS!!

  3. I personally would not trade Tre White, Edmunds and Dawkins for any single player, even Mahomes or Brady.

  4. I for one believe the Bills are exactly where they were in 1989. One more draft and some smart spending and we “shall” arrive! No more wild card weekends!