Late Playoff Absence Should Motivate Truant Buffalo Bills

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We know conditions are good when people kvetch about trifling issues. Thoroughly comfortable social media brats use pocket computers that make life a doddle to explain why life is an oppressive hellhole. Not one of us complaining about how slowly GIFs load since Twitter’s redesign would’ve survived the plague.

Complaints can still be valid even if relative. At least, they better be, as I have to rethink my existence if moaning about trifling matters is unacceptable. An airline misplacing luggage is frustrating even if you still have your health and a place to live. One doesn’t need to be struck by a space station crashing into Earth after its orbit decays to be having a bad afternoon.

The Buffalo Bills have elevated their standards. This regime is stable to the point that losing to the Texans in the tournament will remain embarrassing indefinitely. Seeing Houston forget to play defense this past weekend just increased the ache. I bet our favorite team wouldn’t have went from insurmountable lead to humiliating defeat in the space of four GEICO ads.

Despite a tempting menu, the feast remains at least a year away. Fans have every right to expect more than ending fasts. The only thing in the fridge is ranch dressing.

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It’s cruel to know the playoffs are going on after our invitation was rescinded. Watching others play on is like being outside ShowBiz Pizza Place while everyone in your class attends a birthday party. That should be us on the barn slide.

The calendar changes nothing. It’s fair to believe the Bills could’ve been more competitive against a bye team, which means the year is off to a sadly appropriate start. This club remains as consistently heartbreaking as the Emo Project.  The improved Bills have reached a new level of anguish.

Putting their talents to proper use would’ve ensured continued participation. It’s deflating to think of how many soulless shriekers The Voice has inflicted upon society while genuinely enjoyable singers entertain only themselves.  Please let skill shine.

Feel free to moan about being better than the Houston team that ended Buffalo’s postseason the same day it started.  Keep seething if you think you could’ve held the Chiefs under 273 points.

The Bills can genuinely feel like they can compete with divisional behemoths. That and seven dollars will get you an excessively roasted shot glass-sized Starbucks coffee.  Madden simulations may have had them winning the majority of the time. And the human element shows why we don’t trust video game characters unless they’re fighting barrel-heaving apes.

The fact the roster didn’t live up to potential should haunt them for each moment until the next season’s opener. If fans have to feel that way, then players definitely should. Anger is the best way to avoid wasting more talent than Artie Lange.

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Contentment is for the Dalai Lama. Those hoping to be one with everything should find a different sport. Another winless postseason is supposed to feel constantly disappointing. As with posting carefully-cropped Instagram photos to make sure exes know you’re living large, a squandered opportunity should be used to motivate.

A championship team better not feel one before they die is sufficient. The Super Bowl victor should expect to win again next year.  As for a franchise still working on moving the needle past zero, the Bills know what they have to do to finish, which is the nicest way to frame the status of a club that might try to convince you it’s against NFL rules to win a playoff game.

Yet conditions have elevated so quickly that I feel like taking them for granted. The Bills are in a far better state than they were under the guidance of, say, caterwauling potato Rex Ryan. You know he hates how the Bills presently have a coach more interested in showing than telling.

Pleasant moments are already easier to find, like when FXX shows good Simpsons episodes instead of tiresome chronological marathons where indolent viewers endure inept seasons. It’s hard to have ever made quality viewing.  But nobody should be expected to invest energy following inane narratives.  Fans shouldn’t take a good performance for granted while simultaneously expecting proficiency.

The Bills didn’t burn out trying to make a playoff run this year. That can feel like taking the bus to avoid putting miles on a car. Yet it’s nice knowing there could be rewards ahead. The savings bonds Bills won’t be spending the 2020s coping with a hangover after living it up.

The team that calls New Era Field home has ample cap space, as they’re no longer paying players to not play.  Thanks to canny management, they don’t have to replace like 19 starters, either. What they’ve already done will make what they want to do easier. The best way to earn good grades turns out to be studying.

Sports are supposed to distract from life. Instead, they frequently reflect how much it sucks. Frustrations can carry over into games, especially in these parts. But a season can also teach perspective, which is useful during our bleak existences on this indifferent planet.

The Bills didn’t prove they’re past their ingrained habit of falling short. But the chance to wait is tenser now. Worrying more counts as progress.

Editor’s babble: Thanks to Anthony Bialy for keeping us in chuckles with his contributions to our blog. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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