Mafia Mavens talk Daboll, get ‘cheeky’ about Josh Allen

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This is the face! Remember the blabber from one of our first Mafia Mavens podcasts when I explained the physiology behind what happens when Josh Allen seems to get too jacked up at times during the regular season?

After losing a heartbreaker of a playoff game to the Houston Texans, we had to revisit the issue again. The picture above depicts exactly what I was talking about when referring to the “Josh Jitters”.

This week we explored what happened when Josh started going off the rails and making bad decisions during the second half of the game against the Texans. It was the tale of two halves, and we did a deep dive into what happened from a cognitive perspective.

Danyel did a great job of bringing it home using examples from her own experience with issues of perfectionism… and the stress it creates when you’re trying to do more than you should be doing at any given point in time. We also discussed ways for Josh to deal with these issues during the offseason and what it will take for him to break some of these negative tendencies.

Along with this, we talked about the big divide in opinion about Brian Daboll’s performance throughout the season and whether or not it would be good for the Bills offense to move on from him as offensive coordinator (hint: we agreed he should stay).

Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

Also, here are a couple of easy explanations about the stress response you might find helpful.

Physiology of flushing, blushing:

Stress response:

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3 Replies to “Mafia Mavens talk Daboll, get ‘cheeky’ about Josh Allen”

  1. I’ve been calling out Dabollical most the season. He’s just not working . His plays are predictable he doesn’t seem to engage with the live game and change his strategy quick enough. Just don’t think he is good enough to go any further than he has.

    Our defence also lost their way in the second half even Tre white was getting beaten easily. The Texans got more creative again we didn’t react quickly enough to see what was going on and before you know it there are 11 points up on the board against us.

    Look I’m not totally down on this game it was exciting and we made the Texans play ball. I’m proud that we have gotten this far this season but if we are going to make the next step? Man there’s some work to do at every position and at every coaching station.

    Coach Mc and Bean have started to build from a strong foundation and it’s all about the detail, the effort, the talent and the will of the whole team to bring it for next season. I have faith I see great things coming. Go Buffalo.

  2. Hi Robyn
    Sorry for the delay in responding to your article on my father, which was well worth reading.
    Since starting the documentary on my father I experienced a traumatic brain injury hence being a couple years behind on everything.
    I would like to email you a copy of it along with the book please give me your email address
    Scott Gilchrist