View From The Geezer’s Chair: Jets at Bills Postgame Report

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Thank God that debacle of a game is over. Preseason games have more going for them than that one did. When the Bills end up with Isiah McKenzie at corner back you know all credibility is lost for this being a game with any merit.

Cheering for no injuries then having them anyway is just a miserable way to spend an afternoon. I wish I could ‘un-remember’ how bad that Bills offense looked. Bad snaps, bad blocking, mistimed plays, bad throws.

Yuck, this one had all that and more. The only highlight of the day for this viewer was switching to the Red Zone and watching Fitz torch the Patriots for a final touchdown that cost the ‘Bradys’ a bye week. Fitz is really fun to watch. This Bills game, however, not so much.

Onward to the likes (spoiler alert…there arent many) and dislikes:

ORCHARD PARK, NEW YORK – DECEMBER 29: Buffalo Bills player personnel checks on Levi Wallace #39 of the Buffalo Bills during the first quarter of an NFL game against the New York Jets at New Era Field on December 29, 2019 in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images).

The things I disliked:

  1. Zero 1st downs, 12 yards of offense in the 1st quarter. Ugly. Bad blocking, bad passing, zero rhythm to anything.
  2. If you’re going to use Allen to do what he did in 2 series, why even bother? The entire first unit on O and D looked like they were more looking to get out of there then to do anything productive in the game.
  3. Injuries to Levi Wallace and Ty Nsekhe. (Taron Johnson and Cody Ford got banged up too but it looks like they will be ok). I feel bad for Nsekhe who, again, got rolled up on the same ankle he had injured and painstakingly rehabbed.
  4. Why do the Bills use guards at tackle? Bates and Ford both would be much better off inside than out. Bates’ whiff on his first block nearly got Barkley killed
  5. There was no rhythm to anything on offense. I didn’t think Barkley played at all well though I acknowledge that the circumstances and weather conditions were terrible. Both of his interceptions were god-awful.
  6. The penalty on Kurt Coleman negating Jaquan Johnson’s interception. It was dumb, borderline dirty and unnecessary.
  7. Bad tackling….again. Taron Johnson and Jordan Phillips among others.
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Things I liked:

  1. That this game is over and it was meaningless.
  2. Taking a timeout to acknowledge Lorenzo Alexander in his likely last home game. It was a classy thing to do for a classy player.
  3. The spark provided at times by Yeldon, McKenzie and Duke Williams. I think they should find a spot for Yeldon and Duke in the playoffs. They have meaningful skills that others lack and this offense could use all the help it can get.
  4. The re-sighting of Tommy Sweeney. I see a really positive future for him on this team in the years to come. Knox and Sweeney both are good finds for this team.
  5. Both field goals by Hauschka were good and a kickoff went out of the end zone for the 1st time in a while.
  6. The D played pretty well the whole game regardless of who was in there. I would not be thrilled as a Jet fan if my starters struggled that much vs the jv.
  7. That Isiah McKenzie took one for the team and played db because it was needed. A selfless act that should resonate with coaches, fans and teammates.
  8. Fitz! (I have to mention Fitz….that was awesome).

The regular season FLEW by. 10-6 was a game or 2 better than I thought they’d be before the season began. With luck they’ll burn the tape of this game and it will be nothing more than a distant unpleasant memory heading to the playoffs in Houston.

I want to see more from the offense next week (and in the 1st quarter would be nice for a change). Make the Texans adjust to THEM rather than vice versa for a change. I think they’ll need to score more than 17 points (what appears to be thier gold standard) if they want to win.The Bills ability (or inability) to score will be a huge factor in however many games they should end up playing.

I wish my confidence level in the offense was higher. Perhaps I’ll feel better when the stink from the Jets game is totally washed off. Under any circumstance though, getting to the playoffs is a major step forward for this team, it’s young players in particular and the fans. Now win and see how success really feels!

Editor’s babble: This was definitely a forgettable game. Thanks to Joe Tauriello for his terrific contribution to our blog throughout the season. You can find Joe on Twitter @Joe_Tauriello.