Godmothers of BillsMafia: Bills at Patriots Postgame Report

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Same old, same old… but not the same old Bills. The result of the game was the same as it’s been for most of the last 20 years when the Bills face the Patriots. However, although the Bills lost this particular battle, the war for supremacy in the AFC East is about to heat up.

Of course the Godmothers were unhappy about the outcome… but they see bright things on the horizon for the Buffalo Bills. No one is more battle tested on this subject than our poor dear @Bills_Chick who is spending the holidays with her in-laws in Bawwwwston. Natch they are all Patriots* fans. Pray for her soul.

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Surprisingly, @Bills_Chick did get a report filed in spite of the locale and obstacles she faced doing so. We might as well launch this post with her report. DVOA alert… she just can’t stop herself.

Hello from Boston!!! [editor barfs]

Our Bills has a hell of a game. I was really impressed that they kept it so close. But we are past the point where moral victories are impressive. We need to beat the Pats in the playoffs.

I have this fear that the Bills will lose to Baltimore only to help the Pats get to the Super Bowl by losing to them in the AFC Championship game. I hope my nightmares are wrong.

Being in Boston for this game sucked, I’m not going to lie. But I lived. I just pray for the day our Bills beat those ******* so I can gloat.

The Bills have a better DVOA than Houston. Let’s rest our guys and go win a playoff game!!!

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As long as we’re in the straight shooter mode, let’s see what @BILLieve88 had to ‘say’ about the latest (seemingly unending) loss to the Patriots.

One missed throw too many, plus a sub-par defensive performance equals another loss to the New England Patriots. In the first half the Bills defense could not get themselves off the field and let Patriots have the ball for almost the entire first half.

Special Teams was the best unit in this half and even after downing a ball at the one yard line, the Bills defense allowed New England to march down the field and score a field goal.  Josh Allen was inaccurate and did nothing to help the team until he hit a deep pass to Dawson Knox right before the end of the half which led to a late TD to tie the game.

The Bills offense scored another TD on their second possession in the third quarter, then disappeared for the rest of the game. Brian Daboll decided to go on cruise control after the team’s final TD which would prove to be a costly mistake.

Although the defense did not play their best game, 17 points was not good enough Saturday and will not be good enough to win most games. Josh Allen has to figure out how to stop missing wide open guys, and the offensive line has to do a better job period. Another damn missed opportunity!

The team has made improvements but doesn’t seem quite ready to hang with the big dawgs.

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Next up, it’s our bride-to-be Godmother @celestealbone who is ready to bring on the playoffs!

Remember when the Patriots defense made Sam Darnold see ghosts? Remember when Josh had 0 TDs and 3 INTs the first time the Bills played the Pats*? Remember when Josh Allen got knocked out when we were driving down the field and we don’t know what would of happened?

In this game Josh and the team secured the lead but the defense forgot how to tackle. Yes, the first half was rough but the Bills still ended up with the lead with nine minutes left in the game.

And Allen drove the Bills down the field at the end of the game, with a chance to tie. Something he didn’t get the opportunity to do the first game.

I’m surprised I have a voice today with all the yelling I did at the TV because of the referees. Yes, the Bills’ defense really screwed up allowing a nine minute drive… but… one of the Bills’ drives that got stalled could of kept going if the referees were at all competent.

The Bills had to punt, but when they sacked Josh Allen two Pats* players were all over Josh, yelling in his face and both pushing on his chest well after the whistle. No flag. Are you kidding me???? That’s taunting or unsportsmanlike in most any other game and could you imagine if someone did that to Tom Brady!!!!?

The blatant missed face mask penalty would of put us at the 13 yard line instead if the 28. So many things we will never know the outcome of.

Josh Allen is a gamer. The coaches and players believe in him and the majority of the fans do too. No moral victories but the future is bright. 

This team has learned from its mistakes all season and if we get the Houston team that just showed up in Tampa Bay… woo wee, I see us looking at playoff win!!!!!!! 

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Our Godmother of Christmas spirit and the smile that lights up any room she’s in… @KrystleNoel1128… and she reminded us why we love our Buffalo Bills.

I know we were all really hoping for a win against the Patriots*. But another close loss really has me feeling positive about the future. I’m going to keep it short and sweet this game simply because I’m saving my energy for our playoff game! 

First thought, thank you John Brown for smoking Stephon Gilmore. And with that touchdown, Tre’Davious White becomes the only corner in the league that has not allowed a touchdown all season. So now, White stands in a league of his own.

Cole Beasley had another great game, he’s easily having one of the best seasons of his career. That’s now his second 100 yard game of the season.  He’s still one of my favorite additions this past off season.

I’m not going to dwell on this loss. Would I have loved it if the Bills beat the Patriots*?  Yes. Is it the end of the world? Not at all. Now, it’s time to see where all the playoff seeds fall,  but onto the last game of the regular season! 

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And here is our Godmother of the Why So Serious podcast @AshleyPetty_ bringing it all together for us.

This game may have not been our favorite to watch, but we learned a lot about this football team yesterday.  We did learn Josh Allen is special. He keeps showing his flashes of greatness and made a handful of AMAZING throws not many others would be able to make.

The throw to Dawson Knox when he was downed at the one only had a 22% possibility of being caught. The long ball to John Brown was incredible (with a lot of credit going to Brown on that amazing route and completely smoking (pun intended) Stephon Gilmore.

Brown is a solid WR and his accomplishments this year for this team have been an improvement on the past, but this team is still missing a true number one wide receiver. Brown would be a great compliment and Cole Beasley in the slot would be a great way to start the 2020 season. For now, this team will have to work with what they’ve got. 

The offensive line was also fragile at times and gave up four sacks.This is also a testament to New England’s defense- they are #1 in the league for a reason.

On the defensive side of things, everyone had a horrible time trying to wrap up tackles on the first contact. This goes back to fundamentals but New England just seems to have the Bills’ number. The Patriots offense didn’t seem to do much of anything without Julian Edelman (who was faking it anyway) on the field.

Not trying to blame anything on the refs but there were quite a few missed calls for the Bills (hello, face mask on Josh Allen) but absolutely EVERYTHING was called on them possible. Sean McDermott should have challenged the one spot after a third down play where there is actual video of a Patriots player moving the ball. It felt like there was a big momentum swing when they were gifted a first down on that drive. 

Overall, this team is mid-tier NFL. Defense is up with the elite but the offense needs to gain more stability and start scoring points on a more consistent basis before they are a true contender. Let’s hope the starters get some rest next week, and will be fresh for the first week of January.

Editor’s babble: Thank you for reading our Godmother reports this season. It’s been fun to do and we really appreciate the time commitment from our very busy ladies and their contributions to our blog. I’ll take responsibility for this mess though, and if you have a gripe about it… you can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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