Mafia Mavens explain why ‘Renegade’ strategy worked against Steelers

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This week’s podcast opened with Danyel singing the opening of the ‘Renegade’ song by Styx that’s been the rallying cry for Steelers fans for many years. Don’t let her kid you, she’s got an amazing voice that I hope we haven’t heard the last of…

Who didn’t go nuts watching the video of Matt Barkley swinging his cape with Ed Oliver & Company on the sidelines gyrating to the Steelers’ rally song?

Sean McDermott had no idea how his little strategy of “reproducing the atmosphere at an away stadium” during practice would organically explode into a weapon of mass destruction at Heinz Field from a psychological perspective.

So of course we had to go all ‘wyobabble’ about this on the podcast because it was like watching a genius at work. McDermott used operant conditioning like a maestro and we expect that’s not going to change when they face the Patriots later today.

We also discussed the reluctance by some to admit Tom Brady’s arm is looking really old. They can call it “inflammation” all they want, but we discussed why it’s more likely “geriatric elbow syndrome”.

Have a listen, and please give us some feedback on your podcast platform of choice.

Merry Christmas, BillsMafia.


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  1. I have been a bills fan all my life and I have complained to the league about the officiating. here is the league no. and the individuals name is greg and the phone number is 212 450 2724 if you choose to call to voice your opinoion