First time in a long time – more pressure on Patriots* than Bills

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Not sure we could have conjured up a better scenario for the 10-4 Buffalo Bills as they head to New England to take on the 11-3 Patriots on Saturday. This is the first time in a couple decades the Bills actually have a decent chance to beat the Patriots there… that’s if there aren’t any spies, deflated footballs or other assorted shenanigans going on.

As we all know, the Patriots organization is not exactly a model of integrity. However, with Tom Brady’s aging arm, defenses can safely load up the box and force him to throw the ball with his inflamed elbow. It’s a formula currently working by opponents and likely to continue.

Anyone of a certain age must have chuckled when they read about Tom Brady’s injured elbow. Bah humbug… he’s just getting old and his elbow is wearing down at this point of the season. It’s been happening to him for the last couple years. It’s why BellyBoy switched to a run-based scheme last season when Tommy Boy’s arm started dying on him in the latter half of the regular season.

NO ONE in my age group (the elderly) outside New England has once scintilla of pity for poor Tom. The talking heads all blabber about the receivers needing to step up. Um… news flash. The QB has to get the ball there accurately, which is something Tom Brady is struggling with again.

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So what’s ‘BILLievable’ for the first time in ages there appears to be a bit more pressure on the Patriots that they haven’t lost their edge. While their fan base remains largely delusional about the ‘DIEnasty’, those with a bit more clarity see the end is coming sooner than later.

It’s likely even Sean McDermott was unaware of what happened on Heinz Field last Sunday night when he planted the ‘Renegade’ seed into the minds of his players. It was like hitting pay dirt watching the players go into zen mode and steal their enemy’s thunder.

It was almost as if the Bills sucked all the energy out of the stadium and blew it all out on the field with surgical precision. It was quite a sight to behold. B.F. Skinner would be proud. Operant conditioning is alive and well in the 21st century.

So what can the Bills learn from this organic phenomenon that happened at Heinz Field and transfer it to Gillette Stadium on Saturday? Pretty sure McDermott has something up his process to get the boys going.

Along with scratching and clawing and finding ways to win, the Bills are just becoming aware of how their personal power can be channeled into positive team performance. This is catnip for my twisted mind.

Imagine the Bills going to Gillette Stadium and winning a game. There are people going to college who weren’t born the last time BillsMafia could legitimately claim to be confident about a win there.

Strange feeling to think we’ve been beaten down so badly as fan base that we recoil at the thought of actually being confident our team can win a game. That’s how bad it’s been for so long.

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But quietly in the background there’s this little chirping sound in my head that says STAY WOKE. Why? Because we don’t want to miss the glorious feeling of watching the ascension of a special team and a special time for the franchise.

Old farts like myself who were already middle aged the last time the Bills went on a run to the Super Bowl for four years remember the late 80s very well. Steve Tasker often talks about it on One Bills Live.

The time when you flip that switch and let yourself completely believe a team is destined to go far is glorious. If ever you suffer FOMO (fear of missing out), you won’t want to miss out on what could be coming soon to New Era Field.

This version of the Buffalo Bills, no matter how far or not they go in the playoffs will likely be one of my all time favorite Bills teams. They are humble, happy and proud to be together. They have McDermott’s ‘DNA’ recipe stamped all over it. We’ve waited a long time for a team like this.

Win or lose at Gillette Stadium on Saturday, this Bills team is in good hands. Merry Christmas, BillsMafia. Santa might just have something other than a lump of coal for us this year.

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