Godmothers of BillsMafia: Bills at Steelers Postgame Report

Photo courtesy of Celeste Albone.

Party like it’s 1999… because it is like 1999. That’s the message the Godmothers would like to impart after the Bills defeated the Steelers 17-10 on Sunday Night Football. It’s rare for these ladies to be at a loss for words, but this type of emotional win resulted in them requiring extra time to sober up.

Getting past Al Michaels’ constant snark by choosing to focus on the fact the Bills haven’t done anything for the last two decades instead of McDermott leading his team to two playoff appearances in three years was bad enough. But when he repeatedly gushed about how Josh Allen played at the University of WYOMING like he came from Pluto was over the top.

Furthermore, when Cris Collingsworth kept mispronouncing Brian Daboll’s name for all the world to hear, it spoke volumes about how little the national big boys and girls know about the Buffalo Bills. Get used to it, folks.

The platitudes, mispronunciations and annoying generalizations about Buffalo and Josh Allen by the national media are just beginning. Just wait until the playoffs start. It’s going to be lit. Good thing is there’s isn’t a fan base on earth more prepared to deal with national disrespect than BillsMafia.

But that subject is for another time. Right now let’s get to the Godmothers’ reactions to the biggest game the Bills have won in the last 20 years.

Let’s leap into this report with our star Godmother @celestealbone who attended the game and got some great photos for us.

Photo courtesy of Celeste Albone.

As we are driving back to NY after the game, all the cars driving around us are NY plates. What a beautiful site.

The atmosphere and in game music at Steelers games is a really good time.. I can’t recall what happened after they played Renegade but the crowd does this whole thing and it was really cool. I don’t remember if we scored or had the long pass to John Brown but the steelers fan next to Mike said every time they play that, something good happens for the other team. Then I read that the Bills practiced to it this week. 

The only negative thing I’d have to say is to stop trying to run the clock out and hold the lead. Step on their damn throats. Please! Maybe we don’t have all the pieces for that to be possible this year but it needs to happen soon.

10 wins. Amazing. Incredible. BILLSMAFIA showed up in Pittsburgh and it was awesome. I predicted the score and the outcome with my sign.

We are going to the playoffs baby!!!! 

Photo courtesy of Krystle Noel.

Next up, our Texas Godmother @KrystleNoel1128 filed her report from the Bills Backer Bar in El Paso.

THE BUFFALO BILLS ARE HEADED TO THE MF’IN PLAYOFFS!  First time to 10 wins in 20 years.  I’ve been on cloud 9 since Sunday night and I don’t see that going away any time soon!  

So, I know the offense really could’ve done much better, but with the positivity in the air,  let’s talk about the good instead:

Josh Allen, the 4th quarter comeback kid!  The touchdown to Tyler Kroft was a thing of beauty. Allen did not have the best game,  but he has the It factor and he is gamer. And to boot,  he’s humble and a true team player. 

Tre’Davious White!  This is the best corner in the NFL, hands down.  He’s tied for interceptions with Stephon Gilmore. And I will say it, Tre is better than Gilmore.  Why?  Because White would never quit on a team selfishly the way we saw Gilmore do in Buffalo.  Our team plays for each other and it truly shows.

My final thought?  Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane are something special. They have come in to Buffalo and built something amazing. This is reminiscent of the 90s team,  the bonds and friendships these players have, the respect they have for one another. 

I can’t wait for next week. Granted we have already guaranteed our spot, but it would be phenomenal to beat the Pats.  

Season’s not over yet and it’s one week at a time!  Go Bills! 

Love this picture!

Next up, our Ambassador and Godmother @AshleyPetty_ of the Why So Serious Podcast group was pretty happy after this game.

Won and clinched. PLAYOFFS BABYYYYYY!!!!!

Having been on this earth 27 years and never having seen the win and in scenario, just made last night oh so sweet. 

That Sunday night game took FOREVER to get to and we found ourselves wishing the day away. But, when it finally got here, we found ourselves on the edge of our seats for 95% of the game. Nothing felt like a lock until Levi Wallace picked off Duck Hodges in the end zone to seal the Bills 17-10 victory.

It was going to be a defensive stronghold- the Bills were essentially staring themselves in the mirror in the team they played last night. Amazing defense, and a Jekyll and Hyde offense. Luckily, Buffalo came out on top and beat their mirror image to go to 10-4 on the season, their first 10 win season since 1999, and their first Sunday Night Football victory in 19 years. 

THIS DEFENSE. You can’t say enough about this unit. On all levels, they were successful (with a few missed tackles here and there, surely it was not Micah Hyde’s best night) Tre’Davious White took his turn for a coming out party (and he showed he deserved way more national recognition than he gets) and balled all the way out.

White had two interceptions, both of which came at pivotal moments in the game and completely swung the momentum. Surely the Bills will pick up his fifth year option next year as well as help him to set the CB market when his contract gets drawn up for an extension.

Every drive the Buffalo defense was on the field, it seemed like there was somebody new making a play. Levi Wallace had a pick, Trent Murphy caused a fumble, Jordan Poyer had a pick. Big man Jordan Phillips registered another two sacks for 9.5 on the season (which nobody saw coming) and it has made him extremely desirable to re-sign next year as well.

On offense, it’s still a fight of ‘is Josh Allen throwing poorly?’ or ‘are the receivers still having a case of the drops?’ Either way, this team knows what it needs to work on offensively and just keep getting better.

There was a point on Twitter today reminding us it is Brian Daboll’s first year with virtually a brand new offensive unit (other than Josh Allen, Dion Dawkins, and Robert Foster). Although I didn’t necessarily agree with the personnel on the field at times (especially when Devin Singletary and John Brown were on the sidelines in the red zone) and choosing to run Frank Gore on two straight plays when you’re down three, Steven Hauschka got a field goal in to tie it up. The conservativeness on that drive was extremely frustrating.

Buffalo then pulled out all the stops and Allen hit Brown on a 40 yard deep ball we’ve all been waiting for. Then a few plays later on the Bills scored when Allen threw go ahead touchdown to this guy named TYLER KROFT. Last night was the night of the unexpected.

Devin Singletary is proving to be this year’s steal of the draft for the Bills. We were all antsy and questioning when Buffalo drafted a RB in the third round due to an already crowded RB room with LeSean McCoy and Frank Gore. But, this whole scenario proves we need to have more faith in Brandon Beane and the scouting department. He has become an unstoppable force and an explosive playmaker. 

Penalties were a huge factor including a phantom call on Tremaine Edmunds (which apparently was supposed to be called on Kevin Johnson– but nobody’s had video to confirm) and because of the offensive struggles both teams were having, each and every penalty came at an inopportune time. 

All in all, what a way to clinch it. Nobody helped us- we finally did it on our own.

It’s time to celebrate, Bills fans. We deserve this.

And of course, here is our Godmother of Setting Things straight @BILLieve88 with her terrific report.

Bills Mafia Marched onto Heinz Field with their Treacherous Towels and watched the Buffalo Bills waltz out of there with their 10th win and a playoff spot.

The offense started out cold but Tre’Davious White heated things up on the first defensive series by intercepting the first of four interceptions thrown by Duck Hodges. Josh Allen finally got the offense going with a rushing TD; his 9th of the year.  Right after our TD, a busted coverage by the Bills secondary allowed Pittsburgh back in the game but the Bills held them to a field goal.

The Bills defense didn’t have a great start to the second half either allowing a TD on the Steelers first drive of the half. Micah Hyde got his ankles broken by James Conner and Tre got stiff-armed and slammed down harder than a Josh Allen spike. Thank God they recovered!

The defensive battle between the teams continued and we saw fumbles, punts and interceptions until finally in the 3rd quarter Josh Allen hit Tyler Kroft with what would be the game winning TD.

Tre’Davious White, Jordan Phillips, Josh Allen, Devin Singletary, Jordan Poyer, Tyler Kroft, Levi Wallace and Tremaine Edmunds were all game changers last night. Although there is always room for improvement, I am not going to criticize the fellas this time.  The Buffalo Bills are in the playoffs! Why be upset about that… Go Bills!

Editor’s babble: And of course our Godmother of Tardiness @Bills_Chick couldn’t get her DVOA act together enough to file a report on time. But we didn’t want to read her blabber anyway ;) Thanks to all the Godmothers who did contribute to this report. If you’re looking for someone to blame for the horrible formatting of this report (some issues w/WordPress), you can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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