Godmothers of BillsMafia: Ravens at Bills Postgame Report

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The Godmothers had no delusions the Bills would pull off a victory against the Ravens on Sunday at New Era Field. Riding a three-game win streak did have them all a bit tipsy though.

No one should blame Bills fans for ‘BILLieving’ their team could pull off a victory against the best team in the NFL at this moment in time. It was a great week to dream of exciting things to come for this franchise on the rise.

However, the Bills offense came crashing down to earth like Wile E. Coyote. The best laid plans and a ripping stout defense couldn’t make up for the ineptitude on offense and the result was a disappointing defeat at the hands of a high-flying team on a roll.

The Godmothers’ reports were surprisingly sanguine and captured the general feeling among BillsMafia after a tough loss. Let’s get to it.

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We might as well get it over with and file @Bills_Chick’s report first. At least it’s DVOA free and approved by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.

A lot of Bills fans seem angry that we did not succeed against the Ravens.  I am not one of them.  Yes, I would have loved to win the game. The Ravens are the class of the NFL right now though and to keep it a one score game the entire time was a moral victory. 

If you don’t like moral victories that’s too bad. The 2019 Bills are the 2018 Ravens. With a few key additions this offseason, the Bills will be next year’s Ravens. That is my biggest takeaway from the game.  

I was very proud of the defense, especially Lorenzo Alexander and Tremaine Edmunds.  The oldest and youngest players shined. Stephen Hauschka had a big time rebound and was the Hau$chka of old.  We may need a new punter in the offseason. Corey Bojorquez was very inconsistent, as he has been most of the year.

Josh Allen didn’t play his best, but neither did the o-line or the WRs and TEs.  Especially Dawson Knox. Get that guy to the jugs machine ASAP.  He only accidentally caught that ball for the big play.

Now let’s clinch against Pittsburgh!

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We can always count on our Godmother of Rationality @AshleyPetty_ to offer up some words of wisdom.

This game went better than expected, but not as we’d hoped it would.

It was fairly impressive to see Buffalo compete with Baltimore and be close to beating who looks to be the AFC favorite for the Super Bowl. Areas of weakness were exposed by a stout Ravens defense, and not to mention it looked like it took the Bills offense a whole quarter to warm up and get their heads into the game. 

It wasn’t Josh Allen’s best or worst game. Like Sean McDermott says, he’d like some of those throws back. He had many overthrows especially in the first quarter (mostly outside of the numbers). It didn’t help the offensive line wasn’t giving him much time either, allowing six sacks.

The Ravens defense is just GOOD. They were blitzing often and it seemed like the line wasn’t ready for/expecting it and in turn it completely took away Allen’s strength of scrambling to find chunks of rush yards.

The receivers didn’t help Allen either and there were many drops. Buffalo ranks 3rd in the league overall with dropped passes (18). John Brown has been solid for this team and many weren’t expecting him to perform as well as he has but these past few weeks he’s been fairly quiet. 

Cole Beasley had four receptions for 29 yards from seven targets but is seemingly always open. Last week against the Dallas Cowboys, there was extra motivation for Beasley but he should be thrown to more than he has been.

Josh Allen and Cole Beasley have great chemistry and it’s hard to tell what’s keeping Josh from throwing to him more. Maybe it’s OC Brian Daboll’s play designs, maybe it’s something else. We’ll never truly know.

It’s not time to worry about Dawson Knox yet- he’s already had more production his first season in the NFL than he did his entire college career at Ole Miss. Knox likely isn’t used to the amount of targets he’s getting and is adjusting to that and NFL defenders. After a full 16 game season, he will have a greater knowledge and the drops he’s had this year will improve. 

This Buffalo defense came out strong again and should be proud of containing MVP-candidate Lamar Jackson to 40 yards on the ground and 145 yards in the air. It may have helped TE Mark Andrews went out early with a knee injury, but TE Hayden Hurst came out of the half with a a 61 yard touchdown. 

Personally, I’m not *huge* on moral victories but this is a large step up from the team who played last year. Dion Dawkins and Josh Allen are the only holdovers from last season on offense.

This offense is slowly finding their stride and seems to be just a few pieces away from having a potent offense who will make a threat deep into the playoffs. The upcoming prime time game against the Steelers should be a good test and potentially where the Bills can lock down a playoff spot for the second time in the last 20 years.

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You know you’re going to get blasted with the truth from @BILLieve88 when the Bills lose. No victory song, but some sound suggestions here, as always.

The Buffalo Bills Dropped the ball this time and lost another close game to the Baltimore Ravens 24-17. The defense wasn’t perfect but played well enough to win the game if the offense wasn’t inept the entire first half. 

The first three possessions resulted in a punt due to poor play calling and poorly thrown balls by Josh Allen. The deep pass has been quite challenging for Josh Allen all season but Brian Daboll insists on calling this play…even on 3rd and short.  The offensive line was a liability all day and on the 4th possession decided it was a great time for a sack/fumble that would lead to a Ravens TD and the Bills down by 10. 

The offensive player of the half was Steven Hauschka. He made both of his field goals and kept them in the game. 
The Buffalo Bills ‘dropped it like it hot’ in the 2nd half with drops by Dawson Knox, Devin Singletary and Cole Beasley.  Hauschka held the team down with another field goal.  Although it can be celebrated, once again the teams struggle to score TD’s ultimately bit them in the rear end.

At the end of the 3rd quarter the coaching staff missed an opportunity to challenge what may have been defensive pass interference, which was big because Cory Bojorquez had another bad punt and Baltimore scored on the next possession. 

Finally, in the 4th quarter the Bills put together another scoring drive but it was too little too late. I am with coach! There are no moral victories! The Buffalo Bills lost another game due to the inability of the offense to come with a winning game plan, execute and protect the quarterback.  

Game Balls: Tremaine Edmunds. Lorenzo Alexander, Shaq Lawson and Devin Singletary.
Dream Snatchers: Offensive Line, Brian Daboll, Josh Allen Corey Bojorquez and Jordan Poyer or whoever was responsible for allowing the TD pass to their TE for 61 yards to start the 2nd half. 

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Thankfully, we can always count on our Godmother of Optimism @celestealbone not to lose sight of how far the Bills have come so far this season :)

Our defense is legit. What they did on Sunday shows that. The game was honestly there for the taking. The amount of blatant missed calls by refs was ridiculous.

Who didn’t show up? COREY BOROQUEZ. After a great first punt the rest were absolute crap. I don’t know what was going on.

Offensive line… What in the actual hell!? Majority of the time Josh Allen had no time. Missed blocks. 

Brian Daboll… What was with some of the play calling!?? You sir, did not show up today. 

The plays that were there for the taking too… The dropped passes… The over throws. Frustrating knowing that we could have won that game. Especially when everything else is falling into place around the league.

Disappointing results. Yes. But we just hung with the best team in the league and I’m so proud of our defense.

I’m feeling OK about next week and we are going to the game for some SNF action!

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And last but not least, our Godmother who travels the Southwest with abandon @KrystleNoel1128 brings it all together.

Well, definitely wasn’t the outcome we wanted. Or the showing from Josh that we wanted. But the good news?  We will bounce back.  

Some key notes from yesterday: 

Corey Bojorquez what the heck dude?  Some weeks he’s on fire….. and then the next he fizzles so bad. Considering the great field position the Ravens had all game,  I’m surprised they didn’t score more. 

Stephen Hauschka seemed back to his old self, very funny since the wind was blowing yesterday. Thank goodness though because he accounted for nine of our points.

Dawson Knox, we are going to put double sided tape on your gloves or something. He is absolutely frustrating sometimes because he will make these outstanding catches but for every one great catch he has 2 or 3 really ugly drops.  And yesterday was no different. 

The defense did really well against that Ravens offense.  They kept us in that game completely and to be honest I’m not surprised. Our defensive unit is for real. 

Good news?  We still have 3 games left, and we have actually been really good on the road this year. Sunday night we take on the Steelers, clinch this, and we are in the playoffs for sure!

Editor’s babble: The girls are busy, especially during the holidays so we thank them for their unique contributions to our blog. If you can’t find someone to blame for the recent loss to the Ravens, you can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO. That’s what @Bills_Chick does and she swears by it.

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